World of Tanks – Feature Suggestions

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Source: Anfield

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  2. well try to play Chinese server. All your suggestion included.

  3. The christmas loot boxes was pretty fun, shame WG never brought anything like that into the regular game. A map editor would solve so many problems the community has, we can already make/install mods, so why not let people make maps.

    Sometimes I wonder if they have monkeys running the show, the decisions they make don’t make sense very often. It makes the playerbase think WG doesn’t listen/care only about your wallet.

  4. Balancing? New features? no thats afford and we have 2 spend little bit of money for that -WarGayming

  5. you know what I had no idea about what 6 sense was when I started playing this game and I guess they give it to for free now when you start a new account also had no clue on how the equipment worked and it took quite awhile to get the equipment like binoc’s. Also it really took awhile to make credits with the tanks and nevermind the tier 2 premium tank I got the Tetrarch come on. Also trying to make credits to have repair kits and health packs and fire extinguisher and would of been nice to have atleast 20 small ones because they gave like 3 large repair and health but small fire extinguisher but that aint enough for when people are just starting. Also they should of made it so when ya got to tier 4 within the first 2 weeks that the gold rounds could of been cheaper because when your in a tier 4 light tank and ya see tier 6 and 7 heavies you had to shoot gold at em. But they didn’t tell how the camo mechanics worked when firing from behind a bush and what not.

  6. Yeah, help new players reach tier X, like there are not enough tomatoes with tier X that have no clue what to do on the map. I have another suggestion, how about restrict access to tier X to players with WR smaller than 50%? Or better yet, separate queue for low WR players?

  7. A higher silver reward scheme would be good for pc. Or weekly earnable silver awards not just personal reserves. E.g. place in the top 3 damage on your team get a 1.5 silver bonus at the end.

  8. I really like all of the changes listed, in fact I think they would add a lot more to this game that wot really needs.
    The improvement of low tier gameplay changed mentioned I think would be the best as low tier players really struggle to learn and stick with the game.
    Now Dezgames mentioned something rather interesting in a video a while back, and that was the option to make tech tree tanks premium. In that you would spend money, and your favorite tech tree tanks would now earn the extra credits and experience.
    Another change I thought of was a customizable garage. The new garages that WG release for special events are always a nice change of pace, and I really feel like it is a opportunity that could be taken advantage of. Imagine if the tanks off to the sides of your garage were the tanks you actually had. You would be able to change the look of the garage, you could make it your own, rather than the very boring garage Ive seen for years and years

  9. Previous MMOs have (some badly ill admit) had a mentoring mode where an experienced player could platoon with a new player. I hate playing lower tiers solo but actually have a lot of fun at 3-7 when i am with a friend platooned. Not something id want to do all day but every once and a while. Id like to see a system where experienced players check a box that they are in “mentor mode” and then get paired in MM with people looking for a mentor platoon mate. The mentors would all get “mentorized versions” of the tank they had chosen – WG picks gear, maybe limit crew to 75% no 6th sense, 10pct of ammo is gold etc. any mentor in say a sherman would be the same as other mentors in shermans. This is where i run out of ideas, as to how to reward the high tier for “playing down” – bonds, “mentor points,” i am not sure. but the new guy would have a battle buddy, and also its possible to give him/her more xp for using system, awards, etc. you in theory could leverage the existing recruit xp bonus (both tanks finish in top 10, then both get say double xp), but of course this would be like “my recruit for one battle”. system already in place. it would have to be random though to prevent abuse. Id like to go an extra step, and maybe have a personal campaign for a nice tank that could only be completed by mentor/mentee missions but missions just make ppl made, so maybe the double xp if both top ten is the way to go since it just uses recruit xp calc already in place. — screng

  10. 2nd idea – the crewman that come in the starting tier 1s are qualified for any tank of that nation – you can bring them along as you move up tiers no charge.

