World of Tanks || Errrrr… Do I Win?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Legoknekten is going to ask himself errr…. do I win? in the T4 German the Luchs!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. русские не сдаются


  3. Pz. IC would be one of my go-to tanks as when teamed up with teammates in a
    low tier match, the potential destruction a platoon of these tanks could do
    is unfathomable! Likewise, the Luchs is also great, along with the ELC AMX
    bis. However, a platoon of KV2s in any tier match would usually turn out
    hilarious either way, as long as the enemy team has medium or light tanks

  4. arty reported

  5. I wish I could play on my Mac Pro =(

  6. Noskill clicker RNG

  7. Snyggt luchsat Legoknekten! I also use the Luchs to for lolz. Its definetly
    my goto tank to just have fun! Sverige säger hej.

  8. GG. Epic game but devastating end for a draw. Should have used the mobility
    to dodge the shell and close in for an easy kill rather than stopping.
    I quite like the Type T34.

  9. Well played, but I’m really not at all that impressed with sealclubbing.
    There’s nothing fair about this match.

  10. And THIS is why you have to have a fire extinquisher…

  11. Luchs is an overhyped YT tank. It may be “fun”, but that because it’s
    fucking easy to do well in. Insane gun and speed vs low tier scrubs? Cmon,
    doesn’t take much skill

  12. I have Luch too. It’s perfect tank. This is soo crazy game :D

  13. Phuripat Choktiyakorakul

    I always love those cute little Luchs when I am in my Chi-Ri, some Luchs
    was trying to circle me and I was like “Hello.” pew-pew-pew, 390 damage

  14. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    In Danish his name is Lego Boy. In Swedish it seems it mean mercenary.

  15. Boyz , If you have problems with your FPS in world of tenks I made a video
    which will help you increase the fps !!!!!!!!

  16. Where is the Pool Medal?

  17. i think they both kicked at the same time so i think that no one won :P

  18. If the SPG were down to 23 HP and just fired, I would’ve gone for a ram
    kill, much safer than letting the SPG reload.

  19. Do you have a video on editing your mods? my damage calculator on the top
    is behind the tank symbols and i don’t wanna mess things up with xvm.

  20. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    Cromwell or type 64 are very fun but OI exp. is rediculous and OI is also

  21. burn baby burn

  22. Sadly he made a bad mistake at the end. Should have opened the range by
    running away and keeping building between he and the arty then engaged from
    longer range. Could have drawn shot at range while moving that almost
    certainly would have missed then stopped and killed it before it reloaded.
    Oh well, easy to analyse after the event. Mind you, team full of tomatoes
    who don’t really understand anything about their own tank and enemies; that
    Lee would have killed him if it had understood.

  23. go team sweden!

  24. a lot of heartbreaks lately, that is6 1v8, now this

  25. Honestly, I would of played that 1v1 with the Pz. Slf. IVb so much
    differently… Luchs has that one thing that the arty doesn’t have –
    speed… He could of so easily out run the arty’s shot or even gone behind
    the arty after it fired, not hide behind the houses. Very stupid play imo.

  26. Om någon svensk vill ha en kompis på WOT så heter jag: lov_NS

  27. Pz IV H with derp gun is awesome fun. Even in tier 7 :P

  28. Swedish are beast

  29. Heja legoknäkten

  30. Did anyone notice the explosion in the background at 7:30?
    I think it was an artillery shell…

  31. QB, I got my first Kolobanov’s medal the other day, and all I could think
    of was you saying “The one that everyone wants!” . Really brought on a
    smile. I love your videos, and keep up the good work!

  32. I love my M4 with the 105mm derp (even in tier 7 games, the HE does
    competitive dmg) but the luchs often reks me with the high pen. That and
    the matilda are my M4’s worst fears.

  33. The youtube cards system seems redundant.

  34. But its unfair normally u have to play with t6er

  35. In ancient times the legendary Greek wrestler Arrichion was undefeated in
    the Olympic Games. In the final match of what would be his 3rd
    championship he fell dead, either from injury or heart failure, at the same
    instant that he forced his formidable opponent to yield. When the crowd
    discovered what had happened they rioted and carried Arrichion’s body in
    honor through the streets proclaiming him as the ideal hero and a champion
    for the ages. Yes, Legoknekten, I’d say you won and deserve a salute worthy
    of Arrichion himself.

