World of Tanks – Epic

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I don't always feature butt-clenching battles of epic proportions that will be spoken of in awed whispers for years come. I do today, though.

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  1. A game you dream of…..

  2. that was pretty good video i did something like this before in my m6 heavy tank nearly 10 years ago or so (sadly before the replay system) and i won 10 vs 1 xD wish i had footage of that one

  3. Thank you for featuring my game!!
    I couldn’t believe seeing my gameplay on a YouTube channel that I’ve been following for years.

    Thank you again!

  4. 7:23. 7 enemies?

  5. That was awesome!

  6. 4 AM here in the U.S. Night shift has my sleep schedule so fucked up that I can’t sleep on my days off, so here we are

  7. *Enemy team* – We have you outnumbered 8 to 1. *Badger* – I like those odds.

  8. Quite often these ‘big games’ can be due to seriously crap opposition, but not here, this was a truly epic game. Well played Greyshift

  9. I wonder if he would have won without the HE nerfs. Epic last stand all the same

  10. Funny you should post this video, I was just watching the other video on this map with the Tortoise making a last stand on that very same hill. Lovely video as always, but do I need to get myself the Badger

  11. any standard ammo loaded? no? oh…

  12. i love how the tank looks, i love the gun, yet i still can’t figure out how to use it properly after a year of having it in the game. life isn’t easy without a turret ):

    either way, that battle was amazing and may have given me an idea or two for that map and tank

  13. Epic indeed!

  14. this gamepaly blew me away best of the year if not ever..

  15. Hi Gnome Master, check out “Death Standing 2” release sometime TBA, knowing you played DS1 i just got the word on it on Youtube new games 2023-2024.

  16. Love the WoT videos. I prefer to be a ground target, not a bobbing target type of guy.

  17. Hang’m up Grey. You’ll never top this one! GG’s

  18. So Mr. Mighty Jingles, do you have a channel for world of warcraft. Do you think wow videos could work? I’d like to see something from wow classic or something.

  19. Nice job to him
    and Thank You J Man
    for a TRULY Epic Battle

  20. The video is 13 minutes and 37 seconds. Quite l33t.

  21. On wot console arty have 1400 hp at tier 10

  22. Would love to see enemy team chat when they stormed the hill 😀

  23. south cap mountain pass has a big advantage to defend cap solo in tank with heavy armor and big guns. northside cant see all of cap without coming off of their hill to see around the right corner

  24. Damn….. just damn

  25. Can I get that 0.3 dispersion on my Yamato?

  26. I have the perfect quote to top this video, better than your hill example.
    “Outnumbered? I think you mean, ‘target rich environment'”.

  27. fucking hell it took me far too long to recognize this map. been quite a few year since I actually played WoT

  28. Just picture arnold bieng the driver… IM here Im over here come get me!!!! aarrgrggg

  29. War thunder exists

  30. What a battle!
    Too bad Jingles your voice was little low or game audio too high

  31. That was quite good 😛

  32. Something like this is only really possible on this map, where you can just funnel all the enemies up a single hill and farm them. gg, really don’t like the full gold loadout but oh well.

  33. And that was fucking impressive. One in a million that battle was. Congrats to the driver for one hell of a game and excellent decision making.

  34. Imagine if the GW just fired cause 6th sense went off and randomly hit.

  35. Ein Eisbär auf Taiwan

    If that Caernarvon has the same luck as me, that win was his 1st in that tank on that day.

  36. go rest your back

  37. Jingles nailed the description of this game. Epic, under pressure and just keeping ones cool .

  38. Next time ‘Rush The Hill’. Don’t pull back.

  39. That row of medal looks like the one on a (former) Soviet marshal !!!

  40. Outstanding

  41. Check out orzanel’s channel. hes had numerous games like this from that very spot lol

  42. all my teammates died- honey badger don’t care.

  43. Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger, Greengold Greengold.

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