  11. I think that you should get sixth sense once your commander (radioman) is at 100%, and there should be skill at commander (radioman) to light up sixth sense quicker (like 1sec insted of 2)
    And just make crew retraining to tank and buying new crew for gold lot cheaper

  12. they should make it so that you cant go to negative credits other than with premium ammo and consumables thats just stupid … an average player never makes credits playing tier VIII and above which is kinda frustrating, and with so many tanks in the game now they should make the tanks cheaper the prize jumps between the tiers are so huge … basically the whole economy is too greedy, oh and also they should rebalance some of the older lines like the ST-I because if you dont free exp that stuff you are supposed to play with a 175 pen gun vs IXs and Xs and there are quite a few lines like that where you basically need to free exp a tank because stock is unplayable

  13. when i first started playing i quit after a few games cus tier 1/2 was so boring now i finaly grinded 1 tier 10 and 2 tier 9s and the game is enjoyable so i agree with that first point. i have 4,3k games atm

  14. Man, the stage editor in Smash Bros Brawl…

  15. lootboxes = gambling

  16. I really like your idea

  17. Remove trash/useless guns/equipment from vehicles – there are tanks/td’s that are unplayable until enough times pass / u die doing nothing and eventually u receive enough xp (basically for loading into the game and then dying)
    Slow down grinding from tier 1 to 4 – right now it only takes few battles (not enough to learn anything)
    Most of guns should be unlocked right away for u to choose the one u prefer and xp is needed only to advance next tank.
    A lot of noobs spam HE till 8k games becose HE actually does sthing while stock gun does shit – bad way to learn anything – great idea about “forcing” educational videos .. new players should earn xp or credits for watching them – perhaps some quizz/test witch a/b/c type answers?

    Other thing that annoys me a lot :
    – the idea of 50% stock crew is … its bad for game … new players are kicked in head for beeing new – speed it up … 10 times or so?
    – crew member once having 100% skill on a tank should NEVER loose it! How dumb it is to buy tier X, than u think u hate it, revert crew to tier IX and … they forgot how to play it ? wtf?

  18. Alexandru Rohozneanu

    I would like not to be “penalized” (less xp and credits) in case of a defeat if i’m in the top 3 or 5 of my team. It’s frustrating to do your best in a battle but to punished, just because the majority of my team did bad. I think this will encourage players to do better even if it will look like a defeat.

  19. I think tips and tricks would be golden features to add. Took me forever to learn “Maybe I shouldn’t try to “heavy tank” on a corner with my IS-3 against three tier 10s, maybe I should just leave and go elsewhere”. I have friends that still rely on their armor when poking, and they do barely 2k bounced in a maus (I do average 4k+ bounced) because they poke out with flat turret trying to shoot before the enemy has bounced on auto-bounce angles. First you angle to get the enemy to bounce, THEN you aim to shoot. Would also help if light tank players realized they have guns (I know a lot of people who just drive around spotting very riskily and don’t even bother to try to shoot “Because I’m a light tank hurrdurr”.

  20. The only thing that would really get me going would be cheaper repair costs for tier 8 + tanks.. it really sucks the life out of you to have several bad games consecutively in your tier 10 and waste 100k + credits on repairs and ammo, costs that add up and ultimately add up to the pressure of always performing 100% or taking it on your team mates when you have a good game but lose anyway. This example tries to sum up the fact that once you reach the end game product you are forced to perform using a premium sub or use premium ammo (which only adds up to the battle cost).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I keep losing credits not constantly but gradually ( after selling so many modules and worthless shells ) and at some point I will be unable to sustain my ability to high tier battles…

  21. You guys are all Stupid, can’t you see that Victor over here is a billionaire,he’s too cheap and selfless to do any of this.

  22. I liked that there were smoke curtains in tanks to help when we were seen. There have been since World War II, why not in world of tanks?
    I also think it would help the gold ammunition be cheaper but give about less damage about half of the AP. This way it was better to use the AP ammunition because of the damage and the Gold commissions were only used as a last resort.

