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– Everything for the Team. Today I’m going to try and do everything I can possibly think of to win the with my team in the .

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World of a Free 2 Play game which available as a free download. It one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. How do you always seem to have these games with almost 100% tomatoes on
    both sides?? I never see that :P

  2. Facepalm When i rushed an su 100 with a tier 4 medium and low rolled…what
    was i thinking back then….

  3. Great game, QB.

  4. verry nice gameplay

  5. Πετρος Παπασωτηριου

    Qb do you know when the patch 9.14 is going to be uploaded at the european

  6. Review SU-76i or SU-85i

  7. Please make review of SU-76i or SU-84

  8. i did have games with the situations like this… and usually it’s in my
    ELC tank…

  9. Deivids Kāpiņš

    he doesnt play it he just wathv a vidoe

  10. Early spotting in the lower tiers is a two-edged blade. It can go either
    very well and you totally carry without firing a shot, or it goes totally
    wrong because everybody stops in their tracks wherever they are to shoot at
    all those juicy targets while neglecting their own cover and get shot apart
    quickly themselves just like it happened in your replay. Thats also the
    reason why I totally stopped advertising my spotting plans to the team at
    start after I had one too many games where it did more harm than good.

  11. Who else always sees a bum on the malinovka minimap -_-

  12. Good to see educational vids for mid-tier players.

  13. Well played! You can really see the bad aiming time on this medium as well
    as the horrible shell dispersion if not fully aimed. The Comet is much
    better in that respect or the T37 (in SH environments).

  14. is there a mod where u can see scout damage?

  15. What perk was that? The one where you can see the enemy’s damaged modules?

  16. How long have you had that video intro for man?

  17. QB, I have missed you

  18. Don’t understand for who you are spoting after 2:30. This type of fast
    spoting in red team means total disrupt of whole team.

  19. where can i get the freecam mod can anyone help me

  20. QB can you do some video about Obj. 263? Is it worth to grind?

  21. I enjoyed this replay a lot, thats why i subed some time ago to be honest,
    players can learn how to be effective from the start, how to play a mobile
    sneaky tank. with a decent team this should had been an easy win.
    Ofc some guys will say “this wasnt impresive” , they want to see probably a
    big number at the dmg log or many easy kills, these players are the same
    who enjoyed the Jpantherll replay and they also move like 200m the entire
    game to the nearest bush and hope for the enemy to come 1 by 1.

  22. Im A Box Growtopia

    Why u show the names???So everyone can see and laugh??

  23. hello, Can some one tell me when 9.14 will be released on europian server.
    Good luck on the battlefeeld all. GG:)

  24. Tomáš Valachovič

    What does QB press, when he was looking, how many hitpoints does the
    remaining tanks have?

  25. lol QB never change this TV behind his name in his video. look at his
    webcam above the youtube

  26. Please let us know how you get such matches. Is that the reward for
    climbing up wargaming’s ass? Sealclubber…

  27. Anyone would rush QB in that T40 and trade HP?

  28. So instead of a Unicorn in a Ferdi sacrificing his whole team to get damage
    we get a Unicorn with 5 skills in a premium crommwell shooting tomato’s….
    looks like my respect just dwindeled.

  29. Can you show a heavily armored TD, such as a Ferdinand, immediately moving
    to the frontlines to help his team and immediately getting smashed by MT’s
    and HT’s? Because, you know a Ferdinand belongs on the frontlines. Or he is
    selfish. Or something.

  30. Nice replay, I actually finally managed my light tank mission 15 (7000K
    spotting damage) in that bush… took me forever to complete. But it also
    involved being aggressive after a while, not just camping the bush. That
    was in a RU. This makes me wonder if I should explore the british medium
    line aswell.

  31. nice and good tank!

  32. Yes to more videos where you play yourself, QB – mucho likes, grande

  33. Not that impressive…

  34. Dear God, such team of muppets. You spot cap for them and you still lose
    more vehicles.

  35. so much exp!

  36. Shame on you Quicky for claming copyright on your rage video….dude that
    was so much fun to watch I cant believe you had it taken down. It made you
    seem like a normal dude and a passionate player. Shame on you for trying to
    hide that vid. It happened, own it.

