World of Tanks – Failure is Not an Option

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Source: The Mighty

When you’re in artillery and the matchmaker throws you into a city map you can either bitch, whine and quit, or strap on your man pants and carry like a boss.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I just go yolo and start shotgunning noobs. Its fun driving SPG with

  2. How have i not heard “Bathtub of Doom” before today? :(

  3. Loving the movie references in this vid :D

  4. I get 9 kills in gw panther in ensk. Is no big deal. Team still lose.

  5. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    I’m lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it! YEAH, BABY!!

  6. dafuq? I am unable to play due to obamas reign. glad others are doing
    better. obama is about to leave one way or the other he is gone, then we
    may get to have lives again including gaming. yay the creature is dead
    sense wins logic wins and america wins! which means the world wins!! we

  7. Pengiuns Are Cool

    i really wish i didnt delete my replay in my bishop… it was assault on
    karelia and i was defending, alone vs 3 or 4 enemies.. i was behind a rock
    and they were just coming at me 1 by 1.. then came elc amx and i shotguned
    him, after that there were only 2 seconds of the battle, comes su-100Y
    (box-tank) and misses me completely.. i was laughing my ass of :)

  8. Lol meanwhile as I play world of tanks on Murovanka (an actually nice arty
    map): arty bitches about us sucking, kills himself as we lost west and has
    to watch us get surrounded in the magic forest and *win*.

  9. OH SHIT IT’S DAT BOI ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Anything’s possible because the game is 99.9% RNG.. Arty is right at home
    in that. lol

  11. Those 13 or more dislikes fight me

  12. I dunno Jingles, while the 105mm is nice for one-shotting tier 3’s I kinda
    like the consistency and accuracy of the 17 pounder more on the S35 CA.

  13. auto upload or were u up early today?

  14. Was this from the asian server?

  15. Grof od Banoštor

    Oh come on.I sent him Kolobanov’s game in bishop with 2k dmg, also city
    map, even a cool plot twist but noooo, he features this thing

  16. James Bigglesworth

    so that was the country part of a city map with one story buildings and a
    high arc British arty…

  17. Mediocre at most..

  18. Siegfried line assault is the worst map for arty as soon as the counter
    strikes 0 you’re spotted.

  19. but himmelsdorf doesn’t have this one side of the map that is completely
    open. it doesn’t matter for me since I don’t plaay artillery

  20. A scumbag replay, really scraping the bottom of the barrel there Jingles.

  21. himmelsdorf is fun with arty
    hey commander engage td mode

  22. Are there any low tier artilleries one can go tank destroyer with?

  23. Jingles, you obviously haven’t played many artilery lately. There is a
    difference between playing German artilery and British artilery. And the
    difference is that last one can hit tanks virtualy right on the other side
    of the house they are covering behind. To put it into perspective, nearly
    every German artilery would not be able to pull off 2/3 of the shots that
    this guy pulled off because of firing ark. And also unlike Brits that get
    all the cookies, other artilery get their aiming circle widen 2 or 3 times
    more than Bishop when they turn their hull. And it takes 8 seconds for them
    to aim their guns. So… yeah…

  24. And of course, it’s one of those British artillery pieces with their fast
    reloads and orbital cannon shell arcs. There is no way a Grille or an M41
    HMC could pull off anything like this on a city map, no matter how big and
    manly the pants they put on are.

  25. “Big heavies like the BDR”

    Jingles… have you ever played a BDR?

  26. Serves the damn Pz 4 right for using HEAT instead of HE

  27. Mr. JINGLES, I believe my YouTube video- “Never. Say. Die.” addresses the
    arty on a city map issue very nicely. On Himmelsdorf. In a SU-14-2. Facing
    BERT THE AVENGER. (I still reserve the right to bitch and moan at, as a
    dedicated arty player, having to play city maps, then having team mates
    state, “just go TD mode!” Yeah, right….)

  28. it’s annoying as hell arty , OP , but why it has tier 7 HP ?

  29. I love driving around in the S51 or 212a AP rounds loaded and shotgunning
    on City maps and they have abysmal arcs… Beautiful

  30. 0:34 *proceeds to click of video*

  31. Vicious Imperator

    Get a new intro Jingles.

  32. Hearing arty haters triggered from here. :)

  33. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    Birch Gun, Bishop, FV304 and CrusaderSP with first gun. These are arties
    how it should look like in WOT. Not deathstar like damage. But quick, fun,
    not so much RNG because reasonably accurate.

  34. I love my Bishop, it makes believers!

  35. The shadow of myself

    jingles i got a really nice game with my hummle. But QBs replays are down

  36. Well, to be fair, Ensk is only half a city map. And Bishop is only half of
    an arty. :P

  37. Daniel “The Racing Potato” Bouchard

    That Asia sever ping tho :P

  38. I am so sick of this intro, please let us know if you are planning to
    change it out, otherwise i have to make a plugin for skipping 20 seconds of
    your videos, and the wadsworth constant does too much.

  39. Yeah arty is good on a city map if all the action stays on the 1/2 of the
    map that isn’t city :P

  40. Miss 10 shots in a row, full aim in my M44
    At the end,i said “Fuck it” and go TD mode
    And you know what?
    Fire on the move,300m ,hit and do max dmg on the FlatPanzer and burn him to
    RNG in a nut shell

  41. Why are some videos lagging so much in Youtube? Is it just me or is there
    something wrong with Youtube?

  42. Artilleryman’s twitch: when you wishfully move the cursor just a teensy bit
    to follow the target – after having already fired.

  43. You talk & jest about people who go on the forums & say some if not most
    aspects of artillery in this game are broken as crap but a lot of people
    have & do make fair points on the topic Jingles. I mean Armored Warfare has
    a fairly decent balance for artillery & I’d rather be pecked at bit by bit
    HP wise than one shotted & removed from the match.

  44. You know this is a good video when a bishop is the first thing that goes on

  45. The Pilot Penguin

    well actually jingles, he was shooting in the open field for most of the
    game so i should still bitch if i get himmelsdorf in my m12

  46. Jesus, Jingles don’t scare like that anymore this early in the morning.

  47. If they all went to town he would curse city maps,so good for him they
    didn’t. That arty can be pretty annoying with it’s rapid fire. Sometimes
    i’m goofing in low tiers and they are a menace :)

  48. Man love being on break but I’m running out of YouTube videos to watch

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