World of Tanks – Extra Salty!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Some say that there a World of Tanks player so salty that I could sink a mineshaft into him and produce enough salt that I’d be able to shut down the Salt for a year. All I know is he’s called SirFoch, and he played a rather nice match the other day…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Is it wrong that I was cheering for the other guys?

  2. I’m so salty, I make Lot’s wife jealous…
    (Happen to be proud of that Fact.)


    I’m stuck with WG’ing, ‘North America’, and all it’s inherent stupidity. Just so ya know.

  3. I’m very happy with my WZ-111 1-4, but I do look forward to getting the 5A. These big Chinese guns are GREAT!

  4. We need a mod that makes the japanese food consumable glue.

  5. Usually have to turn off Circons stream when Foch is on. All he does is complain non stop. I have better things to do than listen to him spew that constant stream of negativity.

  6. 5:27 Lol. Looks like WG NA got moe glue than the Japanese heavy tenks XDXDXDXD

  7. The batchat made a serious lapse of judgement at the end, driving into the open. Should’ve stayed on the dunes as overwatch and used the TVP as bait. Oh well, he played it pretty smart, just not quite smart enough. GG.

  8. Everyone knows Schrader is the saltiest WoT player

  9. 5:30 basically sums up American politics and social policy. If you can’t figure out how to fix something, blame bigotry, cause if you tick enough boxes, you’re bound to get a stinker to stick to the wall.

  10. I may be able to explain the WG NA press conference thing. You see Jingles, the US is under a bit of an epidemic. We are infested with hundreds of Far Leftist Twats who talk out their asses all day about social justice and identity politics and shout “RRREEEEEEE MAH FEELING AND IDENTITY!!!!” just about 24/7. What i think happened is some of these fucktards have actually managed to infiltrate WarGaming’s North American branch and worked their way into the PR department. I deeply apologize for this and hope that the contribution made by these people, not only in our country but in all others, will soon be seen as something to be ignored and not as indicative of the political and cultural views of the countries in which they reside.

  11. Awe, I remember when World of Tanks was fun, years ago.

  12. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Use xvm and never help anyone that has 200k battles played and 25 wn8.

  13. North American servers are run by a bunch of progressive leftests. Here in the US and they attack everybody that doesn’t follow their ideology.


    Just look at what they’re doing to our SCOTUS nominee.

  14. Wait wut??? I was expecting salt!!! Where’s the SALT!!!

  15. Damn. On a probably slightly related note, on Foch’s last Leopard 1 video he asked for people to recommend tanks for him to go ham in, and I suggested the WZ 5A. Wonder if he saw my comment

  16. that gays and jews thing is the animosity of the liberals in america after trump won the presidency, theyve become quite psychotic

  17. Foch life!! ??GG

  18. And that’s why I like Foch…he doesn’t shoot gold

  19. Those shots though ?????

  20. My favorite act of revenge on teams these days is map ping spam especially when teams of glue sniffers glob together while ignoring 90% of the map.

  21. I’m not sure what it is but Japanese super heavies always look like they are somewhere cold even on desert maps.
    The best part about the second replay is you can’t hear Foch at all which makes the game actually worthwhile watching.

  22. Apathyman the mundane

    its funny that the “nonthreatening” TVP did more damage than the bat-chat

  23. Jolly good show. Keep them coming.

  24. and 130k in creds. What an economy.

  25. Here We go Sir Foch, Where the “BEEPER “, I just put My car in Reverse and Start Replay

  26. You know , if those spineless idiots would have jump at the same time on sir Foch , they would kill him but no , the “find a rock , stay behind it and do nothing ” mentality is part of their DNA and that is WOT from top to bottom .

  27. Can u do world of tanks: blitz?

  28. WZ 111 5A “has ONLY 7 degrees gun depression” that’s a lot actually.. “high aim time”, nope that’s a lie it has good aim time and accuracy… “top speed close to the IS-7” no.. IS-7 has 60 km/h, that’s 10 more which is a lot.

  29. Im from America and I didn’t hear that part of the story and all i can say is what the hell

  30. Also jingles you’re videos made me laugh when i was homeless thank you

  31. WG NA office is probably full of trigglypuffs

  32. “Saltiness is all part of his charm”……code words for “douchebag”. NEVER allow Jingles to set you up on a blind date!

  33. Sr foch is a scam

  34. Anyone has a link to Foch’s twitch session so I can rewatch this match with his live commentary?

  35. The American division of wargaming goes to the default American corporate position of accusing people of being racist homophobes without any evidence.

  36. I love about the incident is how Jim Fucking Sterling, Son, got involed in the shitstorm.

  37. You might say I’m wasting my time trying to help that idiot who flipped his tank, but usually that’s my platoon mate.

  38. What the hell were those shots…. HOLY FUCKING SHIT…. Did you see that snap shot on the Scorpion and actually hitting him…. What the hell

  39. actually the 5a has one of the best 130mm guns in the game. That thing cna easily pop lower plates at that range.

  40. Notice the TVP on Foch team telling Foch how to play at the end

  41. hmmm, that description. it looks oddly familiar

  42. I actually didn’t hear about wargaming NA being that retarded… jesus.

  43. Hello! Can someone please tell me why I can’t see the mission tracker at the top of the screen? If I press “N” i see a warning that the tracker is not available at the moment. Thank you for the help in advance.. 🙁

  44. is that you-tuber bias at work haha

  45. It’s what liberals in America do… accuse everyone of racism…

  46. Wow is shit wt is way better

  47. Inimicable instead of inimitable, considering we’re talking about SirFoch, not sure if a Jinglism or true, or both.

  48. SirFoch has successfully carried the stupids ?

  49. Sadly I can’t like one Jingles due to Foch. As much as I want to, Foch personally insulted me at a time when I really was not in a good place and almost ended up dead not long afterwards.

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