World of Tanks | Faulty Unicorns & Rotten Apples

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Source: TheRiisingSun

A few reasons to not give up on the battle, just because of the horrible win chance? Here is.

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  1. This result is not surprising since – G – is full of rerolls like Garbad or
    Sela :Kappa:

  2. Its actually: its over 8000, it was wrongly translated

  3. why do you call them “unicorn” when they are “unicums” ?

  4. And this is why we NEED skill based match maker.

  5. Why dont you use orange players as a color? I feel like the difference
    between yellow is too big in ur xvm. E.g , On ur xvm, im at 52 ,which is
    almost green. If you would have orange, you could see the difference
    between me and a close to red player.

  6. people who use xvm make this game really depressing to play sometimes when
    ever you see them writing things like gg my team is full of noobs not
    realising the irony that they are part of that noob team then when ever
    that team wins i will always try to call them out on their bullshit but
    they always rage quit after the game.

  7. When there’s that many tomatoe juices around, it’s like earth during it’s
    first 500 million years; you can guess, but you can’t predict anything.

  8. The name of the Mod in the top right corner please ??

  9. this quality KreyGasm 

  10. I think the real lesson isn’t “never trust winchance” but rather “always
    play to win, even against all odds”
    had a funny incident one time when our arty was against 2 capping enemy
    tanks in Karelia assault. I told them the location of our arty and the
    other capper drove off when the cap was at 98%, 10 seconds later the time
    ran out and we won. Other time again assault on Karelia, I was 1v5 in an IS
    against the enemy tier 9 heavies. I drove close enough to bounce off the
    side of an E75 and he decided to stop cap and come after me propably
    because I was a one shot to him. I managed to avoid him long enough to win
    by time and got a kolobanov’s out of it.

    EDIT: tier 9 instead of tier 10. Silly me.

  11. Bottom tier tomato arty clicks on top tier super unicum heavy for most of
    his hp, arty totally not broken/OP/game breaking

  12. Chillmeister3000

    What a bad rng this platoon got is amazing… luck balanced skill out…
    the t21 played good, but the words of the fapper sitting in the back is
    just bullshit…
    GG RNG fpr helping greatly…

  13. Hi everyone ! Can anyone tell me the Mod name in the top right corner
    pleasee ?

  14. That ISU-152 match is one of those matches that i enjoy and always will

  15. Next time you get a 30% win chance, don’t cry because you’ll win one out of
    three of those games. Play, don’t cry.
    Also hi to Garbad, takes something special to die within a minute when top

  16. In My humble experince what is going on is à kind of wierd loss of how to
    play! I have seen this time and time again! Egen you ser that you have à
    huge chance to win people just yolo it and in their mind go ” we got this”
    and do not put in as much effort as they would in à 50/50 battle!
    We call this the noobnami! The team with more “noobs” play harder to win
    and the other team just leave their brains at the loadin screen!

    Great vid!

    Stay red and white!

    Keep those vids going!

    Grond out!

    Stay arty safe!

  17. “Ive been HighFlyer15…”
    So you are no more? D:

  18. Very nice video HighFlyer 🙂

    Btw., it would have been really funny if you used an unicorn from MLP for
    the video image XDD (or whatever it is called).

  19. some player just got the better rating by spamming premium ammo,
    from experience grinding japanese line I always wonder why those
    blue/purple player would rain apcr on me

  20. Mitchell Stankovski

    YA i am on YouTube 🙂 (Sir_Iceeice)

  21. Having good players on your side does not make it a good team & WoT is
    allegedly a team game!
    IMHO XVM has sucked all the fun out of WoT & I gave up playing mostly due
    to the stat hoars & “STFU NooB u not know how to play/ We lose you are all
    crap” idiots.
    I would rather play with a red Tomato who wants to learn & play as part of
    team than with a Purple Prima Donna who starts telling their team they are
    rubbish & to go play something else, it is only a game FFS it is supposed
    to be fun!
    Rant over good to see you back making regular videos HighFlyer +1

  22. EspiAndo WoT Games

    Iwas the arty in the enemy team of the second battle and I remember this
    battle like it was today, what a fantastic result for the team on the ISU
    and what a “perfect” team I get on this match…. XD