  23. I completely agree with the random RNG boxes and daily log in rewards. Being able to obtain new skins or maybe some attachments that could change to look of the tank. This game has a lot of work that needs to be done do it, but i’m looking forward to the future of it.

  24. I was streaming all day so haven’t had a chance to read your comments until just now, going through them and there’s some interesting ideas here, it’s wishful thinking that WG would take anything from this but it’s nice to see positive ideas floating around the community

  25. I think the game mess it complex with complicated. As a new player you don’t experience the game as a complex one but yes as a complicated one. The complex part I love is the strategy and the knowledge you need to play every single tank at is max potential. But all that become complicated when you are punished for no mistakes beside don’t knowing what in the hells is happening. Is a single spawn game and is a fast game (especially in the actual state of low tier). So you end dead asking yourself what you did wrong.
    I’m still a (kinda) new player, since I’m still learning, but so far I will not introduce a new player to the game, sadly. So this are the “why” and how I think can be fixed:

    – You face +2 Tiers on low tiers. Then you get hit by way more alpha/pen guns when you are still learning to drive (you don’t even know how to angle) and try to not fall or flip your tank. Then make low tier (say till tier 5) a -1/+1 MM

    – In the same way you has no 6th sense so you can’t even see most of the time, who is shooting you. A lot of players abuse of this. They know you has no skilled crew in low tier and abuse to hell the view range and for God sake, if you are still trying to figure out how to play 6th sense will not make you over power tanker or save your life, at leas you will know that some one can see you and/or shot you. I’m ok with the grind on other perks/skills because you can chose an make them fit way to play your tank.

    – 800m and 600m are terribad as new player. There is no good deploy as new player, you get flanked 100% of the time while you are still trying to figure out where to go and most important you are learning maps that will never face again (with the exception of Ensk (which still sucks imo). Make low tier play all the other maps. Just need to change the spawn place if low tier are too slow or whatever (like c’on some mid/high tier run even slower than low tier). The plus side is that you can explore the map from early stage in the game, so you will learn actually useful places and try different deploys rather tan run around like a puppet trying to shot something.

    – There is no real tutorial in-game. Imho the tutorial should work somehow like this. A short introduction video about a topic, then an actual play where you try to reproduce that. For example: a short video that show and angled tank with the front of it facing a build being hit by enemies. Then you go to a small place angle your tank and get shot by a NPC tank, you has to absorb 3 shots or something like that. Same for gun depression and for cupola shots, tracking, and etc. Just the basic that you real need.

    -The knowledge of the game comes after a lot of frustration, filled with more grind time than all mmorpg and rpg combined and that is sad. And I will dive this on some points.
    1)Crew: Some how my 200+ battles gunner forgot how to aim because it got a new tank and my driver doesn’t know how to turn the tank neither. The penalties on the base tank are not useful just make you think about is worth to play. Especially when 80% of the time you play against full trained crew with perks/skills. Make skills/perks get less xp when you transfer a crew to your new tank, but remove the penalties on the tank stats pls.
    2)Stock tanks: Some stock are like “Jesus what I did to deserve this”. Remove the useless gun/engine/tracks/radio. Give them a good gun and a variety of guns so you can chose “play style”. You can make them cost more xp if you want, but make the tank enjoyable from the start not a Dante’s inferno. (not to mention in some case you has to grind an useless gun in-between a good gun and a better one).
    3)The tech-tree: So you were playing a LTs for like 400 battles combined on 3 Lts to jump to a MTs :thinking: Like for real.. you go from no armor (and most of the case no damage, till you learn to flank and track) to some decent armor way more reload time (most of the case) and way way less speed and terribad ground resistant and other stats. Then you’re fucked hard 80% of the time (more if you add to that no crew, penalties, base stats). Pls fix it. I can read the real historic development of the tank to know about it and be a more educated person. But I don’t need that in the actual game. (you put tanks that didn’t exits or go to production anyway so.. you got my point).
    4)RNG: so lets say even as a new comers still take my time to watch some videos or I’m invited by some friends that explain to me some basic stuff like shot down plates on this tank and shot the cupola on this one and stuff like that. If you add the points I wrote above to 25% RNG you know what I’m talking about. RNG is too high for god sake. The frustration is real.

