World of Tanks – Epic Win 6

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which a suicidal nutjob in an ELC makes an entire team look like a bunch of , an M103 runs up a cricket score on and an entire team prove they’re winners on Lakeville.

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  1. You see this match, you have good faith, you get in your tanks, you play 5
    matches, and you end up in 5 absolutely shitty teams that start teamkilling
    and lemming training like total donkies.

  2. why cant we get a team like this?

  3. those amc must have sacraficed enough politic prisioners to the gulag

  4. MORE KV-2!!! GLORIOUS KV-2!!!!

  5. i uploaded an ELC replay yesterday, imagine my surprise when i read the
    description, and my disappointment when it wasnt my replay :(

  6. last battle was NA server. ?

  7. That last battle is, unfortunately, an exception and not the rule.

  8. By the way, the M103 replay was FIRST shown on Maxwell Play’s channel.

  9. I do love the ELC… some times it works, some times it does not :)

  10. 0/10
    Unreal standards for world of tanks.

  11. That last video gave me hope.

  12. wow that was a great way to start a day with a replay showing how pple ar
    not always dicks

  13. Jingles, u have shown that ELC match before I think

  14. Those are awesome replays!

  15. That last match really cheered me up, thanks, Jingles

  16. Christopher Hamilton

    question for the masses I come to jingles’ channel because in addition to
    great game play tips jingles is really funny. So what about circon? is he

  17. Well actually Jingles, it took the team 3 minutes and 30 seconds to destroy
    the enemy team

  18. i demand a TOG violence PEGI rating

  19. Talk about troll armor, I bounced a shot from a SU-100Y in my ELC.

  20. desiderius felicia

    I wish jingles will read this. If jingles feature players that is good at
    trolling the enemy, please play Säkkijärven Polkka while they are trolling.

  21. Wow, that was a very nice team! :D

  22. Chronosphere Steen

    WooooW i felt so dissapointed when the episode ended godamnit jingles..
    that was awesome team work. not everyday you see someone give up medals for
    another 1

  23. Alexander Krikorian

    You aren’t driving the ELC right unless you are a suicidal nutjob

  24. I wish That amount of teamwork happened more regularly

  25. How was the M103 able to shoot when his gun was knocked out? Just a replay
    bug or hax :D

  26. Did anyone else notice that the CDC at the end of the m103 game actually
    broke the m103’s gun? But the 103 still killed him…

  27. Ciming to think of it the T 54 LWT is more of a T8 med

  28. Excellent post mate… definitely restored my faith in humanity..
    unfortunately you’ll NEVER get this on the SEA server… face palm.

  29. Богдан Роман

    i actually claped after the 3rd replay

  30. I have experienced one of those rare random matches that has teamwork in
    it, we won 13:0 (two suicidal arty)

  31. That last video restored my hope for humanity.. ♥

  32. I bet that last replay was from the American server lol most people are
    polite and respectful unless it’s some 12 year old

  33. A-43 hit the only place he could have bounced from that angle, right above
    the gun anywhere else no matter the angle would have penned cause of over
    pen, how unlucky can you be.

  34. no way that last one was on the NA server

  35. i´ll be honest i liked replay 2 and 3 more than 1, simply because replay 1
    will encourage suicidescouts….

  36. “renewed faith in humanity”
    *watches Schrader”

  37. Fuzzybear63 plays games!!

    My lord have you seen Warcraft yet? Your minions are in it but only for a
    minute or two.

  38. WOW- just WOW – and you call it TEAM WORK? interesting concept…
    probably won’t catch on though.

  39. Ultimative Gamer

    it was 3 1/2

  40. enhanced map features ? how do i enable or ?

  41. Actually Jingles, It took the team of Prince Serg only 3:30 to finish the
    match, it was 4:30 of your vide…. Oh dear.

  42. Wow that third match was awesome!
    Honestly, multiplayer games should use Decency as a currency. It’s far more
    rare >_>

  43. It’s awesome when you manage to get a team working together like that!

  44. Any advice for the kv-1s I have everything out the top gun and tracks how
    should I play it or other stuff

  45. the last game must be a fake there is no teamplay in wot … you wont
    convert me from the salty curch of ragequiting and selleing out teammates
    to a curch of friendship and unicorns jingles! nice try. ^^

  46. Tears coming from my eyes….what a great team.

  47. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles… It didn’t take them 4.5 minutes, but only 3.5
    minutes in that first battle :)

  48. What is this “Team Work” you speak of Jingles? I’ve never herd of such a
    thing in WoT. Unless they were all Canadian, then that would make sense….

