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Source: Sir Havoc

Welcome to this Games Cast Episode on World of Tanks this time a KV-2 who does not seem to be able to miss with a surprise ending


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  1. You could tell from the Binocs on his KV-2 that this player is a proclaimer
    of the great words of Stalin, who loyally offers liters of blood fresh from
    the corpses of >500 Win8 puppies everyday, at 3 pm in the afternoon.

  2. “And now he is using that speed of the KV2 to relocate”
    “The speed of a Barracuda going through the warm Red Sea”
    “The rest was down to Vodka and Stalin”
    Brilliant commentary, thanks Sir Havoc! :D

  3. That was a super game considering the map. I hate getting prokorovka with
    my KV 2. I see these great KV 2 derp games all the time from many of the
    WOT tubers. Please understand these super games are the exception not the
    rule, that darn reload kills ya against a good player. Thanks Havoc, good
    show. Sam.

  4. Nice game ATZ! I regret not getting the KV-2 yet. Great vid Sir H. (Kramps)

  5. whats the modpack he was using anyone?

  6. Nice Game !! Did you breath during the commentary ?


  8. Don’t forget the end screens!

  9. This is the most fun you can have with your pants on ^^.

  10. Nice work Sir

  11. Nice video Havoc, Making me proud for being in Havoc!!

  12. Those games in which you have a monster number of kills and your team still
    can’t manage a win are absolutely heartbreaking. Says a lot about the
    playerbase and matchmaking in World of Tanks.

  13. GG & WP to the T40!

  14. Can someone give the link to COD hitmarker?

  15. The lyrical moments of Sir Havoc :D

  16. I ♥ KV-2 :)

  17. Springcock hehe

  18. emmm bro…
    u forgot T49

  19. One very good reason to make your Space Bar the fire extinguisher key, Mr

  20. Dat Churchill VII >_<

  21. great sports commentary…tongue firmly placed too…nice!!

  22. You sound like Jaime Oliver !
    Is it you ?

  23. “zero scheisse’s given”. im having that havoc. your sense of humour is one
    of your channel’s best traits.

  24. KV2 aka the giggle tank. Thank you!

  25. Well done on the commentary! Just the laughs I needed this morning!

  26. Derpetron :)) lol

  27. RNGesus was definitely in his corner, hell he might have even been on the
    crew with that accuracy.

  28. +1 from Stalin

  29. use that salt on your chips! rofl

  30. The absolute Agility of the KV-2 saved him….
    The speed of a Barracuda going through a warm Red Sea….
    Almost with a freaky supernatural type of sense of what’s gonna happen…

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