World of Tanks – ESports Cap Save

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Source: Anfield


  1. notification squaaaaaaad

  2. atention creep?

  3. The fact that this game has a “professional” league really is just such a joke to me anymore

  4. In all seriousness though I’m going to formally petition my account to be moved

  5. there you go, thank you for saving the game. Kappa

  6. Oh man, I love it when selfish retards try to cap and then they get absolutely rekt for it… Kreygasm

  7. Dat M103 tho..

  8. Once again the unicum saves the day while the pubbies sit and watch. Fair and balanced.

  9. Federico Di Liberto

    Do you think this is an Esports game? I think this is a 70/30% skill/luck game, you can be the best player, but with bad RNG you are still going to have a bad game

  10. Anfield : “love me”
    Team : “wat?”

  11. So account sharing is allowed now? I am confused

  12. good job man congratulations

  13. Carlos Valenzuela

    Send the videos link to whoever says youre pro just because of Quickybaby rounds.

  14. If MM is better on EU I’d guess it’s only because the player base is so much larger, I doubt MM works in a different way on any of the servers.

  15. Arty could have decapped that way better.

  16. Better memes
    Better plays
    Papa ‘Feels :^)

  17. god ur a little girl. fucking annoying

  18. If people don’t give proper respect you gotta take it from them Anfeels. Gj buddy. Gg. Wp.

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