World of Tanks – FCM 3rd Mark Session Finish

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For all you friends struggling to play your rental FCM

Since i don’t have a working session tracker:


  1. What dmg panel do you use ?

  2. nuclearsharkattack

    Anfield, can you put a link in your vid description of where to order one
    of those chairs, thx. Great vid, btw.

  3. next on obj 260

  4. Hey anfield, how many battles do YOU usually have to play to get 3 marks?

  5. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    Holy moly, how many credits did you do?

  6. next on cdc ?

  7. This was the oddest 3rd Mark i’ve ever done, I decided to do it despite not
    being a premium tank fan because it was made into the next rental tank on
    NA. I figured i’d try and help people who would be playing the tank for the
    first time.

    My first battle I went from 86% to 91% doing something like 3k combined,
    which is the formula adjusting my previous averages against the new rental
    averages, after that battle the % changes normalized to with 3k dmg being
    like .4% or something but i thought it was amusing to gain 5% in 1 battle.

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