World of Tanks || Everyone Matters

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Source: QuickyBaby

In World of not everyone thinks everyone matters but sometimes the most rewarding games happen when you trust and work together with your allies.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Truly agree

  2. Can anyone help me? I recently got my batchat AP, and it’s very hard to
    play. I try to preserve health in the beginning and stay behind the front
    lines and support allies and get cussed out for being sh!t. So what else
    can I do? Go in the front lines. So I do that and get out 1 clip and die
    from being rushed. Any help on how to play it or at least please the
    unicums on my team? (I’m not a terrible player, just got the 1st MoE on it)

  3. This is the most retarded video ive ever seen of you… I played more than
    30k battles in this game and you see almost every battle players with +15k
    battles and still red tomatoes like 200-600 wn8… Its so nice to have
    toptiers who are campin in base or doing 0 dmg.. Your video is the perfect
    example, this guys just dont get it, so no need to offend them, but surely
    no need to defend them! And im watching your streams for years now, and u
    know what i ve mean, you have been in these end game situations aswell…
    where bots and morons just camp or yolo, so its a nice try, but it wont
    help them and it wont help yourself

  4. Ah yes the faith of having platoon teammates at work.

  5. QB being WG’s bitch agen

  6. I have got 1900 wn8 1500 damage average per game but I’m a 47 percent win
    rate am I still considered a noob (Asian server)

  7. so dont be assholes, if you let them by themselves they will obviously fuck
    up, just try to work with them, take the lead.

  8. its why i play this game for those moments im not good im not bad neither
    is anybody else really ?

  9. usualy, how it works for me – players like u, with purple stats will help
    the team and will think through the game, same with blue . Green stats =
    carries with them full gold, dont care about anything than just make damage
    , and most of the time they mess up the game. Most important thing in this
    game – a lot of players dont know the maps and positions where they can
    make best of their tanks, and most of the time nobody will tell you where
    to go, but instead get – l2p

  10. Okay, learning players right? Not idiots? So they started learning from
    tier 8 eh? with the FCM, a tank that requires skill. Nice.

  11. Frederick Burkert

    Btw QB, your clan doesn’t accept low stat players – sounds a bit like
    double standards to not recruit and help. Make for a better game all round.

  12. Today I had a battle in my VK 16.02 Leopard. At the end there was only a
    Hummel and me on my team left and we had to face one really good SU-100
    player (his WN8 was 2165) and two artilleries. The Hummel and I kicked
    their asses and the Hummel saved mine multiple times (I am not a very good
    player by the way, I think my WN8 is 787 with 7k battles and our win chance
    was something about 30 – 40 % i think). Both of us obviously survived and
    we had the most experience earned on our team with him being on top. That
    was the best experience i ever had in WoT

  13. great video? can’t find V2 of your mod pack BTW link is for V1

  14. Everyone matters, even retards. You can use their hp and view range to farm
    damage and don’t take any. No other use.

  15. much needed video

  16. Actually im a Asian player in Asia servs,i only got 48%,i would admit im
    some kind of noob, sometimes in battle i dont really where should i go with
    my different tanks.But no one would or can tall me, i just can only learn a
    bit from quick deaths and most tanks motion :(

  17. Frederick Burkert

    Would be fairer to only know yr own team’s stats.. Team work is under rated
    but everyone knows where the f7 key is after they watch u die and it’s
    their turn to die

  18. “a sub fifty percent-er”
    Well 49% is definitely less than 50, but you might as well call it a 50%
    match =P

