World of Tanks || FCM 50T – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

A full tank review of the FCM 50T; a T8 premium tank with preferential matchmaking that has certainly stood the test of time.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. i would say you are a gold noob.

  2. Aren’t tanks with premium MM only supposed to have premium MM because their
    gun is bad? Why exactly does this tank have it then, lol. More pen than
    T32, albeit less damage, more DPM, more accurate, etc… Can my T32 get
    premium MM please?

  3. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    1) What happened to your minimap mod?
    2) 9:50 “That .36 accuracy” – no, that gun is not reliable. Size of the
    aiming circle is one thing, but shells fly close to edge too often.

  4. great tank major draw back is its size rest all is great..

  5. fcm is the best t8 premium tonk

  6. Well I bounced 3.5k in the FCM 50t, on Highway in a tier 9 match. Both
    IS-3, E75 and lower tiers couldn’t pen my front. When you angle it right,
    you WILL bounce the enemy :)

  7. FCM enjoyable tank but not make money too much not like t34 and löwe

  8. 4:40 – DURP,DURP,DURP Mr. QB – IS-12?! :D

  9. QB, you forgot the most important part of the FCM 50T, it is great for the
    mission that requires you to get a ram kill in a heavy.

  10. In the comparison with the 50t vs the cdc, I think yo missed a very
    important bonus to the 50t. The cdc having 50% worse turret traverse bloom
    makes the 50t the better one handling gun wise in play.

  11. why he put romanian flag?

  12. 6:55 good gun handling. Lol my is-3 has better than my fcm.

  13. 1. The thumbnail’s flag is the Romanian flag aka Blue, Yellow, Red.
    2. The french flag is Blue, White, Red.
    3. Message to QB: Please research your case before you get salty on stream
    cuz we only try to help you out with the flag colors. Obviously you don’t
    know the french one.

  14. can’t wait the amx 49 :3

  15. dobra robota

    good joob

  16. 4:40sec he saidIS6 and the IS12

  17. QB, what is that mod to show actual tanks’ stats in garage? e.g. 400/450 v

  18. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    “GW Tiger Pig”

  19. Quickybaby can you review the T34, it looks interesting

  20. I found that I was very good in FCM50t, did more than 5000 damage twice a
    day for the first week I got it. But I m getting worse and worse at it
    after some time… I don’t really know why…

  21. 16.666 free experience?!?!?! why 666? u devil much?

  22. FCM 50T have preference MM QB have the same preference MM in battles. WG
    just want to sell more that tank and thats it.

  23. I say get the FCM50T for the pref MM alone.

  24. IS6 AP rounds bounce on the front of this thing, unless they shoot APCR.

  25. LieutenantLefty 41

    To prevent WG from removing this tank as they plan to remove all
    preferential mm premiums (replacement will be max m4 49), the tank should
    be given normal matchmaking but owners should be given a 3000 gold
    automatic refund or a chance to sell the tank. The tanks price should then
    drop by 3000 gold to be comparable to the other new tier 8 prems.

  26. this is fake super unicum i see that after MM from all streams+this
    battles..he play all the time againtst donkeys and sometimes he hawe 1 good
    player against him.Its like with gvermant u see tha what they want u to

  27. u forgte to turn on XVM. Ahh yes WG giwe u nice MM with retaeds in range
    43%-50% wr and red as fuck like we see in alll stream from beginng. ahhh
    yes they need to sell many of that tank ….

  28. Thanyaboon Krongboonying

    Can u pls do one review on T29?

  29. I love your videos, i can’t get enough of them…IT’S A DRUG!

  30. 24:48-full retard mode face engaged

  31. FCM 50T has the best armor in the French Tree outside of the Foch. That’s
    something to keep in mind, though effective armor honor is given to the

  32. could u do the tank review of the T26E4 SuperPershing ?? I really have
    trouble when facing it up front !!!!

  33. Quicky when did u start to work for WG???

  34. QB, do you still play world of warships?

  35. The role of a heavy is strong armor, and the role of a medium is
    flexibility and maneuverability…so, why is this branded as a heavy?

  36. Play Xbox

  37. Kind of tired watching vids of tanks spending sprem ammo like grapes. Be
    better if you could show how they’re not at all required.
    People like SirFoch carry none/next to none, and punches out masteries with
    tanks notorious for spamming sprem.
    Game has gone to shit with everyone spraying “who needs skill/knowledge?”
    rounds all over the place.

