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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing fast tanks aggressively showing you some map positions are dominant!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Can you do a an aggressive IS-3 and tiger 2 video

  2. 11:38 that pronunciation xD

  3. t-34-3?? can you cover this tank

  4. Must know i tapp the 2 key for 9 hitpoints … if an HE Shell whould done the same.

  5. 4:06 I laugh too much xD (That was soo lame ! haha)
    NB: Arty must DIE !

  6. “Fast Tank” is an oxymoron. They ruin the game. Can’t stand fast, autoloaders, and gold slingers.

  7. Premium ammo isn’t completely broken and absolutely not a better choice. Now let me switch to premium ammo cause this game is close and I need better ammunition. Nice…

  8. Great to have some first hand Quicky action. Back to channel basics ?

  9. Sadly most people prefer to be campers and cowards :'(

  10. Can you do a Tier 6 Tech Tree showcase and like grade them? I know that would take a long time so maybe do a specific Tank type each week then… #NoticeMeQBSenpai

  11. That’s a weirdly shaped 4

  12. yeah good game play. quicky but the other side tankers, were low skilled thats why that position worked for you. better skilled tankers,would not have let you be there without a fight.

  13. Lol, I rounded that 2000th like! XD

  14. Quality video and game play Quicky – Thank you 🙂

  15. Comet is so awesome. my personal record for base XP is 2500, which i did in the comet

  16. Good to see a CDC gameplay from you.

  17. Because wills Qb shirt is green it acted as a green screen ?

  18. +QuickyBaby I think your mod has stopped working since a recent update ( I think) I tried to get it going by renaming folders but I messed it up and re-installed WoT – does the mod work with the current (23 Sep 2018) version? If so what do I need to do? (I’m on the Aussie server – not sure if the versions between servers are in sync or not)

  19. Model Train Channel

    Why do some ammoracks show the ammo symbol when detonated but some don’t?


  21. Bartholomew Macaluso

    You always seem to be playing with enemy that are morons .. That or WG fixes games for you to encounter only morons because your games are almost never experienced by non youtube players but since we cant refute your “luck” at the kinds of opponents and team mates you get I guess we will just have to eat popcorn and oh wow it up … BRIT on .com ^ ^

  22. Lmao on Blitz, CDC and Draculas are rampant

  23. The AMX CDC is one of my favorite tanks but I agree it needs a small buff either in gun handling or lower the ground resistance stats

  24. 1:04 that ghost shells

  25. CDC is one of my favorite target when playing spg, next to paper td like scorpion ofc

  26. Hey QB your gameplay are awesome i didn’t even realize how to play in those map until i saw your gameplay. GG

  27. Rly not manipulated game,better players on left side and noobs on rigt side,very typical in WOT:(
    Who still play with CDC?:)

  28. Kudos to QB for not advertising products in his vids (eg: Dollar shave club etc) Its rare these days.

  29. Thanks for the tips. It was worth watching your vid just for that. I dont watch relays if I can’t learn something from them but I watched this twice.

  30. I was the guy that typed grrrrrrr…… in the live stream, lol.

  31. Its the 416 at tier 8

  32. fuck QB!!! We are free from your mainstrain manipulated content!! You are just a WG sells man!!! You lie QB!!! You cant manipulate me!!!

  33. My thunderbolt has 2 200 dpm is that normal?

  34. Wait t62a or obj 40u?

  35. Can you made a video on grading premium tank?like in your showcase. With other tank that you didn’t talk about yet, like m4 49 liberte.

  36. What mod do you use to get your teammates win percentage?

  37. Yo, do community contributors always get muppets on the enemy side?
    You know what’s funny? Just when Claus did a video on CC’s being forced to market the CDC, QB does one.

  38. is Bushka ur Dad ?

  39. FV can loop shells over objects quite easy….What it doesn’t do is STUNNING you.. Also, the shell is hanging for ever in the sky, making it really slow….its actually not easy to hit something when the enemy keeps moving

  40. World of tanks is like life. It keeps screwing you over, but you keep clinging on to it for the good moments

  41. 1:02 anyone else feels this happens way too often and feels like RNG hates you cause i get this all of the time !

  42. “and we are just going to use our mobility to….oh GOD, oh dear, no.” hahahaha dude I love this and you. One of the most unintended funniest moments Ive had in a while haha, still laughing at your horrified face. Good stuff haha.

  43. …”you have to give your crew croissants and coffee…”
    My wife just said – Is it War or is it playing with Barbie?

    If wargaming have to sell that shite to make money, maybe time to look for something else.

  44. making a video on this side of the new fjords with this dip is like making a video on mines while taking the hill. Its completely unbalanced place and side of the map, you will win farm dmg for free and you will win almost everytime.

  45. Good gun sound.

  46. bye, just finished with russian playstyle. i have white hair now..

  47. My son must be your biggest fan .

  48. Ah, no. I can either drive or shoot, but not both at the same time, because I’m an old farm, so artillery ids my favorite thing, then heavies, mediums and TDs, but not light tanks.
    P.S. I think I should get FV304 then, I often play SPGs quite aggressively “up close and personal” anyway, so far French arties have been my favourites, due to their mobility.

  49. you didn’t showcase is-7 in while?

  50. Wow you actually played the CDC. Looking you play, it feels really sad that the power creep have basically rendered it not as popular as before. I feel, if they buff the gun handling stats then maybe more people would get it. I have it in blitz, it was my very first tier VIII premium tank and I absolutely love it.

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