World of Tanks – Fast and Furious

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Source: The Mighty

The Cromwell, it’s British so it should technically just be fast and mildly annoyed. It may not be the best tank in the game, but if you can handle the speed it’s one of the most fun.

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  1. Outstanding !

  2. Those lag spikes – i have them, my friends have hem ( from Romania with 1gb internet )
    conclusion- not from our side – WG should fix their server.
    Prove me Im wrong.

  3. the day I can’t complain about the matchmaking is the day I’m tied up, blindfolded, gagged, and stuffed in a trunk…
    And I’ll still blame matchmaking.

  4. Hey my fav t6 ligh tank

  5. Those lagspikes are mostly Wargaming’s fault because their servers are absolutely terrible on the EU side. I have these kinds of lagspikes as well, despite having good internet, and it’s VERY frustrating.

  6. You’d be right if it was a Cromwell B by saying “By your money.”

  7. “TIME TO HUNT” 🙂 well played!

  8. This is a battle on the Asia server and cabidoy is in the Philippines which has pretty terrible ISPs so kudos to him for playing well under those circumstances

  9. Interesting that he nearly only uses the autoaim

  10. “Cromwell is not a bad tank, it’s not a great tank though” – and this, ladies and gentlemen is power creep confirmation right there.
    Cromwell was by far the best medium tank on tier 6 for years, to the point of literally running circles around most tier 7 meds and even giving some tier 8 meds a run for their money.
    Now? “not a great tank”

    Also, about the Comet…
    What makes Comet so good at tier 7 hardly applies any more. Comet is strictly inferior to Cromwell in terms of mobility. The only real advantages it has is better hitpoint pool and admittedly great gun depression. Base gun handling isn’t even that much better than Cromwell – yeah, it gets vert stab, but so do other tier 7 meds that already have superior gun handling.
    Comet may still be among the best tier 7 meds but this is not saying much, when you can’t do anything of value when facing higher tiers. Cromwell still can thanks to superb mobility, while Comet struggles.
    I still love Comet though – it is such a comfortable tank to play if you get good matchmaking – the problem is… you almost never get good matchmaking.

    • The Cromwell is actually still a great tank… at tier 6. Still the best flanker-type vehicle available in the tech trees… at tier 6.

      The problem being that, when tasked to take on tier 8s that are hulldown monsters or burst-damage gods, it simply can’t carry its weight anymore. It just doesn’t have the accuracy or the penetration, and many maps punish players for going outside the normal lanes of combat by exposing them to horrendous crossfire.

  11. what? no comments on the Type 58 in chat? 😀

  12. 8 years watching your vids and still loving the entertaining, funny, informative and non patronising presentations. Keep up the great work. 👍

  13. Oh god tier 6 match making if only it was tier 7

  14. Cam’s Fishing Addiction

    new game: take a shot everytime jingles says “lag spike”

  15. “Er, ACT-U-ALLY Jingles…” The VK 30.01 D? A smidgen slower, just a smidgen, and has some armour and a better gun.

  16. When you have lag spikes like that, it’s either because your brother is downloading some pr0n, or your sister is uploading some. Or both…

  17. I’ve been watching, albeit with different accounts and names, since 2015-16. Love the vids. Even the old ones. In my opinion the older vids are better than the new ones. That’s not saying anything about the new vids. I just like the older ones more. Keep up the great work! 👍

    • Well, yeah… I remember where a 30 minute Jingles video was a short one. Still love the content, though… just wish there was as much of it as we used to get.

  18. lots of these replays the person has had lag spikes and could be a benefit when getting shot at just a reminder they are not all bad

  19. Please do more War Thunder videos and less of greedy wargamings money grab.

  20. 3:18 He sure did, Jingles. He sure did.

  21. I miss Tog videos 😔

  22. CrazyWarriorsCatFan


  23. Jingles: It can’t mount a Vertical Stabilizer

    Rotation Device: Am I a joke to you ?

