World of Tanks – Everyday Series #14 | E-50

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Source: Valachio

Welcome to my everyday game series. I release a video every 2 days so make sure you check back every other day for your Everyday fix!

In this battle, our team performs the infamous ‘lemming rush’. Are we destined to lose?

Thanks for watching!

Just out curiosity… are you looking for a sexy watch?

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  1. Great video Valachio and shows to people that a lemming train need to push
    hard his side otherwise is gonna fail

  2. I believe there is a difference between a lemming rush and a wolf pack
    attack. lemming rushes just follow the leader into the enemy as fast as
    possible, and aggressive wolf pack pushes are where everyone pushes with
    indipendance and high awareness just as you said

  3. Spranker Wehrmacht

    Use the T49!

  4. I see no LemmingRush here.. mildly lying thumbnail…

  5. You do one of the best WoT videos series. Thanks. Great job.

  6. Do IS-7 please.

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