  19. Jokainen ihminen on jonkin arvoinen. Jokainen ihminen on tärkeä!

  20. I had a T10 game with a player that had 700wn8 and 7k battles and he was
    playing a T32. It was a 18% to win, so I said, “this may be a quick game
    lol”. Then one of our teammates said, fight harder. I replied “I can try,
    but I cant speak for the others.” Immediately after I said that, I got shot
    in the back from the T32 player with 700wn8. Then he replied, “Sorry I must
    be one of ‘others’ “. I told him that I could see that from the way he shot
    me. He then shot me another two times, ammo racking me, so i had to use a
    rep kit 40 sec into battle. He continued to go behind me and block me from
    backing up. I was playing myt57 heavy I had around 1400HP, after I put all
    four of my shells into an isu, I couldnt back up because he was behind me,
    arty then hit me for 1200, leaving me with about 250hp. The noob then said
    lol. And then said, look, im just one of the others. I dont know what I
    said to set him off, but usually this happens all the time from red –
    yellow players. I dont get shot from green – purple players unless I shoot
    them first. Its definitely more rare from better players because they want
    to win and continue their good stats and know that they can’t do it if they
    get into a hissy fit and shoot their team 1 out of 4 games.

    What I am saying quicky, and others, is that yes, there are red players
    that can try and help, however, the stats are there for a reason. It
    doesn’t mean that you’re useless, it just means, to me, that you’re not
    reliable. It just means when things get hot and I see a lot of enemy tanks
    heading my way, I’m not going to sit there unless I see my team engaging
    and picking good spots. If I see that all my team is going to one spot, or
    dying really fast, I’m going to leave my position and try setting up
    somewhere else for the enemies. Not all players matter obviously, but we
    shouldn’t go around and shoot people in the back for no reason and start
    talking shit in the chat. Maybe then the game would be a bit easier for

  21. Long ago I had a battle, where 2 rather not experienced players (deffinetly
    I wasn’t experienced – and still not being) left on 9 enemy tanks, and…
    we won! I was driving my VK30.02(M) That was my most memorable battle

  22. Without doubt, the best battles are the ones where PUGs come together to
    defy the odds through communication and teamwork. Same thing in WoW.

  23. Pokemon Go Player

    Qucky baby pks acept my invite for friend in WoT. I want to play with you.
    I like your videos and im suscriber for 1 year. You are the best!!!! anserw
    it. sry i dont write very good :)

  24. Look at WN8 like this, if the numbers are lower, chance that they won’t
    listen, do expected stuff or contribute where it matters rises. All of them
    have their day when RNG looks on them. I’m green/blue, it depends where you
    look (around 1620 WN8 from 10k games, didn’t pad) and man how do you get
    200 WN8 from 20k games, i dont understand. Even if you hit twice per game
    you’d be at least on 600-700 WN8 on average.

  25. i would say 25% chance on SEA to have this kind of players, the rest 75%
    just say base camper, suicide yolo and afk..
    been trying to help by leading them or spotting but only few when they
    follow or giving a support, most of the time they just camping way on the
    back and the worse of it, they leave to the place where more tanks on the
    team go…

  26. make a video on the VK 45.02 B and show us its weak spots please. i find
    this tank op

  27. QB, what equipment do you run on your Type59?

  28. well But Most of the Times this weak Players doesnt want to communicate
    with you and thats the Problem

  29. teamplaying beginnera are alot better than egoistic xperiwnced players 🙂 u
    see ut all the time

  30. Deividas Bertašius

    Red, orange & yellow players… let’s be cruel but honest – they are meat
    material. In other words, MEATSHIELDS. Yes, you useless yellow fuck, if
    you’re reading this comment, just know that you was used, are being used,
    and will be used as a goddamn MEATSHIELD in random battles by people who
    have properly functioning brains. SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH.

  31. Why waste your breath. Game is full of retards that are either judging you
    on your stats or your allies do nothing, why I stopped playing. The stat
    warriors are just losers who do nothing with their life, Desktop Force
    Soldiers who think anyone gives a shit about them and should worship their
    high numbers. The retards who do nothing just go to the same damn choke
    points 2/3 of the team (if not the corner brawl solo with 3 ally tanks near
    them instead of letting the enemy come around the corner or just charging
    en mass if its like 2 enemy tanks). To many people take the game seriously
    and think the term “ESport” means you are special, when in reality you are
    just sitting on your ass clicking a mouse and stupidly think ESport is real
    competition while some company feeds the masses with cheap advertisiting
    for “hosting the even” (hint: competition usually has some sort of
    challenge that isn’t ruled by RNG, stats don’t exactly dictate or reveal
    how you already won, and can result in severe injury or punishments).