  36. Bra jobbat legoknekten

  37. play war tunder

  38. arty reported xD

  39. My go to tank for fun is the Jap Tiger

  40. ELC!

  41. Every time a pro player in an OP low tier tank dies baby Jesus smiles

  42. My favorite tank would have to be the SU-100; I like it a lot and have had
    some if the best games of my “World of Tanks career” in it.

  43. My favorite tank for fun is the t82 with the 105. mm howitzer

  44. wn8 says something like 24k- super unicum

  45. Games that end like that is why there is no justice in this world

  46. this guy is terrible, takes him forever to think on what to do

  47. Wasn’t a bad game. However he should have went for that arty as soon as it
    missed on the first shot. Crappy traverse or not he could have at least
    gotten behind or beside the arty before it reloaded.

  48. hands down its the ELC AMX when it comes to just playing for fun

  49. Heja Sverige! xD

  50. quickybaby when will you play world of warships like jingles?

  51. TheRancidMarshmallow

    and today… and advertisement for premium fire extinguishers. he would
    have won with one.

  52. Paradoxical Penguin

    Quickybaby, the 33 degrees traverse speed is only with the stock engine.
    The effective track traverse speed with the top engine is effectively 60
    degrees. If you watch the Luchs turning even in that replay, you’ll see
    that it turns far faster than anything else in the battle. The fact that
    you’re going off of the raw number in the Garage, rather than its actual
    performance (and the calculations with the upgraded engine) indicates that
    you have not played the tank in a very long time. Please stop listing the
    track traverse as a downside, it’s one of the plus sides and one of the
    best in the game.

  53. QuickyBaby is the absolute only youtuber that I am able to watch while
    commenting a game. The way he talks is somewhat calming. I learned a lot
    from his comments and I believe he would be a really great teacher in a
    field that he is good at. And probably a great father for that matter :)).
    Great video, such bad, bad luck there in the end. We all hate arty’s, and
    this video doesn’t do them justice. Keep up this videos! You rock!

  54. How sad…but honetly that was not a clever move at the end. Arty was
    preaimed..and he just stops and stands there…he could just fired on the
    move and arty would had no chance..or flank him directly after the arty
    fired the first time. Still… sad

  55. Serb wins

  56. HE KILLED 10 WHY HE DIDNT GOT pool medal

  57. awesome, I’ve done that a few times, but never for the end of the match

  58. It’s called the Luchs because it Luchs around the battlefield

  59. 3:20 You can see a friendly artillery tracer come that may have hit the
    Lee, so I think the Lee may have been tracked.

    Now it is still possible that the Lee player was just bad, or too
    inexperienced to know the reload of the Luchs. You can argue that the Lee
    should have repaired his tracks and come around anyway, but still…

  60. OMG its suck a heartbreak.
    DIDNT expect the arty to even hit Luchs.




  62. he could win and he mistake was not get behind the arty before it aim.

  63. Oh no QB! Luchs’ actual traverse speed with top engine is not 33, but 85
    You don’t know about the actual traverse speed as a result of the relation
    between the stock and equipped engine? Well then, let me enlighten you.
    It’s quite simple really, if a tank has another engine than it’s stock one,
    it gets a buff to it’s traverse speed according to the following formula:
    ActualTrackTraverse = ListedTrackTraverse * (CurrentEnginePower /

    And since the Luchs has a terible stock engine with 140 horse powers but a
    fantastic top engine with 360, it gets an actual traverse that is *beastly*.
    33 * 360 / 140 = 85 degs/sec

    Test it yourself, it REALLY turns on a dime, actually has the best track
    traverse in the game when the top engine is mounted.

    Also, pretty good pronounciation. As some others in the comment section has
    said, I’d love to hear you say something like “köttbullar” ;)

  64. +QuickybabyTV fyi you’ve got an imposter on Armored Warfare.

