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So exactly what does it take to get your third in a these days? Strap yourself in and prepare to find out.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. this is why arty players should lose there accounts after rage quitting so many times in a day or week or whatever.
    Still I used to play WoT and I did like the t67 but it is very hard to get good results consistantly. very good job.

  2. The only question I ever had when playing the T-67 (well, T-49 in my day) was “Do I have enough ammo to carry this team?”

  3. Im usually not one to write a comment or downvote a video, but showing seal clubbing like this is just disgusting.
    Sorry jingles, i really like your vids, but this is just disgusting.
    Vids like that will only increase the too huge amount of Gold in WoT

  4. 1:25 actually jingles the 14tp can’t get a mark of excellence since it is a tier 4 tank and only tier 5 tanks and up can get mark of excellence

    Jingles? Why are you pointing that gun at me?

    I’m sorry lord jingles, I’ll do triple shift in the salt mines the next month

  5. Bush Master Flash

    What the marks of excellence stand for in the overpowered T67 at tier V.
    1 mark = New seal clubber. Just learned they are good enough to increase their battle tier and move on up the tech tree.
    2 marks = Advanced seal clubber. Too much of a dick to move on after getting 1 mark.
    3 marks = A rapist, buggerer, and clubber of baby seals the like of which should really be in jail for bestiality.

  6. What a luck this game is not pay2win

  7. Did jingles forget you can’t earn moe on tier 4s. And then jingles forgets they took away team damage. God damn it jingles your so crap

  8. I wanted to know how much that ammo resupply cost…

  9. Wow! You are still an active youtuber! Just came here from your 7 year old video of the waffentrager E-100!

  10. I hate the T67, when I started playing WoT and started meeting them in Tier 5 games I very nearly gave up. They are so overpowered in the hands of a good player with all the crew skills, camo and equipment available to him. Whilst, I and I think most of the other seals, have stock tanks with 75% crews.

    He’s just invisable to most of the other players, who are probably just learning what to do. This game just shows what new players are up against, they are trying to learn the game and players like this destroy their fun.

    You should of called this video, “Stat padder clubs seals”

  11. Matheus Rondel Leite

    Jingles, why are you featuring this kind of behavior? This is not funny but I get the point of the video

  12. This is the video to show people that claim premium ammo and wallet warriors are not pay to win. Just holy hell. T67 in the hands of a free player vs someone that can afford full gold is night and day.

  13. what a useless Artillery, i was raging the whole time for the f’ker to shoot.

  14. Ah yes the new KV-1 artilery

  15. Your camera mic is on jingles…

  16. Jingle saying I’ll catch you next time is the only thing keeping me alive.

  17. That was an absolutely amazing game! 3 marking a tank is super hard (UDES 03), congratulations.

  18. Wooow, just: wooooow!

  19. “Surprised the artillery didn’t manage to do any damage to him…” If I didn’t know any better I’d say Jingles is trolling us right now…

  20. Still disgusting seal clubbing. Jingles i thought you were better than promoting seal clubbing.

  21. As exciting as it was to see how he snatched the win. Imma have to leave a dislike here. I feel this kind of gameplay deserves no attention. Desperately needed new players quit the game because of people like this. As others pointed out, you can three mark anything as long as you have enough skills, regardless of prem or not.

    • Agreed. There is no achievement in three-marking an overpowered low tier seal clubbing tank with a way too good crew, as many premium consumables as possible and a 100% gold ammo loadout. He should realize people like him are actively destroying the game and Jingles should realize that, too.

  22. Cummon Jingles FFS, don’t give this idiot credit! The luckiest bastard i’ve seen in this game, played WITH a shite team, AGAINST a shite team. The “artie” shot btw Jingles appeared to come from his own team’s KV1 derp gun. Everyone presented himself in front of his gun, and enemy T67 wasn’t even fully tecked. WoT standards and games have got worse, and showing this lame match scraped the bottom of the barrel!

  23. ToughAncientSpark

    I see too many players that just give up when they perceive defeat. This is why there are so many chickenshits in the game.
    If I’m going down, I’m going to make them pay for it or try and take someone with me.