  38. Would be nice if you could do an AMX 50 B review +QuickyBabyTV. I’ve
    noticed you’ve been leaving french vehicles out of most tank reviews except
    the premium tanks. Not all players enjoy the Russians and Americans. We
    like our rotten french bastards too.

  39. you camped so hard on the first battle. no wonder we need arty to prevent
    idiots like you from camping

  40. 4:40. i want an is-12!

  41. Why does the Fcm 50 t gets good mm but not the Amx cdc and the amx cdc has
    less armor.

  42. JohnnyBlackMeatToboggan

    i want them to buff the CDC’s top speed to 65 kmh, i want it to have more
    of a difference from the FCM 50t , a 5 kmh difference is not much for a
    tank witch gives up all it’s armor compared to the 50t

  43. IS-12? I NEED IT!

  44. i could choose the fcm 50t, but it so ugly, dont want such a horrible thing
    on my garage

  45. Another great review, QB — and I really enjoy the “50T” as well. It’s not
    as awesome as my IS-12, though… : )

  46. The turret of fcm 50t is like a Tiger II and his body is like e 50 m

  47. My biggest problem with the FCM 50T is that I get ammo-racked constantly.
    I’ve had multiple games where I’ve been ammo-racked twice in quick
    succession leaving me with no repair kit and a terrible reload speed. Maybe
    it’ll improve once I have safe stowage on my loader, but I’ve even
    considered the Wet Ammo Rack equipment the ammo rack is so weak.

  48. This tank is very good at peaking, just angle very heavaly, they shoot,
    they bounce, also, it is really good at sidescraping, in fact it’s one of
    the best at its tier for doing so

  49. The gold spam in the first game is almost unreal. 212 pen not enough

  50. As a light tank player, i prefer a CDC rather than a FCM. The worst
    matchmaking are the best. And with some mind game and tactical decisions,
    you can get unsuspected effectivness out of your vehicule and make one
    ennemy player or more completely mad. This kind of situations are
    stressfull but very satisfying when it ends up the best possible way. Plus
    it is one of the most rewarded gameplay from wargaming in the result

  51. is-12 ???

  52. When QuickyBaby said IS-12 I think he meant 112. It is the only other tier
    8 heavy premium that is armed with a 122mm gun.

  53. The so called “IS-12” is the WZ112 because it’s the Chinese version of the

  54. I LOVE my fcm50t to me its not only a moneymaker, it’s also a really fun
    tank to drive! And as you said in the video, some of the best games I have
    in it, is in platoons, whenever a buddy of mine a me need to make money I
    take the fcm and he takes his CDC and we just rip everything apart, while
    having a blast with it!

  55. Kevin Donderwinkel

    Hey QB, can you do a Tank Review of the Super-Pershing? It would be nice to
    see you play in it, after the HD buff it got. Thanks!

  56. Isn’t this tank getting replaced quite soon since WG doesn’t want anymore
    preferential MM tanks anymore?

  57. KrokodilMitButterbrot

    FCM 50t has like 212 (?) penetration and only meets tier 9, yet QB carries
    20 APCR around and uses them on a T32’s lower plate, an IS-3’s lower plate
    and a T28 HTCs ass… that’s kind of disappointing. And now the fanboys are
    gonna show up.. :D

  58. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    I hated mine at first, but as I become more and more skilled as a player, I
    enjoy it more and more. It is so flexible, in so many situations. As it
    happens also I had a monster game in it that I entered in the 300k
    competition that show’s its flexibility.

  59. I think if WG wants to do rentals, being able to rent a Prem. tank before
    you buy would be a great start.

  60. QB, can you do a review of the ELC AMX?

  61. Really like my fcm50t!!
    even thought i am best with “real” heavy tanks like E75,E100 or King tiger.
    currently getting better at medium tanks, my medium is Centurion 7/1
    and i think i learn very good in it (one of my top favorited tanks).
    But i am very bad in Light tanks.
    Basicly for me: The heavier, more armor tanks i am at my best.
    The lighter, less armoured and faster tanks i dont know how to play
    I am playing abit like a heavy role or heavy tank “bravery” xD.
    But this is logical as my first tanks were Tiger, and lôwe. and then
    unlocked Tiger 2.
    My first ever tier 10 tank was the E-100. :D

  62. Hate that intro pls

  63. can you do t34 heavy ?

  64. Calm down youtube-comments! He meant the 112!

  65. No mention of the ridulously weak ammo rack? Perhaps it’s not the same on
    PC but on Xbox the FCM will get its ammo rack damaged with nearly any shot
    to the front hull. It’s incredibly annoying and pretty much destroys the
    tank for me.

