World of Tanks – Everyday Series #11 | E-50

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Source: Valachio

Welcome to my everyday game series. I release a video every 2 days so make sure you check back every other day for your Everyday fix!

In this battle, my battle-buddy and I find ourselves in a precarious low ground situation. How will we perform in a disadvantageous position?

Thanks for watching!

Just out curiosity… are you looking for a sexy watch?

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  1. please do a video about your in game settings i really enjoy the way your
    game looks and plays

  2. not epic for Valachio………………lol

  3. Nice game.

    Perhaps mention that whilst you smashed those tanks the rest of your team
    overran the enemy in rather short order?

    Other keep it up – I would much rather see a set of normal games than ace

  4. Cent AX :(

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