  65. loltractor

  66. “Where are they? They could be anywhere! Ruinberg really does have alot of
    positions towards the end of the game where artillery can hide… Such as
    this bush!!”

  67. Like the video hate the ending…. what a heartbroken game.

  68. Hey, QB, we have the same phone! Also, what happened to the stream tonight?
    I got home after my sailing practice and there was a little 21 minute
    video. Just wondering what happened.

  69. Hans uttal haha, kan inte ta videon seriöst :p

  70. My fun tenk iz none other then stronk KV-2.

  71. Sweden 😀
    Hallo von Deutschland, Cousins! :D

  72. my Luch and Hetzer are the only low level tanks ive held on to :)

  73. Excellent commentary as always, and we love those camera angles and
    slow-motion replays! Cheers!

  74. quickybaby, you never link your videos in anotations like you say you do.

  75. can i send u my replay?

  76. My go to is the kv-2 kv-2 stronk tenk :D

  77. arty u piece of something

  78. 7:31 what was that explosion in the distance beyond the buildings? I’m
    thinking one of the artillery ran over a car/truck or something but i’m not

  79. i dont feel he capitalized on his binoc as much as he should towards the

  80. im getting tired of QB showing the same tanks over and over again..

  81. He makes a mistake at the last minute because the SPG already pre aim at
    him. If he went back to the first location he fired the SPG, he could win
    the match easily

  82. i fixed my world of tanks black screem

  83. NoHomeLike

    1:23 Actually, because of how traverse speed is calculated, the Luchs has
    over 77 nominal traverse speed because its top engine is more than twice as
    powerful as the stock one. This makes the Luchs and the Hetzer one of the
    fastest-turning tanks in the game

  84. Yeeeeey arty killed him.I hate luchs.

  85. things were luchs-ing good, oh qb

  86. Really.. As soon as i saw that this arty is red i thought well.. it would
    be unsurprising if the arty snapshots the lu… .. aw.. what did i say..
    red player noobluck again 😉 hate it so much

  87. ahaud nwduweh W hWUh 60 kilometers my butt! I like the panzer 1 c or the

  88. Oh man, I remember this tank when it was in Tier 3 and stupidly
    overpowered. 😀

    We used to ride in a 3-man Luchs party and rush into positions enemy team
    usualy got before we could and almost single handedly wreck entire flank
    and for some reason, bounce enemy shells in a light tank.

    Those we’re the days… :>

  89. Go to tank for me is the Mathilda tier 4 british medium tank. lots of fun
    and a great gun.

  90. Epic beard is epic :D.
    That was fun QB, waiting for more as always :).

  91. I think the “mistake” Lego made at the end there was he stopped to aim at
    the arty.

    He should have just gone out full speed and sprayed at him since one of the
    rounds would probably have hit him anyway.

    But then again im a bit of a run/gunner in these light autocannon vehicles.

  92. Did anyone else see the distant explosion in the the background at 7:29?

  93. Sp3ddysMobileGaming

    the cromwell or kv-2

  94. had this happen in arty once, end of the game was just me vs another arty,
    when we found eachother i shot early and missed, then drove into cover, the
    enemy couldn’t shoot at me until he was at point blank and he killed us
    both. sadly it was a couple patches back and I don’t think it can be viewed
    in the client anymore.

  95. VerySuperFamousGuy44

    are you sure his name isn’t Lego connector? sounds like it to me

  96. Well,if you really need to ask about fun tank…T49 and T92…do i have to
    say more?

  97. CrazyBugattiMan .;

    did anyone notice that artillery shell splash on the building on 7:31

  98. The luchs actually has a much higher track traverse speed than listed. The
    formula is (topengineHP/stockengineHP)*track traverse. In the luch’s case
    it would be (360/140)*33, which gives it a real traverse speed of over

    The only time the listed traverse is correct is if it’s a premium tank or
    you’re using the stock engine.

  99. The lunchbox tank rides again.

  100. After the pzsfl fired, he should’ve rushed in and circled him until he

  101. random explosion at 7:30

  102. Guessing a draw, saw a similar thing in a battle.

    Edit: At the end, after getting unspotted, it would be better to retreat
    out of his viewrange before attacking at another angle.