  37. nice battl quicky 🙂 RESPEKT.

  38. Do you play blitz? And if you do will you do a recording on it?

  39. To quickybaby^^
    Can you please do more video for Fv4202^^
    Thank you^^

  40. A 5 skill crew???? how does your marriage hold out spending your life on
    this game??? Careful bro, your wife may eventually get bored and move on
    because obviously you spend more time playing this than time with her..just

  41. “A Bush to Far” sounds like a movie title with a new twist.

  42. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    You can see QB doesn’t play the standard Cromwell anymore. This is because
    the Cromwell Berlin is not only objectively better than its standard
    counterpart, it can use and train his Comet crew.

  43. 1 more time qb save the bots…

  44. normally i like alot of QB videos but not this. The cromwell B is over
    powered but not only that you’re versing new/unskilled players. how is this
    even enjoyable to watch? running 5 crew skill and coffee.. dont you think
    thats abit over the top? not only do you have the skill but it puts a big
    gap between players that have 50% crew and your over experienced crew. not
    your fault you have a good crew but its boring game play. they cant see you
    so you just bully low tier players.

    play higher tier rather then pick on new players. sad video i stopped
    watching after sitting in a bush for 5 minutes. not enjoyable QB “I thumbed
    this down”
    just stating my opinion peeps!

  45. QB with his bought degree and mail order bride.

  46. It is “Berlin” not “Buhlin”

  47. “A Bush Too Far.” Really? That has to be a title for some kind of guide to
    this game.

  48. QB vs the red team

  49. I really like my Cromwell B. Feels much peppier than a standard crom, but
    it does seem to have a tendency to derp shots quite a bit :P

  50. How come all your replays are full of tomatoe players?

  51. Quicky, please consider putting up my replay in my M10 Wolverine on
    Airfield. I got Ace Tanker, and 7 kills.

  52. Kind of off topic, but what load out would you recommend for a Type 59??

  53. This wasn’t a very impressive game… Surprised it was put on your channel.
    I have had two games in my Cromwell b just this week that were much better.
    I guess they could’ve got on your channel

  54. somebody call animal control…. This guy is kicking puppies

  55. I have a question for y’all, I have a skill almost fully trained on my t30
    if I switched it to another perk or skill will I keep the percentage on the
    new perk or skill? I’m on Xbox one btw

  56. ” a bush too far” you made funny

  57. for once I’d like to see a video where a unicorn does pretty much all one
    could do and it still goes horribly wrong 😀

    btw i’m green/blue (living on the edge:DD)

  58. Good lord I hate when people get on the left side of the map, without good
    arty it’s near impossible to get them out.

  59. Watching on a 13″ Macbook without making it fullscreen looks like you have
    nothing under your hoody but a glorious chest mane

  60. hi (sorry for my bad english)

  61. American Cromwell?

  62. congrats on playing OP tank, in low tier game with epic crew….. brilliant
    peadostomping that QB….!

  63. trying to create suspense while you’re seal clubbing is just sad

  64. I also used these op bushes quite often and i always had extrem high
    amounts of spotting dmg but in most cases i had to realize that ~2/3 of my
    team starts to hardcore camp when they see my spots they give up all

  65. Great info. Keep them coming.

  66. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Cromwell B would be awesome tank to have. I finally completed my female
    crew for regular Cromwell so it would boost them nicely 🙂 However I enjoy
    T-10 much more now so I don’t really play it.

  67. I got 1800+ base xp with 3k damage and 1k assistance damage in the AT-8.
    Anyone care to explain why that’s worth 2735 xp with premium?