  49. There is no kill steal, only kill secure. gg’s!

  50. Wait….. Teamwork in world of tanks? No Way!

  51. nice people in world of tanks? This must have been the sandbox server where
    WG flipped did a lot of tweaking. :o

  52. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Actually Jingles, the time taken by the ELC AMXs was three and a half
    minutes. Not four and a half minutes :D

  53. Great video as always Jingles.

  54. a very refreshing Lakeville game. Can I play with these teams please?

  55. is this old replay with editing or just new replay with editing? Because in
    world of tanks theres no nice guy’s (usually)

  56. I wish there was more teamwork on WOT like in that last battle…
    And also, great video Jingles. :)

  57. Your commentary is always the best Jingles; especially on that last game.
    The way you poke of the events and the people involved made it seem like an
    actual tank battle where half these guys became war heroes. Keep up the
    good work.

  58. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Was that last replay really from World of Tanks? xD

  59. I believe EPIC WINS are my favorite video series you do, now that Why You
    Heff is no more.Keep up the good work.

  60. CX - FPS is overrated

    you just made my day better :)

  61. It was actually only 3 minutes and 26 seconds not 4 and a half minutes!

  62. did you see that chinzo actually used his armour to block a HE round aimed
    at the T34 in the town, which saved his life

  63. DreamDestroyer007

    12 in the enemy team have seen this video lol

  64. Jingles u old shit, It took the elc’s 3 and a half minutes to kill the
    other team 🙂 JK ;)

  65. btw a43 doesnt have 86mm :D

  66. nice replay good team work for the last replay i like it :)

  67. French Bias

  68. Really it was gentlemen’s behaviour both sides.

  69. Hanfgurkenhasser

    Actually it’s just a 112, not a 113 Jingles.


    The last match was an absolute joy to watch. Loved it. :3

  70. renewed faith in humanity.Back to WOT and have 3 games , gone.

  71. as for the elc video – I’m currently very close to second mark, will get it
    any moment now. and you don’t need extreme luck and balls of steel, im a
    female and don’t have balls. what you do need in elc is a yolo state of
    mind. elc is my favorite tank and i can say that it is one of the best
    tanks in the game. the way i play elc is – i get drunk. and play elc drunk.
    that’s the secret.

  72. Animetacomangaming

    so I’m in the minority, because I use teamwork and react to the map :/

  73. liked that last match :)

  74. Captain T. Happy

    8:56 113? eh Jingles, that’s a 112.

  75. When I play and when we start loosing, I always like to say something like
    “lol full retarded team report report all team ” because it made me laugh
    and it’s funny to troll your team

  76. World of Light Tanks :)

  77. 15-11.5=3.5 minutes,not 4.5!!!!Jingles your math is crap!

  78. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    insta karma for amx

  79. Jingles, why have you deleted the “Why You Heff To Be Mad” Playlist??? I
    liked them sooo much and I am missing them so much….. :-(

  80. the third video is most likely to be a fake :)

  81. 3:50 tried to pull an artillery swim

  82. Edge-poc (thats how I say Epic thesedays)

  83. 12:38 what’s that medal next to the pools medal?

  84. first match is 3.5 minutes rather than 4.5 (11.5+4.5=16)…

  85. jingles, you are the best, haha :)

  86. 12:30, so the M103 could fire even though his gun was knocked out totally.

  87. I’m calling it, that last game was rigged. Never ever have I seen such
    sportsmanship in WoT.

  88. Gotta be honest, I was touched by the last replay on this episodes Epic
    Win….. Cuz every game in WOT, it’s just toxic everywhere.

  89. You mean people in these games can actually be decent to each other?
    That’s a new one. Take that team list on both sides and send em a gratz.