  66. Is this Polish tank?

  67. Selling my NA account. 2800WN8, 10 tier X’s and 3 researched tier X, many
    premium tanks, great crews, and lots of other tanks. Great stats. Message
    me for details

  68. PHIL!!!! QSF-E Buddy!! :D

  69. sigh i wish i bought this insted of the is-6 back in the day when heavy
    tanks were the “best”

  70. 13:23 Actually QB, that wasn’t an AMX 13 75, it was an AMX 13 *57* 😉

    Hopefully you haven’t borrowed Jingles’ gun else I’m screwed XD

  71. One of the hardest tanks to get Ace tanker in. 1350 base exp. is not enough

  72. No XVM?

  73. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i feel though this vid was a waste really. to do a review on a tank that
    plays like a crap armor medium tank previosly reviewd is just a waste,
    should of done a review on a t34, or a lowe,

  74. i have seen this

  75. I once buonsed a shot from a T34 face to face from the front plat… I
    don’t know how that happened, but he was raging in the chat LOL

  76. Can you do a review on the IS-12? I want to know if it is worth the gold.

  77. Since when it has preferential matchmaking? I thought theyve changed it
    some time ago, and now it can meet tier 10?

  78. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    when in a review the armor sections comes its so predictable what is about
    to be said. you hear it every time.

  79. Magical mystical tour… oh Quickybaby you’re so clever

  80. Damn… deleted my long comment… let’s make it short this time.
    FCM has terrible ammo rack located in the front of the hull, gets ammo
    racked 15/20 rounds from my experience.
    And Quicky… saying how you and your buddy bested even a really good
    player on the enemy team who had 3 kills and lots of health…. yeah, shut
    up. You spammed gold ammo at him like there was no tomorrow. That was
    disgusting. He wasn’t bested, he was cheated.

  81. FCM 50-t = ims thidipii in my brain XD

  82. I’ve been preaching for years about how effective a scout the 50t is and
    everyone thought I was insane. Nice to see someone agree with me.

  83. Im glad to have a FCM
    bought it as QB was playing for his Masteribadge

  84. +QuickyBabyTV I always enjoy your videos quickybaby. I hope one day i can
    play a game with you, or even get to speak with you. You are my world of
    tank hero. I want to be as good and knowledgeable as you, one day.

  85. i dont like that tank-.-

  86. how come you arnt using the modpack for this video?

  87. The FCM was my first T8 prem and I love it and the armor is a bit like
    driving a tiger decent base thickness but almost no angling meaning if you
    know what your doing,
    (and the enemy isnt spamming gold ammo)
    welll lets just say I have several steel walls in my FCM.

  88. is 12…hmmmmm stop giving wg ideas :P

  89. not sure if ur interested but here is a repaly if u want to check it out

  90. QB “the war pig” LOL Check your PM pal ! perfect picture. :)

  91. See an IS-6? Press 2, triple R and autoaim! gg, outplayed!

  92. Always eagerly waiting ur videos QB. Last game of world of tanks there were
    players talking about how u hated the E-50, is that true? They said if bsay
    it sucks it must be true as well. Lol

  93. Love the fcm, it was very expensive but its fantastic to have a quick tank
    with a good gun and pref. matchmaking

  94. why are the prices so cheap for you? fcm costed me 42.99€ ! thats not fair

  95. SIlentXHunter gaming

    QB you’re drunk is-12 wut

  96. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    its like a more forgiving cdc with a lower skill cap

  97. Nice T-shirt :)


  99. thx for this amazing video!!!!!!!!

  100. go at gameplay at start

  101. nice review!!

  102. Good Review !!!

  103. How much you get for this ad from wargaming quickybaby? Its funny how this
    review get published when tank is on sale…lol

  104. Jochem Sturkenboom

    T69: the ‘Murican autoloader

  105. I have about 1400 battles in this thing and I absolutely love it, it is an
    arty magnet and doesn’t allow mistakes but when it works, it works
    incredibly well – as long as you have some support near you, you can rip
    enemies apart in no time.

    I prefer it to the CDC; while both are great vehicles, for me the kinda
    troll front plate and tracks, the ramming potential and the preferential
    matchmaking outweigh the mobility and gun handling advantages the CDC has.
    Being top of the pack in about 70% of your battles really enables you to
    farm the damage and have a large impact on the game.

