World of Tanks – Farmville

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Source: Anfield



  2. You’re a cunt

  3. I thought anfield had finally given up on wot and was turning to Facebook games :/

  4. no arty no fun

  5. Your keyboard sounds like the IBM Model M …. 😉

  6. You can’t sell the 183 when you get the Badger, It’ll only be worth 1000credits.

  7. Come here to watch farmville sick of this clickbait 🙁

  8. Why are you using more gold ammo than normal. Fucking noob. Learn to play with normal ammo

    • I’ve played tanks with AP only and yes obviously I still perform very well but I don’t see a reason to not use APCR in this if I feel like it, I don’t have some moral code against it and I shoot the same points mostly regardless.

    • Anfield its true if you have money why not but when someone have armour i dont matter because you can just tab that 2 key and do damage. Thats my idea

    • because its there? and you can press it? why don’t u talk about role of armor and gold rounds with wargaming, anfield didn’t make the game, if gold rounds neglect armor and rng, its far from his fault to use them.

    • miika rehu I️ only shoot gold out of my S Conq lol

    • shooting gold is good for wg

  9. Political Anfield best anfeeld

  10. Situational awareness = sitting in the base for the whole battle, that’s based on tonight’s 23 battles and 15 losses with 2103 wn8. It’s difficult to win when rats won’t leave the base in heavy tanks because they like to get raped from all sides.

  11. Super conq 3 mark video when?

  12. This game has made you bitter lol

  13. Hill cant see track crossing because of render distance.

  14. Man i mistakenly read Antifa on that paper on a wall…..

  15. 3 mark session for the S.Conq when?

  16. Join a random tier 6 SH and play a type 64 or crom b

  17. Lol, 8k damage only a 1st class in that tank.

  18. the feminist meme was pretty unfunny, not a good look my dude.

  19. u spam more gold in 1 game then sirfoch in 10000

  20. It's not what you think

    Playing WoT as a team game instead of a 1v29. Top kek.

  21. BS Click Bait, Came here for Farmville…

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