World of Tanks – Epic Win

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Source: The Mighty

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I'd been seeing some truly epic WOT matches this week. This was one of them.

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  1. Still have to complain about that gold. Just don’t support it by showing these replays.

  2. Jingles gave the green light, here goes!!

    “only 10% of all ammo fired are gold my ass… stop including tier 1/2/3 machine guns, even then the sweaty low tiers fire gold…”

    There. I mean not that I play WoT anymore πŸ˜›

  3. Is no one going to talk about the amount of bs snap shots that actually hit in no way is this a normal game lol rng was sleeping

  4. This replay Shows what you can do when you are not very good but have an op machine.

  5. αƒα‘¦α‘Žα“‚α–…α“―α…α‘α–… α‘•α–…α“΄α–…

    Smh this game, I’m surprised that more tier 8 tanks don’t drown their tank at the beginning of every bottom tier match

  6. I keep wanting to show my kids Jingles videos because he’s hilarious but they just aren’t old enough yet

  7. HatedFate made completely the wrong call trying to convince the 705 to stop cap and we all know it. He nearly made the exact same mistake the enemy team made that allowed him back into the game and could have cost his team the win if the 705 hadn’t had the sense not to try to win harder.

    This whole match is a textbook example of why the no cap kill all mentality is dangerous. No matter how much you think the odds are with you, the enemy can ALWAYS find a way to stay in the fight, whether it’s because they make good decisions or you and your team make stupid mistakes. Capping when you have the upper hand denies them that chance.

  8. Why does this object 430 U a Soviet tank have not one not two buy threeAmerican machine guns on it. Makes no sense

  9. Nope the win is the WIN!

  10. Not gonna lie, first time I saw the protagonist tank this battle, I thought it is Chieftain because of that turret back and side attachments.

  11. The t95 is why whenever I see a 430u, I load apcr and auto aim for hull

  12. I’m new to the Pantera. In a tier match up, you have to resort to all the clown tricks to make a contribution and it may not be much. It’s an exercise in patience. You never just quit like that. The enemy Bourassque sure as hell didn’t. Most of the top players on the enemy team were T8’s and T9’s and they almost won (should have won).

  13. What happened to the T95 is exactly why I stopped playing WoT. Unless you’re playing a medium Soviet tank you’re doing it wrong.

    • And insult to injury is in real life the 430U was a fail tank. It was another medium (140?) they slapped too much armor on to the point it couldn’t move and would wreck the engine. But here, it’s the best tank in the game. Meanwhile, American tanks have never been buffed to the current meta in a decade.

  14. Jingles, you need a soundboard with a surprised Akatsuki “MEOW!” for when you make comments like “more than one way to skin a cat!”

  15. Oooh i loved the epic win series where did it go?

  16. If we don’t like gold spam, and it happens in T10 most of the time, then why not just stop at T9? IMO, games where they spam “Gold” ammo are pay to win. It’s what kept me from ever playing WoTs instead of just watching it. If WoWs had it, I’d smash the uninstall so fast.

  17. Maarten van Roest


  18. I’ve stopped watching around the middle of the video. I am not sure what game is shown here, but it’s certainly not the WoT I am playing, where aiming for weak spots makes no sense, because you hit it at most in one out of five fully aimed shots, assuming you’re in peeing distance from the enemy…

  19. fucking gold ammo
    yes, I know it’s pointless, but even still, it did ruin my wot experience forever

  20. Its funny how two tanks on the enemy team could of won this game, instead they derp.

  21. What a roflstomp!

  22. Wow, a Tier 10 Soviet medium tank which never existed shooting almost only gold ammo.
    How interesting and creative.
    Coudn’t have found more boring shit, didn’t you?!

  23. Last night i was in my my Maus. Tier 10 only. Only gold was fired at me and i blocked 0 dmg

  24. I think the 705 was right, you just can’t risk it with a doom turtle still alive

    great game by both guys though

  25. Tier 10 Russian med spamming gold in a tier 8 game …old news. Glad I quit this game as nothing seems have changed.

  26. “Leave cap please? Let me get another kill?”
    “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

  27. Jingles I got an idea… play TOG plat with HMS BB gun sound… with rule Britannia for BGM

  28. “Because he’s aiming for weak spots” – with 340 HEAT pen…against a tier 8 heavy his normal AP could pen the mantlet of…

  29. I wonder whether he could have destroyed the Doom Turtle if he had circled it.

  30. On the NA server, I’ve had very few ‘Good’ battles. They all seem to last about 5 minutes and end in a 15-3(ish)result. Some days I have a 70% win rate, or (more often these days) a 30% WR. It doesn’t matter the tier, nor the vehicle type I play.
    It’s frustrating and not a lot of fun these days.

  31. Outrageous play gg to all involved giggled watching love to ALL MY TANKER BUDDIES LET’S FIGHT SOON EDSON KIDWELL

  32. Well yeah.. its blyatmobile after all

  33. Easy fix for WOT, get rid of in game chat so you don’t get the judgmental, toxic moaning brigade.

  34. The unfortunate consequence of nerfing the HE increased the gold spam even more. Now the best bet is to wait and see if WG would actually nerf the gold too so it would do less damage than regular AP.

  35. You need to bring back “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” because, this was a Good one! XD
    Thank you Salty for bringing that replay out for our entertainment!

  36. 705 was a douche, end of story.

  37. This playerbase has gotten so bad that now even a 7-tank advantage against two enemies still cannot win a match. Don’t know which result I’m more surprised about: seeing hatedfate and the 705 pull off the win or seeing the 7 enemies throw the match in the most humiliating way possible.

    All they had to do was rush hatedfate and his teammate at the same time. I don’t get why this is so hard to understand. Overwhelm a lesser enemy with your numbers advantage. I’ve seen multiple surefire wins turn into devastating losses because my teammates would rush the remaining enemies one by one rather than all go in at once. It’s utterly infuriating.

  38. They’re mostly hitting the hull itself, not the turret. It’s just the bullshit wg keep introducing with >200 effective armor on “weakspots”.

  39. We need more gold… moreeee golddddd

  40. But Jingles.. only 5% shots are gold in WoT XD

  41. Roboticus Prime RC

    The rest of their team might have lost, but they did play well based on the fact that all the tanks that came after hated at the end were all very low health.

  42. This reminds me of the Game of Throws video. It seems like a team which gets a big imbalance of kills is often very beat up themselves, and prey to a couple aggressive defenders.

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