World of Tanks – EU Session 6/17

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Source: Anfield


  1. _Bit_ hot at the moment

  2. Jasper van Houdt

    24:10 welcome to EU Anfield ?

  3. 5.22 reload hacks confirmed….oh wait bond memes kek

  4. the front turret of the baby maus wound a been better

  5. how high is your mouse sensitivity?

  6. omg gold noob

  7. Jesus titty fucking christ i hate when the weather is as hot as it was yesterday/ the day this was recorded/streamed was complete shit, window closed or window open feels like shit :/

  8. remind me to gift anfield battlefront 2 in nov

  9. He is a… Just… Damage farmer. Just raking it in, all day, every day.
    He just does so much damage. And that’s just about it.
    He focusses on it.
    He gets in a good position and just wrecks things.

  10. So weird with you talking to chat but we can’t see what they’re saying, hint hint

  11. Kim Jung Un was so happy ^^

  12. What enchancements are your Kzarka Vertical Stabiliser, Dandelion Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer and Bronze Improved Ventilation Class 2? What food buff is that you have?

  13. el fiel

  14. Maybe you could use the Bits you got to buy an AC unit?

  15. :O your new mic is soooo gooood!!

  16. Jakob Christensen

    About the part where it is discussed whether or not Anfield hates EU server I think it is mistaken for the times he made fun of the argument, that gameplay on EU is harder than NA and thus the playerbase should be more skilled.

  17. damn that mauschen was mad, wish there was cross team chat, im pretty sure he would have some things to say.

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