    The game is addictive when you enjoy it. Make it fun. Make the player finds and learn while enjoy the game. Again, is a single spawn game, every single mistake is painful when you still don’t know what you are doing. There is no point nor learn when you get oneshot by someone in a faster tank that reached a bush in a high ground place when you are still trying to climb some hill because you are slow due a stupid engine, with no 6th sense and all your stats reduced by crew penalty, against a 2 tier higher tank full upgraded and you are playing a map that still don’t know.
    The personal missions are great but you know what? they start at tier IV and you can’t complete most of then till you get tier VI. Make more small personal missions. Reward the player that find soft-spot to shot. The one that tracked others. Reward assistant plays.
    There is only two kind of multiplayer games that eventually die. The ones that were pay to win and the ones that were bored to players. All the others live and most of them just sell cosmetic and boosters. I don’t get this fear about real-money economy or about “unskilled” players rushing tier X. There’s always the guy that put a lot of money to rush a Tier and there’s always the guy that even after 60k battles still doesn’t know how to play his tank. I will not argue about premium rounds, but pls make the game skill based. I want to be able to track or pen a tank if I played mine better than him. And for sure I will enjoy a match were I get rewarded because I performed good (even if I lose 40k credits) Instead of a watching some guy drowning his tanks because he say it will lose less credits on that way because is stock and can’t pen and to just be on game will waste consumables and ammo for nothing (real example guys.. and I did the maths and he was right. Doesn’t take away the stupid mentality but still a real point)

  26. If only wargaming would watch this video. Great ideas you have my support

  27. I think they need some equipment. Most low tiers are lights and would greatly benefit from a set of binocs and a camo net to get them started. Perhaps even a full set of coated optics, vents, or whatever helps boost the performance of the lower tier tanks. The standard gold start would allow them to move those items through several tanks in the beginning and determine if they want to spend money on the game and continue.

  28. did you know that rspctd got banned?

  29. 1st idea is just bad. already got boosters and too many players getting to high tiers without having a clue. instead limit the new players so they cannot meet guys with 10000/20000 games. Also when seeing a map for first say 20 gamers per map have map routes shown on Tab key so players get an idea of wjere to go. stop players getting past tier 5 until they get at least 45% wr and tier 7 at least 47%wr, far too many 43% or even worse players with 3000 games in top tiers.
    2nd Wg have forums and they never listen to those so you are wasting your time although I do like the idea
    3rd no thanks, regular weekend missions are much better

  30. Buy personal reserves

  31. Also you should check out blitz they’ve used it as a test bed for all these sorts of ideas it seems to me

  32. Pretty good ideas there for the new players there Afield. However, I wonder if giving new players a premium lite (maybe 20% instead of 50% bonus) for a month or two might be better than giving them full prem account for 15 days since they might quite early before they are hooked once they realise how sucky the free account is compared to prem.

  33. Cap the amount of crew skills per level.

  34. You could make lower tiers a lot better for new players by limiting people with T8 to T10 tanks to playing 3 tiers below when you have a T10 in your garage the lowest Tier you can play is T7 (and so on down the line, as required).
    The worst thing for me when I started was going into my tier 1 – 3 and finding Seal Clubbers running around kicking the sh*t out of new players thereby not allowing the new player to learn anything…except giving them the burning desire to do exactly the same thing when they “grow up”..yes me included…. ergo the seal clubbing becomes ingrained in the game.
    My 2 cents worth… now donning my flame retardant suit. 😉

  35. there needs to be a premium crew that can use any nation tank of that tank class (light/medium/heavy/td/spg)

  36. SirRippingtonEsquire

    only way you’re going to attract new players is to kill everything P2W. rebalance gold ammo, reasses the whole crew system, nerf overpowered premiums, lessen stock grinds, etc..

    tried to get friends into this game, but the bottom line was that on top of the gameplay being absolute trash tiers 1-4, they didn’t have the money to pay to be competitive. so they quit and never came back.