    • IRM does do anything to improve gun handling and in particular the bloom… because it improves the turret rotation speed… which makes the bloom larger… so the 10% decreased dispersion it gives is nulled… so really it never helps with gun handling… so only mount IRM when you need to increase the turret traverse or the tank treverse… never for gun handling…

  24. Ok I just went and looked at my cromwel, why the HELL has the game designated it a “sniper medium tank”, apparently because “excellent guns and weak armor”.

    I laugh.

  25. Wstchin this at British home with the flu nice video (Cromwell best and most fun tech tree vehicle at it’s tier)

  26. I love the Cromwell B for the fact I can get
    Myself out of trouble as fast as I got myself into it😂😂😂😂

  27. The guy did play a great match.

  28. Thanks Jingles. Sadly, no, I can’t handle the speed.

  29. Michael Branstetter

    i have been watching your old vids like the good the bad and the ugly i can just barly remeber some of the games so much nostalgia

  30. So much E-25 hate. Where did this come from? Are you hiding a secrete love for this TD behind all this toxic E25phobia 🤔

  31. Gold spamming against low armor tanks. What a tryhard statpadder.

  32. 7:29 “Hands up anyone ever have *that* happened to them” – (rises hand) -yep, happened to me. And more lately, than in the earlier days. Only happened ONCE, where I KNEW my allies would go around the rocks, while I held grounds where I was… I had had that battle so many times during that week, that I learned that way around. But teams have been even more focused individuals playing for themselves of the later years, than what they once were. The example, is already shown in an older video, for those interested

  33. Best moments is in a 3 man cromwell Platoon running the howitzers xD

  34. Isnt the VK 02 M very similar to the cromwell ?

  35. These videos are getting so boring.

  36. It’s matches like This, where the russian bs rng doesn’t come in to play and it actually looks Fun that make me briefly think about re-installing WOT. Thankfully it’s only Briefly.

  37. Gotta love the good ol’ Cromwell. Its the first tank I three marked.

  38. Most fun I’ve had playing WoT (many years ago) was being in a platoon of Crommies and just going ham. Like a swarm of bumble bees, ripping around stinging your opponents to death.

  39. Two tanks kill eleven tanks. Other thirteen players = four tanks. Yes, must WoT players are just bricks.

  40. The problem is not the Cromwell, but what the game has become. For years it was such a fun tank, and I soooooo much enjoyed it. But now??? Facing tier 8 auto(re)loaders and wheeled ferrari all the (censored) time is just too much of a pain in the butt to continue playing. Add to this the usual disgusting RNG mechanics, and ciao WoT, hello other games.

  41. Best tank/ship starts with “can´t be bottom tiered” and goes on from there,

  42. I have so bad net connection i play all the time with lag like that…

  43. It still is a great tank, stopped playing the B version after averaging 1200-1300dpg. Seemed unfair to play it. Not sure there are any tier 6 meds with great gun handling? Maybe one of the slower ones?

  44. I have the same problems with lag in the last 3 days. My internet its not the issue 😔

  45. All T6, I will watch.

  46. i was not having a good one… but now i am, thx jingles

  47. heyo! I’m cabidoy169 (up to you guys if ya wanna believe it or not) and for the dodgy internet connection………. yeah internet here in the Philippines is rather bad but anyway
    Thanks for sharing my replay Jingles! been a fan since 2012 and looking forward to your future uploads 😀

  48. You joke about what you can do. I have a condition called FND which is a neurological condition. But a month ago I had a fit and there was only my teenage son and I at home. Terrible thing to behold for anyone let alone a boy. He didn’t know what to do he just lay me on the bed and played your videos on TV since he knows how much I love your videos and your soothing voice. And listening to your voice was an anchor which helped me regain my conscience. I never managed to meet you in person and give you one gift which has been on my shelf for years now and tell you how much your videos are helping me go on.

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