  32. best players dont need mods!!!

  33. of the start of the video IS-3 said kas lt? that means who’s from lithuania
    ? :DD our country getting popular 😀 (joking 🙁 )

  34. Actually QB, the video is called Everyone Matters Kappa

  35. quicky baby is a bad player that uses xvm. anyone actually intelligent on
    na hates him like he deserves

  36. WoT is like…70% luck (MM, team, RNG) – 30% skill

  37. I player my first 5k games on a shitty laptop with 6fps. I didn’t even know
    or care about stats, but when I got a pc I started playing properly and my
    stats improved by at least 30% in the first 500 games (still shitty stats
    but it’s getting better) but I still got bullies for having shitty stats. I
    think that xvm maybe needs a relative stat improvement indicator or
    something to broaden the perspective of the skill of a player.

  38. SnikeCSD - the Game

    Qb how you made your voices defend the Chinese crew that i do not appear !

  39. ‫עידן הרוש‬‎

    this tank called t54 not type59!!!!!

  40. QuickyBaby, can you explain why there are Swedish tanks as options in world
    of tanks?

  41. Good video. Hate statpaddlers who refuse to play when the winrate is too
    low and let “bad statistic” players do the dirty work.
    It’s one of things that are broken in this game. E.g. self interest vs.
    team play. Not balanced.

  42. Try doing that on the SEA server where I play on, 50-90% don’t read english

  43. “Animal Planet: how to play?”.

  44. more like this -_-

  45. Sadly I can’t play the World of Tanks PC version, I play the blitz version.
    But I still had a great experience when I played my T2Light tank for some
    fast fun, but instead got an even better game when someone asked where to
    go. I told them to group up and rush one end of the map as fast as possible
    and focus the fire to the first person they see.
    Turns out it went far better than expected. They did just that. We all
    rushed one end of the map and it was hellish slaughter for the enemy. We
    all cooperated at a team supporting one another.
    Now that’s something you almost never see, even in higher teir battles,
    everyone just thinks of themselves. They all had around 25-1000 battles.

  46. So I quited league because of toxic community. When I started to play World
    of Tanks I had a lot of fun. I mean, community WAS awesome.. So what
    happened. I admit, Im not a good player, according to xvm I am a very bad
    player with 49% win ratio over 3k games . I get flamed alot by 55% players.
    Sure there are games when I acted like a noob and there are games where Im
    godlike. I even disabled battle chat for some period of time cause of the
    amount of flame I get. It’s very annoying to see… Live battle stats, or
    xvm shouldn’t be here in my opinion. It’s basicly saying : “Oh hey, let’s
    flame this red or orange guy, he is bad” before even the game starts and if
    you outlive your flamers, they will still say you are bad cause you didn’t
    go to position where they wanted you to go. I mean, come on, instead of
    flaming and insulting someone, be helpfull.

  47. So after 5~years of playing quickybaby found the 1 single battle where the
    peasants were not useless plebs lulz.

  48. Hi qb, i noticed that every now and then an ally is about to reload and
    finish an enemy of and that you drive in front of your ally and ninja the
    kill. Do you do this to pad stats, farm xp etc, is it accidental or do you
    sometimes don’t fully trust your ally and you want to be certain the enemy
    is finished of? It is a competitive game after all so if you do it for
    personal gain i’d totally understand;)

  49. Thankyou, Quickybaby, for making this video. Can you do more like this,
    please? I mean, if you happen to run into any other kind of good
    co-operation in your random matches? To be entirely honest, I’d much rather
    watch these kind of videos than someone getting +10,000 damage in an
    (overpowered) medium tank against donkey enemies. Anyway, the content is
    largely appreciated, keep being awesome!

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