  68. Meatballs for life

    I never even knew that spot existed the start of the video, gonna have to
    use it in my ELC

  69. Great news. Good guy is coming back 🙂
    But i’m sorry… i don’t have any replay right now :/

  70. I think you were very lucky to pull this one off ! That said, excellent

  71. Meh while it’s a nice result itself, I’m not impressed at all… it was
    just a kicking puppies game with a 5 skilled crew + coated optics + premium
    consumables + premium tank in a T6 and below matchup against full red
    enemies who had – like someone said – a 80% crew at max, had little to no
    experience in the game and generally had no chance to win either. Watching
    this video wasn’t entertaining and instead left a bad taste in my mouth…

  72. As the higher tiered tank in a match, your gun is more valuable than your
    spotting. There’s enough videos of that little bush as a great spotting

  73. I adore my Cromwell B, having trouble getting the second mark though.

  74. Matchmaking lottery challenge for you, QB:
    In a Random Battle, have your team do absolutely zero damage. Carry hard,
    defeating every enemy tank and get all the damage in the game for your team.
    Impossible? More like Improbable. But still possible.

  75. no shit that he is an unicorn… look at all those red players….always in
    every vid btw

  76. tier 6 game where people mostly drive 80% crew with no rammers and stuff vs
    a tier 6 op medium with 5 skill crew and premium consumables… SOOOO MUCH

  77. In pretty much every round 70% of the Players have a Win Ratio below 50%,
    so where are all those 50%+ win Players? there can’t be way more loses than
    wins, because if everybody loses, why do they lose when there aren’t
    Players winning? :)

  78. Has anyone ever noticed that in most of QB’s videos, the entire enemy team
    is usually red or orange. He is still an amazing player, but I feel like if
    I was against terrible teams like those on the EU server, I could get these
    amazing games much more frequently.

  79. Great player, great tank and the opposition is full of tomatoes. Are we
    surprised QB has such good games to show us? :)

  80. I love the Cromwell replays

  81. Stealthybaby quickstealth

  82. Στελιος Τσουμας

    how Quickybaby pu the camera mode???

  83. Funny how he says Grilla xD Also not trying to shame you QB XD

  84. good game showing good teamplay. hope this encourages other players to do
    likewise :-)

  85. Quickybaby farming total noobs in an OP premium tank, is that it in a

  86. With a crew like that… yeeee

  87. What a difference over that Ferdie game you posted earlier.


  89. he quickybaby

    I did the same with the T-34-85 on other map. I spotted so mutch and deal
    so many damage. I upload it on your replays (woltkiller15 I carrierd on
    tier 8). 1700 basic exp I thought. Thanks already.

  90. Cromwell B iz gud

  91. You really like to bully beginners, don’t you?

  92. helping team? i think we can call it “how to support retards so they are
    less retarded than enemy”, in WoT i like how you can 1vs 15

  93. 3 marks, wow. I can only get 2 and 1 on Crommie and Bromwell respective :(

  94. 7610th

  95. Great game. No complaints here. ;)

  96. Look at my account (rickykill) and my highest damage in my cromwell B is
    3700 :D


  98. Hhow good t49 have a camo?

  99. ∧__∧
    ( •_• )
    (っ▄︻▇〓▄︻┻┳═ – – –
    / ) / 

  100. 1:43 minute as the camera put that in?
    (En el minuto 1:43 ¿como pones esa cámara?)

  101. Yessssssssssssss a new video!!

  102. How much average damage do you need for 3 marks of excellence??

  103. Seal clubbing.

  104. Just a little question: When the SU-100 killed the Grille at 1:30 it was a
    blind shot. Do you get spotting damage for that one cause he spotted the
    Grille before?

  105. Nearly every game of QB is like this (which he loads up) …. too much

  106. I sat in that bush and got 10k Spotting, easy.

  107. im not good in math but im pretty suee 1600 xp x3 wobt reach 8200 xp

  108. I didn’t enjoy it :(

  109. QuickyBaby does NOT like getting out traded, bitches.

  110. Brendan Underhill

    i have 9 skills on my panther/m10 premium tank

  111. Random dude of Internetshire

    it still wont get rid of that P2W sticker on that tank

  112. Check my Cromwell B speed game on your replay side Quickybaby 🙂 This tank
    is s fun :P

  113. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    Play with M41 walker bulldog

  114. Ślązak Grzesiek

    Which server make battles with minimum 10 tomatoes per team? ;P

  115. HEY YOU! Yeah you! I can see you. Scrolling trough the comments…

  116. play with T-34-1

  117. well… i play the ru 251 alot and that position still works most of the

  118. are the MOEs for the crom b in the same category as the regular Cromwell?