  90. this is what you get when you put 30 canadians in a match

  91. Last game is obviously staged, there is no chance that that amount of nice
    and polite players would end up in the same game. For the love of things,
    if you have 2 nice players in a game you get suspicious, and here is almost
    2 full teams of them. So the jealousy person in me will call it a fake,
    because I’d love to play a game like that on either side.

  92. That last one was fantastic. Two excellent defensive actions and some
    outstanding sportsmanship from everyone in the match.

    It’s those rare shining moments like this that make wading through all the
    shit and toxicity of online gaming worth it, and it’s the ONLY thing that’s
    kept me playing some games as long as I have.

  93. what a bunch of absolute gentlemen. I’ve never seen anything quite like
    that before. no one goes to gulag today!!!

  94. Uhm Jingles… what is this “timwerk” you speak of ?

  95. chat makes tanks into Facebook.

  96. That last match, u say u never see this stuff but honestly that is na
    server for you, more often than not teams in pubs play like that

  97. If we don’t try this at home then how else you gonna have any videos to
    show off here like this one?

  98. That Grille 15 deserves a medal

  99. D “Doom” Wilson

    Damn it jingles that click bait was hoping for a tiger replay!

    Also….teamwork in Wot???

  100. *a little faith in humanity restored*

  101. And if we look at the last replay, we can see the extremely rare match
    where there is little to NO toxicity in the chat!

  102. Sorry, but that last replay was surely a fake.In the real World of Tanks
    you dont have shit like ´”team work”…

  103. watching jingles while super nervous because I’m about to know if I’m
    graduated or not. Wish me luck folks.

  104. Last replay was obviously from US server

  105. t-54 light weight bull shit that it a light tank.

  106. What a team play in the 3rd battle! And the chat on both sides, Fantastic!
    Haven’t played much WoT the last 2 years (WoWS) might have a look again
    after seeing this. May this be an example for all WG gamers out there :)

  107. 7:33 IS-3 drivers ‘stronk tenk, blocks all’

  108. richard rowntree

    I was confused by that last match as being a Canadian my self seeing a
    Canadian flag on a tank says north American server…. that’s not a team
    speaking nice or work together server lol must have been a full game of

  109. I hope I can send a replay in properly it’s my first time and I’m trying
    today ?

  110. why is the m103 can fires hes gun? its broken right?

  111. “come on… pick on somebody your own size” xD 2:24

  112. I wonder if those ELC’s were channeling Leroy Jenkins… LOL! Maxwell
    had Dutch Ranger’s replay on yesterday…what a match. Great player. that
    last match was refreshing. Well played to both teams.

  113. what a team in that last replay. No way they were playing world of tanks

  114. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    elcs never get old

  115. 30 unicorns with rainbows on their caps

  116. I really enjoyed that , if only we had more players like that , life would
    be fun. Thanks Jingles for putting it out for us to see.
    Can I add a big thanks for all the players in today video’s too

  117. Anyone else see the m103 replay on Maxwell’s channel too?

  118. I assume that the last game was played on the Us servers because there were
    no Polaks or Russians hurling abuse everywhere. This is why I wish we had a
    preference to play with English speakers so we can actually play as a team

  119. wow, that last team, EPIC

  120. Yay I’m in a Jingles vid. btw my destroyed gun was a replay bug iirc I got

  121. The Gaming Fantic

    for every epic win there is an epic fail right?

  122. Tea – Check
    Crisps – Check
    New Jingles video – Check

  123. hi mighty gnome lord
    i know you dont discuss politics… but brexit vote next week… has rita
    to move out ?

  124. To Jingles: nicest game of WoT ever. Thanks for the replay.

    To the guy (or gal) that gave a negative to this video…I guess some human
    beings have to troll on principle…

    Still…go find a fork and insert it where the sun does not shine (hint:
    it’s not on the dark side of Pluto).

  125. Fresh (FreshMeat)

    the team work at the end is awesome,nice players out there

  126. The last game is absolutely amazing,if every game would be like that I
    eould be playing wot a lot more often

  127. Its a bitter sweet moment when you’re laying in bed with a mild case of
    blood poisoning, but atleast you’re watching an episode from the best
    youtuber in the world 🙂

    We’ve all been there :D

  128. the last one is one you need to watch now that was a great game

  129. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  130. what is this sorcery? that last replay wasnt world of tanks it couldnt have
    yesterady i played my e50 and got over 6000 damage in 3 consecutive matches
    and we still lost all 3 of them so i just played something else and finaly
    got a win

  131. Jingles? how comes This “epic win 6” came after “epic win 7″

  132. 12:27 how did he fire with broken gun?