  24. Lol kv1 shot t67 thats why he took no damage

  25. Did I see right. The T67 on the enemy side got 1100hp? IN A 57MM gun???? if thats true he has done really well

  26. Crusader, ARLv39, Vk2801, Panther 88, and now new tier 5s are ez to 3 moe 👌

  27. You know what Jingles? Just for showing us another guy with full on premium loadout, I’m gonna put your old arse into my british CV from now on. 😛
    And yes, third mark has always been kinda difficult to earn, but I have more respect for all the hard-working skilled players who did it without throwing premium ammunition, etc. at others. Especially at T5 against poor little T4 tanks! This video ist just another sealclubbing orgy and I honestly down’t knwo why you would even air this.

  28. Scatterbrain Brain

    Not enough ammo is just a shame

  29. Actually jingles, circon does it everyday, dam it i should get back to the saltmines.

  30. Jingles, i doubt you’ll see this, but cold waters is getting a cool new update, and you might want to check it out…… yes, I know.llnits that damn drawing simulator again but…. just an idea…

  31. Did jingles delete some of his Cold Waters videos? there is the 10 in the playlist, but I seem to remember others. Did he never finish his campaign?

  32. That was an excellent ending.

  33. “The T67, a borderline OP tank.” Oh Jingles, you so funny. If T67 is borderline what counts as OP?

  34. Initially I had some long-winded comment but I think I’ll just say that I’m not surprised he did well. He’s a good player, in a geared up tier V tank.

  35. 1:04 3rd mark might not be easy, I managed to get my first 3rd in the Tiger.
    Sure might be much easier than this sealclub tank. But did *NOT* need gold, premium equipment or food to get that job done!

  36. “aCtUally JiNgLes” the 14tp and the t28 can’t get any mark of excellence because they are only tier 4, your video sucked once again 😘. While I’m watching this video I also noticed that it wasn’t the enemy SPG that shot a crater next to our friend in the t67 at 3:28 but the friendly kv1, another critical error Jingles…. haha 🙂 love your videos m8

  37. More like Mark of Monetary Excellence with that gold

  38. Does it matter how you hit the enemy tank? Does it change the amount of damage that you inflict on the enemy tank and your own tank I never tested it all these years as I rarely have the opportunity for rams. Anyone knows for certain?

  39. ahhh.. wallet warrior

  40. Don’t care if he was going for 3rd mark. Gold noobs are not watched.

  41. But … yeah he has an op tank using all the money he can find to shoot people with killing players that maybe are not that good in the game … in this round sure on the leaderboard he is maybe in danger to lose to someone but not in the round you showed us …so meh not really interesting idea to see to be honest

  42. Alternative option to the Birch gun not shooting mystery: bad radio range, he probably didn’t even see people past half map marker.

  43. The T67 is not in the US tech tree Jingles it is a “spechal” tank

  44. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    There’s just something soothing about a jingles video. Makes a work day a whole lot better.

  45. Goes for marks of excellence, pays his way there. Should replace the white rings on the barrel with dollar signs.

    Yeah, cool. Totally not the kind of bullshit that drives people away from the game. Nope, not at all.

  46. 1. It doesn’t take full premium spam to three MOE the T67 – Signed, Guy Who Three Marked The T67.

    2. The amount of butthurt in the comments over this screams jealousy. That no matter how hard these other angry righteous kids try, they will never have a result like this one.

    Great work Jingles!

  47. That was amazing and comedic. X-D

  48. I tend to get mad at all the gold spam in higher tiers but, especially recently, I’ve noticed it’s almost all I see in low tiers here in the NA (as in easily 85-95% of ammo fired at me at least). I’m not entirely sure why for the lower tiers aside from just making it a near guaranteed pen, but I remember rarely if EVER running the gold in low tiers, and NEVER full loadouts of it when I was really grinding the low tiers; I just never really needed it what with all the weak spots and oblivious players at those tiers.

    I don’t claim to be a good player in any sense of the phrase and I find the game to be MISERABLY grindy here in NA when running anything but the most OP vehicles there are at the time and/or copious amounts of gold to help make up for the fact that fully aimed shots will miss point of aim at 200 meters, something I figured would be reduced at higher tiers when I first started playing. My experience thus far can be reduced to this in this case: To play and be even remotely competitive, you are at the very least HIGHLY encouraged to run a premium account and run gold ammo, play your absolute best and MAYBE you have enough brain cells distributed among your team to pull out a win. That’s just my experience here in WOT NA though (for reference I normally play Tier 8-10, sometimes 6 or 7, in a platoon of two usually)

  49. No actual Seals were harmed in the making of this video…

  50. Not discrediting is 3 mark but he should have sent Thank you notes to the other team for giving it to him. It was kind of a layup.

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