World of Tanks || EPIC SCOUTS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to witness some epic scouting in the T-100 LT and Rheinmetall Panzerwagen from Die_Rohrzange and Pacanek01!

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  1. It seems like in order to have games like these you have to play against a team of morons

  2. I never think they reward good light tank work properly. I have had many games were I knew we won because of what I was doing. but at the end it looks like I had no impact at all.

  3. How do you put in the invite code and where

  4. because those are tier X LT so the exp gonna be low even you do spot 12k -13k

  5. do u have any advice for playing World of tanks? I’m a rather bad player and I admit this can u help me? my “name” for world of tanks is F_14_Tomcat if u want to look and see how bad I am. Please help me. I play on the US West/East server

  6. This video feels different than the last few.
    You can actually hear you being excited talking about this tank, unlike the previous few videos, which felt like just ”videos”, you know?

  7. Ya well retards can scout and usually by accident

  8. Lol i somehow get 2 or 3 spooter medal on my OI,idk how i get them

  9. That second game is yet another issue with the match making system…Not only did they get two extra Heavy tanks, they got all the super heavy’s on one team. The hit point pool difference between the two teams would of been equal to an extra few tanks for the losing team. This match would of been completely different if it was played on a city map.

  10. cant avoid collision though

  11. Oh man I laughed so hard how QB pronounced Rohrzange 😀

  12. lIGHT TANKS, sHORT VISUAL RANGE, MEANS THEY sacrifice a few things to GET the extra range View…WHICH IS STUPID…IMO..
    extended range addons..for skills..INSTED of other options..that COULD save it life and let it LIVE LONGER…

  13. If he were going for Moe, then he shouldn’t have tracked them as marks count EITHER spots OR tracking assists, NOT both.

  14. 390m view range is not a problem at all… using vent and coated optic plus some crew skill its every to easy make the view range up to 445~470m or even higher

  15. QB you know why Soviet LT’s view range sucks? Its because WG force you to buy new premium LT to train the crew and force you to buy combat nation so that WG get more credit from you
    And RHM have IS-7 level of dispersion. That make it cant fire on the move

  16. WN8 make this game cancer, wish it wasn’t in WoT…

  17. If WN8 wasn’t such a factor for people we’d have better players in general.

  18. Ironically, LTs are among the best tanks to pad WN8 in since they have such low expected damage. The reason spotting/assistance isn’t counted for WN8 is because WG doesn’t track it, at least not in a way that can be measured by third-party applications.

  19. Heck, these two guys got shafted! They should get a veritable trove of credits and XP for what they did.

  20. The reason he shot the tracks in the end was assist damage i suppose 🙂 Nice scouting.

  21. Still not up there wit my personal record of 14882 in a tier 6 light (way back in patch 8.10 though).


  23. Anirban Chakrabarti

    those 57 people, as of 16 august 2017, who disliked should go burn in Serb’s burning flesh pit

  24. QB please, spanner old boy, not wrench!

  25. How do I send a video to you and Jingles, QB? Jingle’s link to his email to send replays doesn’t work for me and I see no way to send you one

  26. T-100 LT actually looks alot like Crusader with flat turret

  27. Wargaming is stupid

  28. Hello quickybaby i have one 11576 spoting dmg and 3k dmg battle whit Sheridan 😛

  29. Man, you always roll the German “R” like Adolf Hitler did.

  30. Am I only one who hears tank commanders voice like a squerrel?

  31. and here I am still struggling with LT-15 missions on STUG and HTC…

  32. Finally you do a replay of some tanks you were really excited about.

  33. It has no use to do tracking damage after you have done that amount of spotting damage (regarding marks). Only the highest number (spotting OR tracking) is counted towards the total for your marks

  34. 12532 spoting assistance i send u replay one year ago when there was no tier 10 scouts so why is this so epic?!

  35. Second One srsly get a random being the only Scout in the Game? Thats bs mm

  36. How about Himmelsdorf or Ensk scout games?

  37. Well actually quackybaby, 19hp is not even close to 10% of its hp. If that was the case it would only have 190 hit points.
    Get your maths right, scrubbybaby

  38. Best scout was t95

  39. how can a acetanker only have 500 wn8? 😀 😀

  40. WN8 is ruining this game

  41. T-127 replay.. Please.

  42. Nowadays there is too much light tanks in matches and most of them just suicide scout, so its only luck if you get matches like this. Maps are also only city maps with no bushes and with some corridors -.-

  43. Once in a test server I did 14k spotting damage

  44. Matteo De Piccoli

    Nice one!
    Im waiting for video of the new super conqueror… hope to see it soon man

  45. Just about the first replay, if he would wanted to get moe percentage he would have shot the Maus for damage because tracking damage is not counted, if your spotting damage is higher.

  46. WN8 produce pussy players

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