  133. Jingles, I give you my upvote.

  134. That M103 guy made a smart use of his HE shells, GG

  135. joep reijners (jore3026)

    great video again jingles lovely especially the last replay was good !!!

  136. As someone who does not play WoT: Why do people suicide? Wouldn’t it be
    equally easy to just exit battle?

  137. Fernando Quebing

    don’t fool us Jingles! the second replay isn’t from world of tanks, it must
    be other game

  138. i’ve had one of those matches before, the one where the 113 got his TG,
    happened once, in 12k games

  139. “Pick on someone your own size”
    Ummm… isn’t the Tog your own size and a bit more, Jingles? :D

  140. The last game, what a team. I was once about to get my 1st pools medal
    after carrying so damn hard, I was aiming for the last enemy and a camping
    shitter that did nothing ALL game took the kill shot, that was all the
    damage he’s done. No GG for me no nothing. Here’s the replay fucking ISU did 400 damage, and
    stole that kill. I never get these kinds of teams, just selfish pieces of
    shit that can’t comprehend basic English and just speak in tongues.

  141. Whoa whoa whoa. When that M103 killed the CDC, his gun was knocked out by
    the CDC BEFORE the kill shot. How exactly is that possible? Or was that
    lag making it seem like the shots weren’t in the air at the same time?

  142. Nice one “fishhead” keep the great work up m8! Love the vid’s!

  143. Huzzah!!! I am the 900th thumbs up…..What have i epicly won?

  144. *3 and a half minutes, jangles

  145. Jingles, I have a video that was in a KV-2, but it is on WOT Blitz. But, I
    uploaded to youtube and I think it could be put into a Why U heff to be mad
    video. Just saying, I got shot by 3 tier 6 tanks by myself and managed to

  146. 12:29 how did he shoot? hes gun got destroyed

  147. Joshua “Imperial Sheep” Ross-Partridge

    That teamwork at the end is what makes me play team games. Sure 99% are
    nothing like what was shown, but that 1% is always memorable.

  148. Driving scouts across the field *is* dumb. That’s what AT5s are for.

  149. thumb up for that rockstar team

  150. 12:30 new replay bug, where he had some module damaged, replay viewed it as
    a gun damage and therefore he couldn’t have fired a finishing shot at cdc
    if this had happaned to be gun

  151. Jingles, i dont think that was World of Tanks

  152. “Cunning plans” are the specialty of Baldrick from Blackadder … which is
    what I would have expected you to quote.

  153. Comgrats on half a mil Jingles!!!

  154. Snippsnapp Gaming

    How did the M103 shoot a tank with a dead gun????

  155. just WOW..

  156. I ones asked for a polls when i was on 9 kill everyone agreed except one
    guy and the he runs into the last enemy :(

  157. I only just started playing World of Tanks and games like this is something
    that i look foward too.

  158. TheCrystalSurfer

    The 2nd showing the team play in a Random match was just fantasticly heart
    warming! Gentlemen do play World of Tanks!

  159. Jingles stop it, I have to learn :(

  160. Andrew ellis (Dfence22)

    The first game lasted 3 + 1/2 min not 4 + 1/2 :p
    Wouldn’t be a video without a jingles fail

  161. Sir Jingles, by any stroke of luck do you accept co-op replays for games
    like Armored Warfare and World of Warships?

  162. That was awesome

  163. Agree Jingles best play all round! Loved the team play, don’t see that very
    often mate:)

  164. That Grille 15 choke holding the arty at the end is a master of CQC.

  165. trains and stuff

    the last one was the secret canadian server

  166. and ofc the ppl talking to each other are from the NA Server. Dont expect
    anything like this on EU ;)

  167. Gonna take a wild guess and say that last replay was on the NA server.

  168. renew faith in humanty lolz

  169. Jingles I was WoT and I had the Brit t4 (before the Church hill 1) someone
    was raging cause I wouldn’t kill medium and ended killing a light tank

  170. 04:25 It took only 3 and a half minutes!