  103. My tank to go to for fun is, no question, the elc amx

  104. My fun tank? 59-16 for sure!

  105. tank for fun: elc :)

  106. me just ga tank is the e100 whit his beatiful 150mm big gun?

  107. Luv 4 sweden!?

  108. say whatever you like guys but im actually glad he didnt win, its really
    unfair this tank can meet so little tiers and clip them in 3 secs theres no
    counterplay specially if late game like this. I think this should be solved
    with full rework of scout tier system!!

  109. m41bulldog

  110. The Luchs’ traverse speed is awsome! Yeah WG says it only turns at 33deg
    per second but WG says the top speed of the IS7 is 59 km/h……You can
    drift in the Luchs like in the T71!!! The Luchs got one of the best
    traverse speeds in the game just try it yourself :)

  111. KV-2 is my “go to” tank when I just want some fun or laugh :)

  112. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    Cromwell is my favourite tank I also got my most kills in it 9

  113. omg when he first pronounced the “Bison” I bursted into laughter….. I
    think you have to pronounce it “Bee-son”.

    Greetings from Germany!

  114. Pz.Sfl. IVb is pretty much a partially-turreted TD at close range. -35/+35
    degrees for gun traverse, 10 degrees of gun depression, and a relatively
    quick reload.

  115. De Old' Mighty Tortoise


  116. I run CrusaderSP with FV304 gun just for the lols…

  117. QuickyBaby… you have a great taste in phone choice ^^


  119. hahah so incredible, these low tier games xD

  120. I knew than his gonna but him on faire when I saw than he don’t take

  121. Bonjour je suis français et j’adore t’ai vidéo

  122. I had one QB….!!!! Decker Max

  123. I’m swedish

  124. Same here. Elc amx is Godlike

  125. Sverige är fan bäst två svenskar i rad nu =sweden is best two swedish
    player in a row nice ? Tobbe02 aka me are from sweden ????

  126. YAAAY! go sweden!

  127. Remember when I had the luchs. Once in a rare while you could get games
    like this, but more often than not you’re in high tier matches and then
    it’s a true spotters light, and you better know how to bush if you wish to
    survive more than a minute.

  128. Gilla om du är svensk

  129. swedish is one of the hardest languages
    i have to say, u pronounced it very well :)

  130. Yey, EVERYBODY lose!
    WG says “WOOP!” :P

  131. A+ on the pronunciation. Now say Knäckebröd.

  132. arty op ,confirmed…

  133. 10.0 time yay

  134. For me its the ELC AMX bis.

  135. Heja Sverige!!
    Beautiful pronunciation +QuickyBabyTV ;)

  136. ‘luchsing’? yes, you’re going to hell.

  137. it’s really nice how he says panzer vier instead of panzer four like every
    native english speaker would do, considering that he doesn’t speak german i

  138. Floris van den Eventuin

    Very good game, but really, he should have played like a light at the end
    and just run and gun at the arty so that he woulnd’t get hit. Waste of a
    great game.

  139. i jut looked it up and my average wn8 in the luchs i 9400 WTF!!!!!!!!!
    my overall average is 1540 xD

  140. luchs needs to get its 30mm removed, the burst/pen/tier combo is retarded.
    Makes it too good in baddies hands.

  141. hey if I send you videos from blitz will you post atleast 1 or no

  142. Funny, Legoknekten means “Lego Kid”.. :not mercenary.. :-D

  143. oi tier 6 japenies heavy is so fun

  144. Jgpze100 for funn

  145. i love the luchs

  146. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    That was the worst pun ever and I love it.

  147. Tank for fun Imao is ELC AMX 2k battles in it 100% MoE :)

  148. omg fuck arty….

  149. Fking artys

  150. Wait why does my 3 cm gun only hold 8 shells, and has a flat mantelet. Why?

  151. does he know about the luchs turning? i mean.. its one of the best in the

  152. Judging from my experience,the game waits a little bit at the end,just like
    when the “capping war” is on,and then when it analyzes the tanks that are
    still alive then it makes the decision.If at the point all tanks in the
    battle are dead,the game is a draw.