  119. Unless you really really like the aesthetic of the Cromwell B, it’s a waste
    of money. It is almost exactly like the regular Cromwell. In fact, by
    comparing them both using the Tankopedia compare tool, the only difference
    is the power/weight ratio, which is slightly better on the regular
    Cromwell. Viewing this, the Cromwell B is not worth it, imo at least.

  120. Puppies kicking game, once again…

  121. What’s a team?

  122. QB, I must say I’m really fed up with you showing off meds, especially in
    such a low tier where it’s all sealclubbing. And along that with something
    like 100% crew and three perks. Doing good vs people with 3 or 5 k game and
    48%? Woo pee doo!

    What I wish would be for you to show difficult to play non-mediums. Like
    Tiger or Tiger 2 or Borsig or Maus OR ALL THOSE THINGS NOOBS LIKE but only
    get to see games upon games of unicums pwning people in 121-s, T-62s and

    Give us a replay of campy, fragile tank with no depression. Or how to play
    without gold. These meds got really stale m8.

  123. 3 days ago i put a reply up of my Cromwell B and i got 13 kills and a 1v5
    did you see it?

  124. A week before I posted a jack of all trades-Replay of my Cromwell in a t8
    battle and I was hoping you pick it up and show the strengths of this
    beautiful tank. But nevertheless, thanks for a good performance video about
    this great tank.

  125. Beniamino Coletto

    QB you should show more of your own replays!
    I always look forward for these! 😉
    thanks for showing us this one

  126. Teamwork in wot randommatches – nice joke

  127. on the spotting bush Also in the low tier games, you have got to think that
    most of the red (and maybe orange?) players don’t have 100% crews on their
    tier 4-6 tanks. so the view range is even lower

  128. Алексей Ежов

    у вас в европе еще больше раков?

  129. Stafie Remus-Theodor

    How does he switch the crew from comet to crom B without retraining ? And i
    saw him doing this live with other tanks too…

  130. nice video 😀 revieuw the pz iv h plz 🙂 it’s a awesome tank :D

  131. I know it’s petty, but it irks me so much that he keeps calling this the
    Cromwell Berlin! It’s Cromwell B! The Cromwell got nowhere near Berlin in
    WW2! Stop it already!

  132. TwAknOniJn _Gaming95

    Does anyone know how to put a crew in another tank ??

  133. It was noobs vs. noobs, you didn’t do anything for your team xD You just
    played like a unicorn in one of your best tanks, easy win for you!

  134. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    qb you’re not showing agressive playing anymore…

  135. One of my favorite tanks… I was lucky enough to buy it with a fully
    trained crew *and* BIA already at 100% Great showcase, thanks!

  136. That Grille in your team….*Allah Ackbar*

  137. Any news on the new intro?

  138. So QB know most of the viewers saw that Ferdinand doing 8k damage without
    supporting his team. And now Everything for the Team? Hmmmm Well… No!

  139. Joseph Stalin Jughashvili

    OK QB no spoilers on the title……You win 1hour off the Gulag

  140. I am the 824 viwer

  141. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    I have regular stats and im a good player, thats cuz i say stats doesnt
    matter, NEVER subestimate ur enemy

  142. Double A Batteries

    I like how you said the SAS motto in the video. (Also applicable to the
    SASR and NZSAS)

  143. so cool

  144. 604th view

  145. Parkour/Challenges

    100 likes, no dislikes. Good job QB 🙂 we all love you

  146. like farmer in a tomatoe’s field ???

  147. the blinding amount of red on those teams

  148. I always skip to the end of a video when I watch it before it’s been up for
    the length of the video so I can say I’m the first to see that part of it.

  149. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    Yaeh under 300 club !

  150. IAmFirst

  151. Quicky do a vid on the borsig

  152. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  153. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    167th view and coment xD

  154. Hey qb, notice me man? Love your vids!

  155. Wow early!

    No one cares.

  156. 3rd :D

  157. ciaoo!!

  158. third like

  159. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    3rd viewer :D

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