  23. How much percent chance has the XVM win percent chance to be correct?

  24. I agree 100% with what you say about the reliability or otherwise of the
    XVM win prediction. The problem is that so many people use XVM and have
    the prediction enabled and obviously allow it to effect the way they play.
    I’ve seen so many players whine about the win chance during the countdown,
    then suicide in the first minute. Even if they don’t have that enabled
    they complain about the “tomatoes/noobs” on their team because they
    obviously have XVM and have looked at everyone’s stats. I honestly think
    the game would be better off without it. Random games are meant to be
    random – you should take each one as it comes and play each one in
    ignorance of how “good” your team mates are, or how “good” the enemy is.
    You press the Battle button, take the team you spawn in, and play to win.
    That’s all you need to know

  25. My back hurts from all the carrying! 🙂

  26. That’s why I deleted all XVM statistic and I treat each player as maximum

  27. Oh wow, Garbad was on the other team. He’s good. Obviously, since G are the
    top rated clan right now….

  28. I liked this one very much. I so hate win chance (I don’t even look at
    ratings). When people cry at the beginning of the match, they only
    demoralize their own team. When they do it in All-Chat they only play with
    your mind…. Just shut up and fight people, even if you don’t win, at
    least go down swinging.

  29. Vollmeissel3achtel

    The thing this one shows you is not to get overconfident if you get a high
    wc, that’s what loses many of those games!

  30. Great, now can you do a video about why i shouldn’t leave WOT? Because i
    can’t find any reasons…

  31. I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve played in too many game where tankers
    turn into pessimists the moment they see what the chance to win is. 

  32. Perhaps you didn’t know but the matchmaker DOES look at the skill level of
    players. So if you are good at the game, you will be put in teams that are
    shittier than if you had bad stats. WG lies about this but the proof is
    somewhere on FTR.

  33. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    Always nice when you beat the odds of course, but stats dont lie. If your
    team is mostly red/yellow VS mostly yellow/greenies, 95% of the time your
    team will lose HP/tanks quicker than the enemy team, leading to a quick
    And if you re the only good player on your team, you re just gonna get
    focused by arty until you re dead, no matter what tank you drive, or if a
    more easy target sits next to you, leading to your tomatoes having even
    less chance to win.
    And im pretty sure that when the 3 unicorns from the first game platoon
    together, they win between 80/90% of their games, just like you when you
    platoon with circon and foch. This game was probably one of the few losses
    they experienced during their gaming session.

  34. Thanks for showing this replay – I get so many matches where people
    complain about the chance to win and the team just dissolves. ANY team can
    beat ANY team. That why they’re called ‘random battles’. NEVER give up!

  35. BGfirestarter1993

    Why? because 3 tanks can’t simply win vs 15

  36. The MM on that second match was not that bad. I’ve been in some games where
    the enemies had 4 top-tier heavies and then a few mid-tier HT, and we have
    two mid-tier heavies. Those games go about as well as you’d expect. 

  37. 1st game: mimimi + cappers. who ever won a cap encounter? like 5% that
    2nd game: TD platoon + IS3 camping, not helping team in the west. wtg
    TDs…. even more retarded than arty

  38. I worry for when I get better and then XVM arty snipers will be out to get
    me…. No wonder the good players usually play the more maneuverable tanks.

  39. O7 caren

  40. Some unicorns can be false unicorns. Play lots of low tier stat padding
    tanks and jump in a T 34 and throw off the stats. I have seen high win
    rates and WN8 stats on a player only to find them really good at tier 4,
    not so good at tier 8. 

  41. Can you pls put the link of that multi hit log mod where we can see if
    there is some new updates :)

  42. that first game that’s Garbad, well known from the Wotlabs forums
    and the guy who casually dismissed QB as a yellow player. Afaik Garbad IS a
    good player, but like a lot of Unicorns dismiss the vast percentage of the
    player base as “useless pubbies” I would have love to seen the moaning
    about how their “pubbies” lost the battle for them.

    Best thing to do, disable win % on XVM and just give every game your all

  43. Richard Gustafsson

    5:38 But in this battle they played like donkeys. It happens but rarely if
    you meet a unicum

  44. Michal Stankiewicz

    I believe that you are posting those vids…just to make those tomatoes,
    oranges and babanas play. It is obvious that in such situation 9 of 10
    better team just steamrolls.

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