World of Tanks – FCM 50T – 100,000 Credits on a Loss – Path To Purple #7

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Source: LemmingRush

If youre curious, here are the endplates & tonster’s stats:

Thanks for watching ^_^


  1. Hey Lemming, How would you feel if they removed premium ammo for credits
    and added a system where you earn tokens for them when you play clan wars,
    team battles and obliteration/steel hunt gamemodes?

  2. If you obtain any of the ‘Battle Heroes’ medals in a defeat you get the
    ‘Courageous Resistance’ bonus, which gives xp and credit multipliers. I
    regularly make 100k in defeats with T34.

  3. +LemmingRush I really enjoy those videos where you analyze the gameplay and
    what could have been done better / differently – keep up the good job, man

  4. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I just can not Mark that Thing^^

  5. Agree 100% with lemmingrush when he says aiming is the least important
    skill. When a youtuber post a huge game replay the bad players always point
    out how he missed shots or didnt lead the shots perfectly. Shooting skill
    is overated, a good player is all about positioning.

  6. Everything you say makes sense when you say it, but I don’t necessarily
    come up with those conclusions myself. Thanks for the excellent input. I’ll
    especially work on not trading away health, as that seems to be an issue
    for me in the early game.

    The reason I went hill is because I saw they weren’t fast, which meant it
    was likely I could help take it, so I do look at comps. FCM isn’t really
    meant to deal with heavies on heavy corner in my experience, so I try to go
    where I can get distance shots. Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the
    time to let me know what to do different.

  7. Yo dude your awesome! Me and my friend are thinking of starting this little
    wot story driven series !

  8. Hey, feel free to vote on what tank ill play for Wednesdays video

    As always, im happy to answer questions :)

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