  171. I always watch jingles videos 1 or 2 just bc he is awesome

  172. It’s 3.5 mins, not 4.5mins

  173. restored faith in humanity, jingles you so silly. LOL

  174. After the last game my faith in humanity was restored, it was completely
    shattered as soon as I actually played the game.

  175. huu i had a great match with a japan teir 3 lighttank lowest teir got over
    1k exp after that=/ really wanted to save the reply but i couldnt find it

  176. Bramblestar Gaming

    Coolio 111th!! A little late……

  177. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    try to be a tier 5 and ding a shot from the death star

    Use at2

  178. Ugh, that last match was good, but it reminded me why I hate driving french
    light tanks at those tiers. The autoloaders are nice, but the damn things
    are made out of engines and somehow still wind up with mediocre top speeds.
    So naturally, every shot seems to crit the engines and cut that mobility
    even further. And a light tank with no mobility is doomed to die.

  179. all mighty!!

  180. The Mythical Snake

    Was just about to breath and Jingles uploaded a video, oh well… Breathing
    can wait, Jingles cant

  181. Hey jingles, i just unlocked my first tier x tank: the maus. However after
    a couple of rounds i noticed that 3 out of 4 enemies are shooting gold and
    penning me while I angle at 35 degrees. I tend to die with just doing
    500-1000 dmg every time.
    It makes me really sad and angry because tanking around corners is all the
    maus is good for and premium ammo takes that one thing the maus is good at
    away:( Is this going to be addressed on the sandbox server?

  182. jingles if you’re running out of content look for different types of
    things. maybe talk about certain situations or make suggestions for viewers
    t vote on.

  183. the last game was so refreshing

  184. Jingles, this is not World of Tanks, this is World of Teamwork

  185. José Hernández

    Epic last game!!?

  186. U Never Disappoint Jingles

  187. I wish I was in that match. I actually had a E-100 push my AMX 13 90 out of
    cover and into fire one time for no reason other than to be a dickhead.

  188. ‘Total time to dismantle the entire enemy team is Four and a half
    minutes’………… But there were 11:33 minutes on the clock………..

  189. 4 and a half minutes Jingles? Surely you mean 3 and a half minutes.

  190. Last one was epic… GG for all 30

  191. Calmer ThanTheDude


  192. poslednja bitka mi se svidja last battle I like

  193. Mad love for the enemy team for not being dicks about losing

  194. I don’t see anything special about that ELC replay. I used to do that all
    the time in my T-16 back home in Beggar’s Canyon.

  195. Wow that battle should go on “stories that will restore your faith in

  196. Szabolcs Csizmadia

    Wait a second. The CDC knocked out the gun of the M103 and then it killed
    the CDC. How?

  197. thanks jingles, for lovely replays.

  198. Ah the good old GuP Handbrake tank turn…shame the Panzer IV H isn’t fast
    enough to do what it did in the anime 🙁
    (Note: If you don’t like GuP or Anime in general then don’t reply, this
    comment has been derailed enough as it is, thanks in advance)

  199. I miss your old content :I things like when you used to talk about new
    patches, new things and what you thought about the game. I also miss your
    tank reviews while not the most informative i found them very entertaining
    and didn’t acctually watch them because i wanted to know if it was good or
    not but i found them very entertaining again. Now you just do other players
    replays and talk about them, i want you to go back to your old you, the you
    that laughed and hated the game with us.

    Bring back the old jingles!

  200. that last replay can imposibly be from wot…players help one to a top gun?
    and react to a critical situation? Not just ignorantly driving on one
    mapside. and rage against you, because you vented some air against the
    useless lemmingtrain?????

  201. Rimvydas Kuzminskas

    Elc driver must be Rita

  202. Damn, master ELC tactics right there.

  203. lekker bezig dutchranger goed gedaan jonge zo doen wij dat HEUYYY

  204. It took Prince sert 3 minutes 28 secondes

  205. No battle results screen for the last game? Would have been nice to see how
    well they did.

  206. Robin Flier-Murzsa

    if only all teams would be as good as that last replay’s

  207. You know who jingles reminds me of? The narrator from the Stanley Parable.
    Especially when he said look away from the tog at the beginning.