  153. 7:29 Is this a Arty-shoot? hahahah

  154. OMG what a ending!

  155. Luchs is OP– always have been.

  156. Damn he has the exact same phone as me !

  157. Iver Grønningsæter Remme

    I am from Norway and I just Get that tank

  158. hey, i have the same phone, htc Desire 820

  159. How many times did the fire tick?

  160. “33 degrees a second…ah, it’s rather mediocre”
    …you say, as the Luchs on-screen pivots in place faster than most tanks
    in the game can, due to its (top) engine power multiplying that by ~2.5 :v

    Also, the Luchs using the 3cm-5cm guns only has 8 degrees of depression to
    the front, similar to the RU251. I’m pretty sure the enemy Luchs didn’t
    realize until it was too late that he had his front end up too far, and was
    probably wondering what his reticule was doing.

    If you don’t have one, take your own advice QB: get a Luchs. The tank is a
    riot, you and your stream’ll have a blast in tier 7 games once you get the
    hang of playing it. Easily one of the best tanks in the game tier for tier.

  161. Just another game ruined by arty. He deserved that win but a clicker twat
    took it away from him.

  162. ‫שון לאוי‬‎

    hetzer, chaffee, and the ELC the king LT

  163. Good job swedish mercenarie

  164. yet again a heartbreak because of a noob player driving an arty quite
    depressing for that poor Luchs driver i’m really sorry for him.
    I would have been that arty i would have just let him the kill seriously i
    would have felt way too bad for making him loose that Kolobanov’s medal.
    Even though that last shot was way too lucky he kinda misplayed at the end.
    He should have used the mobility of the luchs to outflank that arty instead
    of stopping and giving him the oppurtunity to shoot. But still fantastic
    game by him gg bruh !

  165. 5:00 ”very good player” 1000 wn8 with 11k battles. yeah really good

  166. Albin Wittzell (ALegendaryEagle)


  167. that pz.ic at beggining, his nicknamr translates to stupid,stupis, very

  168. that pz.ic at beggining, his nicknamr translates to stupid,stupis, very

  169. holy moly!!!im in the hetzer in on the enemy team:)

  170. The Luchs is fun, and so is the ELC and the FV304, a platoon of FV304s all
    on coms can really be fun, and the enemy team will HATE you! 😀

  171. definitely luchs like fun

  172. Oh swedish player… not watching.

  173. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Times like this is when you need to learn how to aim in third person so you
    get shoot through walls. Then he wouldn’t have had to expose himself just
    to switch to sniper mode.

  174. QuickyBaby use hTC XDDDDDDD

  175. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………((

  176. It’s not 10 shot but only 6 quicky for this gun ;).

  177. T-34-85, it’s just an amazing allrounder:)

  178. look at exactly 7:30, you can see arty hit the top of a building way off in
    the background

  179. The cutest tank in the game

  180. what you saying for game Armored Warfare ?

  181. why did he stop…..that artyies turret traverse is measured in tectonic

  182. Few weeks ago, i posted on QB-replay a game where i was the last survivor,
    but the last ennemy managed to cap 100% before i could kill him.I let you
    guess who won the battle. :)

  183. For fun im in FV304…tiny lttle arty that realy enoy the other team…and
    you always earning credits.

  184. (360/140)*33=84.86
    Mediocre my ass.

  185. Oh would you believe it….little arty noob with shit stats got an massive
    RNG bonus from WG. Great game concept…..punishing players for having good
    stats. No wonder ppl would love to kill some staff members from WG in real
    life. =)

  186. quicky WTF?!

  187. Very very easy to do well in the luchs tbh

  188. Lego knekten is Lego Knight in Swedish.

  189. Such an unfortunate ending.

  190. The Luchs fucked up at the end, when the arty fucked up he should have
    charged him and got behind him

  191. I like the IS6

  192. pz 38t is also a tier4 german light

  193. The first time I watch a Quicky baby video without having a headache no
    offense will some ways of recording do that

  194. So… He’s in one of the fastest tank in the game, and instead of flanking
    a slow moving arty while he’s reloading, he sits in front of his gun…
    Blame arty for every thing still, but he really pushed his luck too far at
    the end.

