World of Tanks – Everyday Series #15 | IS-4

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Source: Valachio

Welcome to my everyday game series. I release a video every 2 days so make sure you check back every other day for your Everyday fix!

In this battle, I am playing the on a map biased against heavy tanks. Can I use my armor to prevail against the storm or will my poor mobility ultimately be my downfall?

Thanks for watching!

My friend at The Armored Patrol are doing phenomenal work at releasing the latest insider information on . Check into their blog every once in awhile and keep up to date with all the new releases coming to WoT!

Just out of curiosity… are you looking for a sexy watch?

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  1. Damn sick video man. 2bad you didnt shoot HE at the end to reset bit of a
    mistake imo.

  2. i try so hard but still bad in this game… don’t know why

  3. you lose games ?

  4. I like how you post your not very perfect gameplay like others do post
    their best moments. That’s how we can learn from your mistakes. You are
    very famous for damage farming. Do you think which tank class is better for
    farming damage, medium or heavy? And why?

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