  208. That last game….was so beautiful….if only every team was like that.

    Jingles , new rule; any raging dick who doesn’t play like the teams in the
    final gameplay gets extra salt mine shift, others get 2 day liberty.

  209. TheColombian Spartan

    2:51 ELC’s rear armor is made by NOPENGINEER!

  210. I feel like buying ELC again just for the lols

  211. Always nice to see a positive video.

    Been at a slump where I only saw the negative, the bugs, the imbalance of
    the game and had basically lost the desire to keep playing.

    Heck… I even installed Warthunder last night, but after 5-6 games I
    uninstalled it again. (after 1 realistic battle).

    So… a prayer for mister Jingles.
    Positive videos. And more of them please.
    An incentive to actually keep playing this game.

  212. I cried at the teamwork at the end im that hungover

  213. Jingles you need a new category of for “epic humanity” for games like the
    last one. More of that please. Continue the awesomeness…..

  214. In the first 21 mins 2,120…….that’s 100 a min. holy CRAP!!!!

  215. hahaha lovely when he says: ”but the team are talking to each other!”

  216. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Why do i love ussr german american and japanese tanks ???


  217. Harrison Rawlinson

    What sort of sick bastard dislikes jingles’ videos?!

  218. I was there when you were still called BohemianEagle

  219. Hey jingles I sent you an Armored Warfare replay yesterday, I was wondering
    if you got it?

  220. I was on 18 hp in isu and ammo racked kv4 for hull health while he tried
    circling me I backed and boom headshot

  221. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Plus a ammorack WOW

  222. BelwhitGaming WOTBlitz

    there seems to be a lot of people suiciding recently and why can’t there be
    more of the teams that talk to each other

  223. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    I said to my self :”What is the elc had 999 mm of armor” I actualy said it
    around 2:51 and “wow a luck bounce”

  224. 750 views…Earliest i have ever been…Right I need a joke here we go:

    World Of Warplanes.

  225. Hallelujia

  226. Simon Kirkbright

    **hears new Mars advert** “jingles on TV?! wtf’

  227. Why would anyone dislike this its jingles!!!!!

  228. Mighty Jingles Epic Win 6
    best viewed mostly drunk

  229. Epic win is back!

  230. Lol 11 minutes posted and already a dislike.

  231. kratos killsyou69er

    jingles please reply: do u stream??

  232. Btw Jingles…it took them three and half minutes in that first video, not
    four and half. You are getting old! Dont do that! Getting old gets people

  233. 26th to comment, hell yeah!

  234. Dutch?! I am Dutch. yay


  236. Triumph Spitfire 2

    Thank you Jingles!!!!!!

  237. Overly Sophisticated Asian

    I have to take an algebra 1 regents as an 8th grader where you would take
    it in 9th grade but im in a class where we learn 9th grade material. The
    regents is in 1 hour and 21 minutes. But im watching jingles. Cheers!

  238. I managed to ding and AMX ELC in my Jagdpanther II…blooody RNG

  239. Btw that run to the middle of the field to spot isnt suicidal…its the
    best place to go if your tank has decent camo and crew.

  240. I miss the old jingles 50 min garage reviews but he only done that to boost
    his channel of which I understand but I miss the old guy

  241. Yep
    ELC go YOLO 9.5/10 fail
    SEA server is not the place for Full YOLO

  242. i’m early let’s make a joke…

    Mel Gibson

  243. yeej I’m 14th xD

  244. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    Only out for 5mins and already disliked

  245. Dammit man…. Im trying to get ready for work….now I have to sit down
    for 21 mins…..

  246. MisterChief 1215

    Yay first video on this in like a year!

  247. 3 mins… i’m getting closer!

  248. under 301 club!

  249. Leopard 2A6 was here.

  250. DO A HOUSE TOUR FOR 500K!!!!!

  251. Chris Lai (EagleBlitz)

    Seating here with popcorn ready!!!

  252. eyyy get in

  253. and he said come fourth my son

  254. Lol

  255. I’m not late to the video am I guys?

  256. Thierry van Goor


  257. The timing is real…

  258. josselin delaunet

    first! And i’m french :p

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