  195. question… how did he get the replay when he has not downloaded it? In the
    result screen it says 0/0/0 in top right corner…. doesn’t make any sense
    to me

  196. Hahahaa the final. My name in. Game is xamako

  197. Why in the living hell would you stay hidden behind that house after the
    arty fired? The Pz. Sfl.IVb has around 16 second reload i.e. more than
    enough time for the Luchs to get around him and wait for the reload as the
    Sfl has terrible traverse speed. It’s so painful to see someone literally
    THROW a Kolobanov’s medal.

  198. Hahahaa the final

  199. The clumsy style of his movement made me cry. QB pls show us replays of
    skilled players, not just lucky ones


  201. 7:52 Luchs vs t7 = bad matchmaking? Back in the day I only bought my Luchs
    because it had tier 8 MM, after its MM spread was reduced to 4-7 I stopped
    driving it. Only kept it in my garage for the memories.
    So sad… been so much fun trolling tier 8 heavies. :(


  203. How about the tier 2 American T18 for a spot of fun?
    O-I Exp is also fun, in a tier 5 battle.

  204. Sry but I hate seal clubbing replays

  205. The M3 Lee is a good example for a single tank and a single misplay costing
    the whole game.

    Wasn’t there a “No mans land” achievement for not tank left on the

  206. I have had this before, man it was frustrating..

  207. He was luchsing realy good? :D:D:D QB puns intended :D

  208. fuck the swedes -finland :P

  209. Luchs driver is a pathetic little seal clubbing faggot.
    Look him up, most of his tanks that have hundreds of games with good win
    rates are all low tiers.
    Seal clubbers can go suck a dick, worthless scum.
    Glad he didn”t get the win, he showed what an idiot he really is when he
    decided to stop in front of arty that was obviously pre-aiming at his

  210. here is a favour quicy 😉 Legoknekt Does Not translate into Mercenary,
    Legoknekt Directly translates into LegoKnight

  211. When there was 1 arty left, he should have capped. Greedy player doesn’t
    get Kolabanov’s

  212. Luchs, ELC AMX and KV-2. I think over 75% of my games have been played
    driving one of these.

  213. please search it on Google translate

  214. Light Mk. VIC
    Lovely machine

  215. sorry Qb but i hate how you say legoknekten

  216. Didn’t feel that bad, very skilled players in low tiers games with great
    tanks is cheap seal clubbing and stats grinding.

  217. omg why does he have a small and a large repair kit?

  218. Quickybaby you almost pronounced that right! That K in the middle though
    should be pronounced like the C in ‘care’, and empasize the E’s instead of
    just rolling the word out smoothly 😉 It sounded very german when you said
    it xD Cheers from Sweden <3

  219. I think the ELC AMX is my favorite LIGHT tank in World of Tanks. The speed,
    size and the 90mm make in fun.

  220. Yay sweden

  221. yassine boudakhana

    O-I best tank if you want fun :)

  222. Crogamer productions

    1.25 luchs kills glupglupglupjako that mean stupid,stupid,stupid very on my
    language lol

  223. Lego = i collect (latin)
    Knekten = soldier (swedish)

  224. soo bad play against tomatoes..

  225. Favorite tanks : KV-2 and LTTB

  226. LeonaTimberCompany

    I actually was in a total destruction battle. My T-29 had less than 100hp
    and met the enemy Tiger with the same up by the church on Ruinberg. We
    surprised each other at the corner and both of us clutch fired and killed
    each other in a draw. Was a great battle.

  227. i prefer the locust to the luchs 😛

    this video shows why i always pack a premium fire extinguisher, though im
    not sure it would have helped in this situation :P

  228. arty is fair and balanced!

  229. Johannes Wetterlund

    GO SWEDEN!!!!!!

  230. seal clubbers everywhere

  231. @QuickyBabyTV ever try War Thunder?

