World of Tanks – Epic Win

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s not often I get a match that actually deserves a title like this. Today is one those days.

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  1. Wots with these late uploads as of late, Jingles? I was relying on my 10-o-clock-ish entertainment as part of my day Xd

  2. Great game Archie!

  3. WhiteTiger Productions

    4:01 preparing his back for a carry of epic proportions

  4. πŸ™‚

  5. Geoffrey Richardson


  6. almost 100 grand in the hole without premium… of the many reasons i never picked up this game again. yes, he did use a lot of premium ammo, but he also killed 11 people, so i still don’t think it’s comensurate to the effort

  7. Every time I watch such a video, I wonder whether to play again, after years of absence, but the endscreen’s horrible economics display always squashes that.

  8. KV-2 does need a direct hit, regular tanks don’t deal splash damage with HE anymore. Now only arty does splash damage. That mechanic was changed in the HE rework.

  9. “if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be playing world of Tanks”
    does that mean that Jingles cant take a joke?

  10. OneBiasedOpinion

    Wargaming should, at the _very least,_ refund all of the credits Archie spent on purchasing that gold.

    Hell, give him 500,000 credits on top of that for somehow killing over 2/3 of the enemy team in a T-50-2, let alone doing it on a map like Ensk!

  11. CrazyWarriorsCatFan πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


  12. This needs a bigger description than “epic”

  13. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    World of Tanks economy system….

  14. Cracking game. Jingles sir, you are a different league to the others. Keep up the good work sir.

  15. God bless the tippy-2 and all who defy gravity in her…

  16. 10:24 yeah… about that Jingles… He still needs a direct hit now, since the HE changes removed splash from all Tech Tree vehicles except SPGs…

  17. Broken back on that carry.

  18. Funny thing is, the enemy did good that match. They didn’t spread out to hunt down Archie, instead they actually stayed close to each other. Not that it made much of a difference, but still…

  19. P2w and goes in the hole for $83k, ouch.

  20. 🀣WG always gets the last laugh.

    • wot’s guarantted to lose money makes wows a better game, you can make money in a tier 10 ship, you only lose money in a “supership” aka tier 11 aka 100% optional to play.

  21. the earnings screen here are the exact reason i stopped playing WoT back in 2011

  22. no doubt some people are watching this replay thinking the guy was cheating and using hacks…..

  23. This is easily my most favourite tier 6 light tank, i average 1229 damage in it with a 58% win rate, its so fun to just go pop pop pop pop pop pop for 70, 80 or 90 damage at a time, like being stabbed 100 times by a tiny 2 inch knifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚i play console

  24. what an absolute chad!

  25. Jingles shows us videos like this and it makes me want to blow the dust off WoT and give it another shot. And then after a couple of battles, I realize that I must have temporarily lost my mind when I decided to re-download it. Love your content Jingles, always makes the morning a bit more enjoyable.

    • Same, between being out of practice and not having a clue about balance and garage changes the crap economy just makes even wins seem pointless.

      At least in WoWs you feel like you are making progress with every game.

  26. You’re still my favorite WOT channel (don’t tell Claus), even though you aren’t you producing near as many videos on tanks. I really miss your tank reviews. Nobody reviewed a tank the way you did. They were always very informative, funny, and interesting. Oh well, some Jingles is much better than no Jingles.

    • He can’t really do tank reviews anymore, not least because he no longer plays the game, the devs have changed it beyond all recognition since he stopped playing and there have been so MANY BS OP Russian PoS products of drug induced halucinations introduced into the game, that pretty much all he could say is “this tank never existed and you need to empty your wallet at it, because there are no weak spots”

  27. That was an impressive game.

  28. yesterday I sank every ship but 2 of the enemy teams, 1 teammate sank those 2.
    was fun, to bad my email provider is blocked by yours or you would have the replay.

  29. How is there 17 enemies on the battle results page??? But then 15 again on the team results? 🀯

  30. Video was great fun
    Thanks J Man

  31. Haven’t played WoT in ages and will likely never touch it ever again (cba with the zillion paper tanks and the ridiculous ‘economy’), but THAT was a masterful performance, thank you Jingles!

  32. “KV-2? Watch this….”
    Every single person on the planet…. “This is going to fai…… HOLY SHIT!”

  33. Best game of tanks you have shown in a while!

  34. αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

    World of tanks game where the featured player is spamming premium ammo at lower tier light tanks? That’s 2023 wot for you

  35. And among many reasons … this is one of the big ones why I stopped playing … 11 kills and he lost money.

  36. Is it bad that I liked the video before it started?

  37. Before I quit WoT (after 6+ years), the t-50-2 was my go-to tank for having fun. I’ve bounced more shells off the Back of that turret than I ever did off the front of anything else. It’s like a disease carrying mosquito that just keeps on taking little bites from the enemy. Gradually making them weaker and weaker.

  38. Good day and hi MJ might take a look at WOT on the console and look at the Taran and the AVRE one hits for 950 and the AVRE is a Medium with a 163mm Gun thats hits for 1400 every 12 sec OP as hell but fun

  39. The ‘skip Intro’ button really spoils us, huh?

  40. Archy is your back still in one piece after this jesus that is one crazy carry

  41. What a great carry. GG Archie

  42. Good news no sub or CV…yet 😈

  43. What a great match. I rarely play anymore, had an account since 2013. The only tank I really ever play, if I do, is the T-50-2

  44. Archy’s game was a lesson on using the T-50-2. Often I don’t last long when I use the T-50-2. Jingles explains all the T-50-2 shortcomings.

  45. and yet the gold loaded….

  46. Dear Jingles. Nicholas “The Chieftain” Morran would like to talk to you about proper track tension in this thumbnail.

  47. “It works when it works, and when it doesn’t, you’re dead.” I’m going to start making t-shirts with jingles quotes.

  48. As a man with thousands of games in the T-50-2 this brings me joy. archie played this tank expertly, on a map I’m sure he’s played hundreds of times, and as always with any light tank, there’s a bit of luck involved.
    Great clutch

  49. Worth it!

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