World of Tanks || FCM 50t – NOT FOR SALE!

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World of Tanks – FCM 50t. In World of Tanks update 9.22 the FCM 50t will be removed from sale – is this T8 French premium heavy still relevant after all these years?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Good on the T25/2 being the only one to know to wait for the FCM and NOT bounce shots.

  2. Never thought this should have been a pref MM tank. Not a great tank but still a decent tank if you know how to play it, it is not a modern premium tank by any means but still ok.

  3. Which French premium tank should I buy ? AMX CDC or M4A1 ?

  4. What happened to jingles?

  5. The only reason you would buy the FCM now is in the hope it gets buffed.
    WG already stated they plan on making changes to the preff mm tanks this year.

    • I sure hope so. Had my fcm for years, love it, but it has been powercreeped to hell. They should buff gun handling so it will be playable again.


  7. Buff incoming?

  8. I think if I were in that T12.5, I would have let him have the Kolobanov. He earned it.

  9. hey guess what ?
    😀 they also giving us less Gold nowdays and they started to make us buying EVERY FKING THING NOW !!

  10. I’m surprised they’re pulling the FCM 50t this early. I used to platoon with regular MM thanks in it all the time, and it wasn’t that bad. Sure you’d rather have a CDC if bottom tier because it does almost everything the FCM does but better, but you can’t train heavy crews on the CDC. It was workable. I wouldn’t call the FCM any worse than the STA-2 in that situation, and the STA-2 has full MM.

    Meanwhile the IS-6 remains in the store despite how many direct replacement coming out?

  11. Wargaming: We want to remove preferrential matchmaking vehicles, we feel like they imbalance the game and no longer have a purpose. (Oh yeah, and we’ll also find any excuse at all to put in one that DOES have it, and is by far the most broken overpowered tank in the game, the E-25, whenever we can, because we don’t give a flying f*** about you, the customers, only your money!)

  12. Whatever happened to Alien Isolation?

  13. yeah, the number of tier 10s in a bottom tier match for a tier 8 tank is down to 3, but how often do you see those 3 5 7 matchups in your tier 8 tanks? all the friggin time. gets annoying after a while. having 2 pref tier 8s feels good sometimes

  14. cool can they buff the pos now?

  15. Stupid wg remover everything

  16. Euro 2016 Russia Supporter

    the fuck is that green screen huuh

  17. like if you had fcm but sold it

  18. I think it horrible that there not selling as many premium tank in the tech tree. Gold ammunition is to over used and by adding more premium tank might stop people from using gold ammo because there not spending as much money on ammo but using gold for tanks

  19. ok there is a fix for the pref matchmaking tanks upgrade the stats on there guns because its the guns that make them not viable in higher tiers then take away the pref matchmaking off the tanks

  20. Rabbuten I Deporte, Videojuegos y Cubos de Rubik I

    I could buy it for 15-20 euros. For 42 euros, i will just laugh my ass of as it leaves

  21. Wasn’t the definition of “Heavy Tank” usualy more about a heavier armament and not necessarily about heavier armor ? I faintly remember somebody like Nicholas Moran mentioning something like that … and 90 mm is a realy heavy armament if you think about the length of the gun and the difficulties the Nazis had with fitting their 88mm onto a turreted tank.

  22. Ive been playing ferdinand for 7months and ive had matches where was 3-5 tier 10 vehicles

  23. typical wot, scumbag camper always has the advantage

  24. FCM is and wil remain a crap/garbage tank 😉

  25. i love this tank! its my fav!

  26. im sad now that they are removeing it ;-;

  27. The same story of E-25……

  28. Llathrum Marine Mechanic

    Awesome game

  29. not for sale… next month.. super sale 100e +crates fcm50t buy it.. standard scene

  30. The FCM 50T was one of my first few premium tanks. My 1st was the T34, 2nd was the IS-6 then it was the FCM 50T. Out of those 3 the FCM was my most favourited for sure.

  31. I wish I would get into games occasionally where the enemy TDs give me their broadside and mediums fleeing our cap circle from the beginning in broad open.

  32. Errrr, just did a quick check on my phone of the WG Prem Shop and the FCM 50t doesn’t seem to be there

  33. Well played by the T25/2 player. Positioned well, Sit still and wait for his change…gg

  34. 1:05 Ahem. E25.

  35. If they really wanted to never sell pref. Mm tanks ever again they aren’t doing it very consequently since they sell the E-25 around every christmas and throw around with type 59s in their lootboxes.

  36. Frederic de Marné

    the only Reason they throw em out of the shop is to create demand. people unsure to buy them will be more likely to do so. All this about remove preferential matchmaiking is honestly bull crap. they are sold on a regular base (christmas….) and they even put the panther m10 back in. (they removed it with that fake argument encouraging people to buy it).

  37. In the age of 2600base DPM Caernarvons and removal of weakspots on the heavily armored tanks, 50t is not relevant, it’s essentially just a larger medium with bad gun handling.

  38. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    QB says “I would far rather be in a patriot than the ccm in this kind of situation.” QB in what situation would you rather be in the fcm ? 😀

  39. Shity tank

  40. Guys, if i have the is-3, Will i get the is-m for free?

  41. Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy

    U predicted this in ur fcm50t 14kills vid lol

  42. I got my pools medal in this

  43. He says 20 Times “the preferencial match making” ?

  44. They could fix it by simply making it a medium (like the CDC went from TD to medium), and slightly improving the gun handling. There , the FMT is great again. Or well, at least decent, given the actual tier 8 MM

  45. This used to be my favourite tank. I loved it. I got my moneys worth and then some.

  46. Come Conrad, everything and everyone in World of Tonks is for sale; that is company model, just give us your money!!!!

  47. Great tank to fight (being as top tier) against Defenders, M4 49 and Chryslers. GG

  48. i love how people are complaining about the matchmaking.
    here’s some advice.

    git gud.

  49. fu modgame. fu wargaming. if i hate someone its you.
    devils of the century- i wish you burn in hell. bastards.

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