World of Tanks – Explosive

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Source: Jingles

High Explosive, or the British High Explosive Squash Head ammo is the ammo of choice when shooting at thinly- targets. It almost always produces, well… explosive results.

Almost always.

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  1. 15 seconds damn

  2. 😮‍💨

  3. Geoffrey Richardson

    First again, three in a row

  4. Only a top speed of 40kph.
    *Tanks going 55*
    I can confirm, hes using a turbo booster

    • ​@Kellenit did. The Conway still has the old mobility. I’m not sure what he’s saying about the dpm, it’s similar to the UDES 16, Leo PTA, a top loading Standard B, and a Type 61

    • Correct, I am using turbo on the tank

    • @TheShadeGames they buffed the gun handling in the recent patch and they buffed the top speed waaaay back in 2016 I think along with the DPM not long after

    • Centurion used to have 40km/h top speed long time ago. Historically accurate – but it was hilariously not keeping up with Soviet UFO tanks… Or any mediums, really – especially considering its abysmal armour, low DPM, and frontal ammo rack.
      So eventually… WG buffed top speed to 50km/h.
      And they buffed the turret – it used to be hot garbage – with 152mm flat cheek armour, and ~120mm middle part of the mantlet.
      It still has something like ~400 less DPM than average on that tier.

    • @HidesHisFace you can bump up the DPM if you are top tier, since 210 penetration with HESH will be good against tier 7-8 tanks

  5. Sonic Speedster26

    Thank you for the video!

  6. Nothing better than enjoying my vacation and seeing a new Jingles vid notification dropping off right when I brew my morning cup of tea.

  7. 300 nice even numbers

  8. See you later at the funeral guys.

  9. Trevor Renkevens

    Oh Jingles, you’re so crap. The Centurion 7/1 actually has a top speed of 50kph now, not 40kph……..Jingles?

  10. we got a wot replay can we get a war thunder replay? no problem with the wot tho

  11. A game where you are solo on the hill and the enemy team is not rushing you? Is that WOT?

  12. 01.35 No surprises there, he was in a Leopard Prototype. Someone probably looked at it in a mean way and the ammo exploded.

    • subtlewhatssubtle

      I’ve seen Leopards defeated by a combination of harsh language and a rock.

      Granted this was back in the day when cross team chat was a thing and an enemy Leopard was running his mouth while driving and fell off a small cliff…

    • ​@subtlewhatssubtleI saw a Maus flip on it’s side and one of those Leopard things tried to flip it back and exploded just because the Leopard hit the other one too hard! 😂😅

  13. a very nice medium game! well done and congrats.

  14. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    I hope today goes as well for you as today can go.

  15. 4 mins and the entire team is almost dead?😅😅😅😅

  16. Well played sir. Kolobanov’s is a tough medal to get.

  17. Not sure what’s wrong with his mouse, but this choppy graphics give me motion sickness. Can’t watch that.

  18. To be honest wasn’t expecting a video today.

  19. Mom look i’m on TV! Thank you Jingles for featuring this battle of mine! I was shaking a lot when it was me against the 5 enemies which might explain some of the misses and bad shot near the end. I also kinda accepted a defeat when the Strv got spotted behind me, which is why I took so long reacting, but I got the win nontheless. Really proud of this result!
    Thank you once again, //Balego 🙂

  20. For better words, best wishes for you, Rita and Ed’s family this afternoon.

  21. When I hear the word ‘Tank’, the Cent 7/1 is the image that comes to mind.

  22. Zhufor TheImpaler

    its a bit tricky in WOT that APCR is used for both full bore penetrators with hardened core like Pz.Gr.40 (its a sub caliber round but has no discarding sabot, so basicly still a full bore round with hardened penetrator core) and proper APDS rounds like L36A1 APDS-T used with the L7 105mm gun.
    The later one has drasticly higher muzzle velocity, range and penetration in comparison to similar full bore, hardened penetrator core rounds

  23. Love you long time Jingles. The reason you couldn’t tell if he was proximity spotted was because you have your minimap at microscopic size.
    At first I thought that everyone who was featured on your channel was a muppet who played while ignoring the minimap.
    Then I realised that you can control it in the replay.
    Jingles, please expand the minimap so I can stop yelling at the screen!

  24. Thank you for another video sire.

  25. cent is the most balanced tank in the game…and i love it

  26. I don’t play WoT that much anymore…but I’m here for my dose of Jingles laughter!!!!😂

  27. Living in rural Ireland, I never expected to be able to find a sh*t shirt, but has luck would have it the local ‘Deals’ had in the most awful pink with big blue flowers in. So, even though I cannot attend this afternoon. I will be wearing it all day, as a mark of respect. Much to the amazement of my work mates this morning.

  28. Jingles has been giving us good WOT game videos as of late

    Thank you sir

  29. Enemy GW Tiger P did also a good job, btw

  30. The problem here showcases the problem with the game itself now.
    Only two and a half minutes have elapsed and already the score is 2 – 7 with a massive disparity in the hit point balance.
    So many games now suffer this kind of avalanche or steamroller effect where the result is often beyond question.
    It just used to be quite rare but is now very common.

    Random games have always been a bit of a mad arena but NOW its especially silly.
    Progress is fine I guess and unavoidable perhaps but the *fun* element is long gone.

  31. You are the one responsible for me starting to play world of tanks and also starting from these british medium tanks. Its not as bad as it sounds. Im a better player now and these tanks have gotten some nice buffs over the years.

  32. I love that he says broadside as if it is a World of Warships video

  33. He ammo cares alot about armor slope currently. Thanks to the he rework.

  34. Quit the game after the lame update early may more arcade game and ptw

  35. I have two kolobanovs medals but can never get eight kills. Funny how dumb luck works.

  36. 12:25 You would think that it’s heavily armoured.
    But nope, the G.W Tiger (P), G.W. Tiger and the G.W. E-100 aren’t heavily armoured, even on the hull.

  37. I can see why you called this explosive! 😂❤ GG. Thank you Mr. J. For sharing this awesome playthrough with us. Love from Oklahoma. ❤

  38. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Hoorray Kolobanov, my 1st and only came from defending Karelia assault where the enemies missed to cap while i was running the timer down hiding…in my 2nd year of playing.

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