World of Tanks || FCM 50 t – 14 KILLS

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Source: QuickyBaby

– FCM 50 t. Today ZenHatter_ of the Asia server is going on a riot in the T8 French premium heavy tank the FCM 50 t.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. “It’s very hard to balance tanks with preferencial mm” It’s WAY more
    balance than playing T8 in T10 mm

  2. why is it so expensive compared to the cdc ?

  3. 9 killls Cromwell B

  4. Asian server at its best.

  5. wtf this paper can sidescrape, cdc can’t do shite.

  6. He is a smurf, im not really sure if he deserves that much of respect i
    mean 2k games ?

  7. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    FYI QuickyBaby, i’ve met a player that holds 105k of battles under his belt
    in a random battle here in the Asia server

  8. Joseph Attilio LAZZARINI

    i got one. so, there were two muffins in an oven. the first muffin says
    “JEEZ! it’s hot in here” then the other muffin said; “HOLY SHIT A TALKING

  9. why are you showing a reroll account (unicorn with only 2k battles)

  10. Same gun as CDC, better armour, higher health and pref MM. Solid Tank!
    I still prefer the CDC’s sneaky flanking gameplay. :)

  11. if they just replaced a premium tank with another tank people will
    obviously want their money back. I bought the fcm exclusively BECAUSE of
    it’s preferential mm like probably everyone else who bought the tank since
    the amx cdc is just better in pretty much everything but doesn’t get the
    preferential mm. the special mm is the only reason to buy a fcm over a cdc
    or mutz apart from the crew training aspect.

  12. JackRBLX “Jack”

    WG shouldnt delete premium tanks with preferencal matchmaking. These should
    be all in one match. (Basicly all preferencal matchmaking tanks should meet
    up eachother in one battle and not fight against normal tanks.)

  13. Reeerooooollll….. tytytytyttyyy

  14. Most kills in a game was 9 in my PZ V/IV.

  15. 71k battles like what the hell…

  16. and yet those other WOT server player looking down on Asian WOT server

  17. mystery armor

  18. 9 kills in the su-122-44 :)

  19. For me 11 kills in a T-34-3

  20. FCM50t tier 8 hard carry = 99k credits, Skorpion G casual game = over 100k.
    GJ Wargming

  21. 7 Kills with T26E4 SuperPershing

  22. End game was unfair, a Unicorn + a Watermelon + a Orange vs. 1 very Red
    tomato + 2 pink tomatoes lul ezy win.

  23. What is the issue of preferential matchmaking? To me, it always looked like
    the most fair way of providing benefit for paying customers without
    spoiling the game for non-paying customers.

  24. this was first on dezgamez channel the sender must have really like
    attention, like an attention whore..

  25. I was in a game on the Xbox one where someone in a Tiger 1 did over 5,400
    damage! It was crazy!

  26. how can i get some marks on my tanks’ guns

  27. no smurf comments ?
    gg though

  28. World of Hackers

  29. Czech =bonobo or somalia in europe

  30. 8 kills in the Panther M10! All hail the Panther M10!

  31. Most kills so far in a premium tank is 6 kills in my Churchill III

  32. I absolutely loved the AMX M4 1949, it was incredible

  33. 11 kills SU100Y

  34. 2 teams filled with bots…

  35. I got 10 kill’s in my SU-122-44… back in the old days. The match was
    absolutely ridiculous… I was top tier with my SU, there was Tiger I on
    the enemy team, and 14 of T-50-2 in both teams. I’m not kidding, that’s
    absolutely true 😀 Think of it, 28 T-50-2 in total xD it was a cool game, I
    probably have a screenshot of it somewhere, which I’d like to find :P

  36. I enjoyed the teamwork in this game.. Great job!!!

  37. No intro?

  38. Qb ur best is 12 in an e-75!!

  39. Nooooo don’t replace it, remove it from the shop like E-25. FCM is my
    favourite tank :(

  40. its a shame QB show reroller vs team that all together doesnt have 1000wn.

  41. is D.W.3 tier 4 tank good??

  42. why is the replays website not working i have a bomb ass game :(

  43. most kills I got was O-I exp 10 kills only rolling with AP no assistants
    like gun rammer or binoculars, not boosters just small repair kit, health
    kit and fire extinguisher

  44. Aleksandar Kospenda

    Ive done 12 kills in WTE100 before all the nerfs. It was also over 10k dmg.

  45. That AMX arty at the end of the game, he was actually good, shocker

  46. WoW….. ?

  47. 1st of all , most of your teamate had to be noob and also noob enemy and
    then you have to be a pro and you will earn it.

  48. QB shocked when he see the numbers of games played of that player in Asia
    Well I tell you wha QB,in clan wars.Day or night,almost every clans in this
    server always ******** online all the time.
    Talk about computer addict.

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