World of Tanks – Equipment Guide

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  1. i am so triggered by your E5 crew right now XD

  2. Nice vid, the two crew skills I would be interested in your opinion is bia
    and smooth ride. I once read that smooth is like a GLD while snap shot is
    a vert stab. Is that true or does smooth somehow magically make you shoot
    better on the move which GLD does if your reticle is smaller? For BIA,
    does it actually increase your crew training by say, 2.5%, or have no
    effect on crew training. I think BIA gives you better camo and repair,
    2.5%, but not 100% sure.

    • A vertical stabilizer helps with shooting on the move. A GLD does not.

    • +Forest That was not my question, dumb ass. How the fuck does a vert stab
      help with shooting on the move if you aren’t rotating ur turret? GLD
      shrinks the reticle all the time so of course it helps with shooting on the
      move if ur reticle is permanently smaller all your shots are more accurate.
      My question was, does smooth work like a GLD?

    • Not sure about your question, but I think you’ve got Vertical Stabilisers
      and GLD mixed up. GLD only makes your aim speed faster, it doesn’t make
      your reticle smaller. Vertical Stabiliser will permed antsy make your
      reticle smaller by 20% (I believe). So, Smooth Ride would actually work
      well with Vertical stabiliser I believe. (Not asking for a fight, just
      giving an opinion from what I know)

  3. Please do video about tier 8 premium tanks :)

  4. kermitvspredator

    Don’t forget enhanced suspension on the IS3.

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