World of Tanks || Everyone Starts as a Noob

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. Everyone starts as a noob right? Here’s how bad I was in 2011!

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  1. my first tank linkes were the E50m line and the JgE100…i recall figting up close with the Panzejaeger I (had no notion of spotting mechanics) sniping in the Pz 1 c, brawling with FCM50 (first prem tank) brawling with panther (back then lower plate shots set you on fire) but most painfull was E50 with 75mm gun…i remember having only 1 good game in it, where i camped at the back

  2. I did not understandem how was it going to get to the next tank by researching, I was so confused

  3. 8:26 “come one baby, put it in put it in!” – QB2017

  4. for some reason watching this video really pissed me off, watching a seal clubbing then not even bothering to skin them and getting excited about how well you did well like I said it really pissed me off

  5. I always wished they would lower the cost of prem rounds for those crappy tiers relevant to their alpha. higher tiers get so much more value from their Heat and Apcr per credit

  6. Its somewhat incovinient watching him playing tier 3 tank and spamming gold and equipment.TIER 3!!

  7. i didn’t know how to use the arty mode! :))))
    and for the first 2 games used it like a really bad TD! 😀

  8. Every player starts as a noob, every player will struggle with the mysteries of the V-key and the M-key..

  9. I believe that ammorack kill effect only happens to low tier autocannon tanks

  10. I rofl because of that face when the enemy’s Pz got ammorack *LOL*

  11. You could literally just have took 2 hits from a tier 5 man ?

  12. Firing HE first at any tank…

  13. I didnt know about double R so I hold W button and opened chat… it worked until you needed to turn then aaaaasasdd happened

  14. the last hit was a 47 and you’ve only played 47 games, coincidence? i think not!

  15. Biggest mistake that I made then and even now is believing that your team are competent and that they’ll have your back 😛

  16. That’s how u seal club!! Kickass of the OP t5 premiums with pref. MM in t3

    Well played, how is the feeling u have doubled ur results in 1 game to what you have done during the previous “career” on this tank combined? 😀

  17. Think my biggest mistake when new to the game was skipping past tanks and rushing the line but thankfully i caught on to that and now play a lot more better and patiently

  18. I thought I would try to learn the game before I progressed up the tiers … I played around 1000 battles at tiers 1 and 2 before I realised I was wasting my time. Doh!

  19. Jesus Christ.
    Everyone seems to be better than me. lol.
    7k games in game, and I’m still on the same skill level as new players.

    I mean. it’s kind of bad that 7k games, 8 Top Guns.
    And my best match was 4k damage in my T-32.

  20. Useing HE shells all the time thinking well it always does damage even though it mite only be 11 damage done lol

  21. Huge fan for this thing that you try to teach players to be more tolerant! Neither of the rest WoT reviewers do it although the most used quotes in WoT chats are “noob”, “idiot”, “polish scum”, etc.

  22. i just pretty much quit entirely on my pc account, i wasted money on something i thought i liked. But my xbox account will get my attention any day. Have my first tier 10 on there.

  23. This is a very exciting match to watch live and commented. I really like the Pz III E, but I am of course aware of its shortcomings. And this is how low-tier-gameplay can be challenging even for QB (and thus interesting to watch for us), when he is bottom-tier and totally outclassed vehicle-wise, but can still be a major factor in the game – or like in this match, the deciding factor. 🙂

  24. My mistake was not respecting the complexity of the game when I first started. I think this is where many players who are introduced to the game by an existing player, have an advantage on what not to do. I didn’t know anyone that played they game, had no idea how “big” it is and I spent my first few thousand games just running around shooting stuff and trying to go up too many different lines at the same time, not really taking time to understand what tanks I played well in until much later. The net result of that is, while I’m now a reasonably good player (despite, as Jingles would say, “being old and crap”), my over all stats are still brought down by those early games, but are sloooooowly getting better.

  25. Everyone starts off as a noob, not everyone starts off as “bad” however which is a massive difference 🙂

  26. L33t length QB, nicely done ^^

  27. I didnt understand what was AP/APCR and HE so i used to just randomly mix them around and shoot APCR at enemies that AP can pen.

  28. Everyone starts as a noob…but many people just stay on this level, being an ignorant player, thinking about themselves and for example sniping from tha base when using a heavy tank. GG.

  29. My first true t10 tank grind was for the e3… In saying so, when I got to the t40, i was so confused about it, it felt like i couldnt do anything with my new found tank… didnt have a turret, the gun arc seemed narrow (due to not being used to turretless)… but it had decent forward speed… and my tank was slightly heavy… So what did I believe in?


  30. Low tiers are the most fun! Dirt cheap, fun, easy kills and the tanks in lower tiers have more character!

  31. It would be easier to answer If you had asked “what was the right thing you’ve done when you were a newbie?” 😀

  32. That “merry-round-a-rosie” with KV-1s was one of the most elegant actions I’ve seen. Well played indeed.

  33. While I did like this video, especially as it was something different than normal the can you believe it at the end is a bit much give the content of your normal replays QB … like you don’t tend to show really successful runs that ultimately fail, I can’t think of any I’ve seen actually XD.

  34. my biggest mistake was that i thought german tanks have good accuracy

  35. my 4 year anniversary on was a few days ago 🙂

  36. still think gold is way to overpowerd hit ur 2 button boom 50 pen extra gg

  37. come on baby! put it in, put it in – that’s what she said i guess

  38. Playing arty just like td n mt

  39. “Back in the days, there was no gold ammo for credits”, so this battle was pointless to showcase.

  40. I call those ammo rack detonations “firecrackers”. They’re not rare, it’s just what happens to tanks with the burst fire autoloaders when they get ammo racked.

  41. Anirban Chakrabarti

    maybe one day, I would upload a video like this, and compare myself in the past, with the present, battle scarred, veteran, and experienced me……(well, I hope so)

  42. I am a noob, you seal clubber.

  43. My mistake was not starting to play early enough to have a go with the original KV-1 🙂

  44. i had friends to explain me basic stuff, but i was sniping with heavy tank( kv-1 troll gun) ?

  45. Sta Padding? lol…. Joke

  46. qb, forgive me i think i fell in love with you, please tell peppy im sorry xD you’re the best man, you play so well!!!! thanks for keeping my spirits up in wot, when all hope is lost, i’d search for your content to bring me up! :* stay cool qb!

  47. Wotb is wot in 1855

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