  232. I would have rage quit after that ;)

  233. I am swedish ?

  234. elc amx

  235. Judging by his clan… I bet he’s from GBG.

  236. Well, as a Swede the way you pronounce Legoknekten sounds pretty funny but
    at the same time it is not THAT far off. XD

  237. Swedish tank three.

  238. LegoConnector…Err?

  239. sweden yeee

  240. standing still at the end wasn’t really a smart thing to do. I mean, you’re
    in a luchs a.ka. the drive-by shooter.

  241. f you wargaming

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    do that! Thank you

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  247. Ryan Anderson (Rhyno7)

    Two fires ticks…. one more than if running with auto fire ex…. should
    always run with a prem auto fire ex on germans.

  248. The power to tons ratio is OVER NINETHOUSAND

  249. Why you didn’t say anything in O-Ni video when he had finnish flags… :(

  250. why didnt he just flank the arty, when both of them had fired?


  252. “He was Luchsing really good at the end of this game.” – Quickybaby 2015

  253. Go Sweden!! Btw, Legoknekten means the mercenary, if you wondered

  254. Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) is the best and it makes much more fun than the luchs
    and with 3 of this B2 u can easily win the game.

  255. its 30mm frond and 20mm side? isnt it 50mm front and 30 side.

  256. Legoknekten either means mercenary as you said or Lego knight/ lego noble
    man ish.

  257. Also…kv-1 is so much fun when it is top tier…that armor is very good
    for a tier 5…the japanese heavy is almost the same…but kv-1 is a
    smaller target

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  264. get rekt Sealclubber

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  266. The Luchs Is So Cool !!!! When I Did Some Parts With It I Did A Lot Od
    Damage !!! :):):)

  267. i am from sweden :)

  268. I’m Norwegian and I thought someone had trolled him, legoknekten means the
    Lego Jacks in Norwegian, or “The Jack of Lego”, Usually Swedish and
    Norwegian are so similar that we always have an idea of when different
    words mean in the other language.

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    KV-2 for win!

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  278. qb look the thing is that the luchs has a traverse speed of 33 with the
    STOCK engine. did you see how quickly the luchs could turn in the city?
    that traverse speed has to be over 55!!!! and the luchs has a clip
    potential of 300 dmg and not 270 . but great and intense video, keep going
    with it!!!!!

  279. Retarded arty players.. 1 of the best reasons to leave this game. They ruin
    every battle.

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    running around in these things and thinking that just because they are
    amazing at a seal clubbing tank makes them good at the game

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    tier 5:can carry games tier 8 i got 2 excellences marks on it

  282. what a shame bad luck for dont carring a fire ext, well better luck for The

  283. swedes cheering for their countrymen? cant have that, theyd be called
    racist by their media

  284. That was a HTC ONE M9 ?? Quickybaby?

  285. Luchs and KV-2

  286. Legoknekten roughly translates “legoboy”


  288. Apostolos Papagelos

    Well,after 12 kills I personally wouldn’t care about victory:PWhen I got 10
    kills on KV-1S(QB pls take a look I have also put it on your website) I run
    out of gold versus a kv-1(running the 122mm without gold and facing kv-1 is
    pretty tough actually wouldn’t win anyways) and a t67 i just yoloed and
    You can’t always win.And I won’t say arty is terrible,something like that
    might have happened if last one was hetzer with 105mm and HE ammo.

  289. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    You can’t get a kolobanovs at tier 4 nor any of the 8+ kill medals. I mean
    he did a good job and it was a masterfully played match with some bad RNG
    at the end, guess bring that auto-fire extinguisher next time? Anyway, it
    was fun to watch quicky.


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    pronouncing it, don’t take this as hate though I mean it as a fact)!

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    Fuck arty man

  297. Track traverse is awesome quicklybaby, what u sayin bruh?

  298. 33k noob luch player

  299. Some time ago I had similar game in my E1, but it was even more
    confusing… It was me and afk Caernavon vs. bunch of enemies. I slowly
    killed them all and traded fatal shots with last enemy… and a draw.
    Apparently afk vehicles explode before battle end and no ally alive = draw.

  300. It sound very funny when you say legoknekten. :P

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  303. Me first

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  305. i dont have one

  306. im early

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  308. TheSuper Raichu2769


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    I’m livestreaming the 10.0 Rubicon test server right now!

  311. i hate luchs

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