  106. Mate you mean is-3

  107. Yeah is-12

  108. IS-12 eh….where can I get an IS-12….?

  109. Gold ammo kill the gameplay…..

  110. I really wish I had the FCM 50 T and the AMX CDC they r really great tanks
    even tho the armor is really weak but anyways awesome vid QB

  111. i disagree with you on the armor of the fcm. it can be very effective side
    scraping backward as you can angle it to a very extreme angle and the only
    week point left is the turret and you just have to hope they don’t shoot
    that. often am able to bounce most shots from IS-3s doing this. also with
    the maneuverability of this thing it is very easy to angle your armor at
    the last second in close quarters to have people shoot your very angled
    side. its not uncommon to get 1500 dmg blocked in tier 8 games at least

  112. That’s a classy T-shirt.

  113. what your name is world of tanks

  114. 4:42 IS-12?

  115. Arty making the right “plays”. Just LOL.

  116. T34 Heavy Tank soon?☺

  117. totally useless shooting gold in first battle, u said gold isnt cheap and u
    shoot it so much that’s not showing what this tank can do :/

  118. What’s this IS-12 i hear of?

  119. Reviews on Everything!

    Did he say IS-12?
    DA FACK!!!!?!?? ;0

  120. greatest bad luck of not having to a possibility of even thinking of buying
    any prem tank or ship cuz I don’t have a credit card:(

  121. I’ve seen your video about the AMX CDC and still that clip in the end of
    this video when the WT auf E-100 turned his gun to you terrified me 😀
    really, that is a scary tank

  122. Anatoly Productions

    surprising how all 3 arty managed to be smart enough to move :/

  123. But QB Caernarvon has better RoF than FCM and way better gun.

  124. I love your tank reviews!

  125. Scribe “Jack” Hammar

    I thought the vehicles with preferential matchmaking was removed from

  126. Do a review about KV-13

  127. IS-12?!

  128. Still can’t decide between CDC and FCM50T, kinda feel like I could get more
    rewarded against tier 10, CDC is also faster and more sneaky type of tank.
    I’m wondering what’s WN8 ratio on CDC and FCM50T differs, which is better
    for keeping your WN8 in check? :)

  129. Hey Quicky I was wondering if you were gonna play Armored Warfare.

  130. what is the second fastest heavy tank on the game?

  131. I need that IS-12 that u mentioned 4:40

  132. How do you know who is spotted where???

  133. Jandre Labuschagne

    It’s a bit late for a t8 premium tank review now that AW is out and has
    most of the better players spending money on it rather than WoT

  134. Oh, for God’s sake, now I want to play it again! Thanks, mate… thanks…

  135. Too slow, CDC miles ahead.

  136. QB can u do a type 59 review

  137. TheTiredBobcat6222

    IS-12? You mean the 112, right?

  138. lol gun handling and 50T in the same sentence

    well…..its better than other French

  139. hi

  140. why i need this in stead of amx cdc where your armor is almost useless? oh
    this never get in tier 10 and you play it like a med
    but the cdc is more fun to drive more accurate to shoot but i can meet
    monster tier 10….

  141. Can you do a review about t34-85

  142. Can you do a review about t34-85

  143. I’am so glad I got this great tank for free in the CW campaign :)

  144. look at the xp he has earned 666 :(

  145. Wow did you really not do a review on this tank for so long? Shocked!

  146. What the hell is IS-12? :P

  147. Why is the Romania flag there??

  148. Worth it?

  149. Is the is12 a tank or did he just say the wrong thing

  150. Hummm IS 6 and IS 12 new tank? xD I know u probably ment IS 3.

  151. @quickybaby why did you say IS-12 and not 112 ;)

  152. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    did he seriously said IS-6 and IS-12?

  153. wow, im early

  154. Rhys Crafting-Quake (MareepDoesMinecraft)

    Do the Lowe

  155. Will we see a Panther 8.8 review from you? 😉 I whould be very happy about

  156. Please say it in french :p

  157. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    Kewl, the FCM 50 T

  158. I see you

  159. This review came out of nowhere lol

  160. I have a question QB. How will we know who won the 300K event ?

  161. hello under 300 club

  162. HI quickly baby my account has the T95E2 if you want to do a review on it

  163. Hi, nice video like all videos. Keep it up!:)

  164. i still hit a good time

  165. 1sr

  166. 14th comment and 22nd like. Nice video QB

  167. hey QB love your videos

  168. not first :(

  169. nooo

  170. 88 th

  171. why only 720p ?

  172. Does this mean he finally got his Ace Tanker? Kappa

  173. A number

  174. 50T eh!

  175. 5th

  176. Ilovemaking SANDWITCHES


  177. First?

  178. furst :)

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