  38. For new players you “their own server” would be ideal, but failing that I’d like to see experienced players discouraged from playing low-tier battles. e.g. as soon as a player reaches 5000 battles, all the cumulative statistics from his past (and future) tier I – IV tanks get removed (so total #battles, overall win rate, etc.) He still gets the statistics for the individual tanks, and still gets XP and Credits in case he wants to start a new tech line, but no overall stat effects at all. Thus, no low-tier seal clubbing. That would make the low tiers much more pleasant for newbies. Free Premium Membership for the first 500 battles would be great too.

    At 4:50 you mentioned “incentives for play”. If you start a brand new account now, you’ll see that there are a set of pseudo Personal Missions that are just for newbies. Things like, “Damage an enemy Heavy Tank”, “Research a Tier III vehicle”, “Equip one of your tanks with a Repair Kit”, etc. Plus there’s apparently a new Tank Academy type training environment in development. I don’t know much about it, but do know that it’ll provide quite a lot of in-game tutorial help. It is very rare for me to say anything good about WG, but they’re doing good work in this area.

    re Map Editor. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of map errors in this game (e.g. a pile of rubble that you could drive through when going south, but not when going north. I’ve learned that WG’s map tools are very primitive and low level; certainly not suitable for user editing. WG would have to do a great deal of work to develop intelligent map tools and in-game standards. WG can’t even decide on in-game window standards (click every button in the Garage, and see how different all the resultant new windows are) for their programmers, so there’s no chance of this mapping work.

    I like your reward box idea, and it’s consistent with some of the decisions WG have made recently. I hope they take you up on it.

  39. Awarded with crew boosters or xp boosters when you reach a milestone in the game. Like when you reach 10000 wins etc. Or even a small amount of gold could also be nice

  40. Start off newbies with 100% crews at tier 1. New players already lack personal skill at the game, they don’t need the additional handicap of having a shabby 50% crew (and no equipment such as optics, rammer, etc.). I remember when I first started how confused I was when I was constantly being shot, but couldn’t spot who was shooting me on an open map like Himmelsdorf. I was close to quitting and had hardly any games under my belt.

    The loot boxes sound like a fun idea.

    Player created maps could be a blast. When I was into StarCraft many years ago, making maps and playing maps made by others was one of the most fun things about the game, it kept things interesting for a long time.

  41. It's not what you think

    Some good ideas. The problem is that you are trying to sell this to a Russian company. An American company might hear what you are saying and take notes but WG is too stupid to listen.

  42. Excellent suggestions.

  43. Free content to involve players is good, it helps people get mor einvolved witht he game and buy more tanks/ premium time etc –
    However, loot boxes are akin to gambling, check out this video by Jim Sterling about some good/ bad ideas about Free to play games and how to engage the player base positively, it is pretty good

  44. I highly agree with the idea of help for new players. A large majority of the new players usually end up quitting within a week due to struggle with credits, exp and the overall bs of low tier gameplay. which is quite sad cause the game is so much more enjoyable once you start getting to more complex tanks and mechanics, and when you don’t have to worry about getting one shotted by derpy howitzer guns.

  45. It’s just hard to grind tier 10 tanks I think they should remove researching the modules of the tank cause being a “stock tank” in the game sucks inorder to enjoy the tank you have to suffer a little bit…. so yeah i think making grinding a little easy would be a good idea not only for the players but also for the war gaming

  46. Why don’t they add the Loot Boxes like they have in WoWs or something Similar, It’s a great thing in ships and I’ve always enjoyed it!

  47. 64 k games grindin 2 tier 7 tanks at moment 10 tryies per avarge 2 get x2 done there just shit war gammin dosent care money money money and 1 point xvm percentage nealy always right 75% off time but still it puts all good players on 1 side plus all community contributers are complain about the maps wg just dosent care so were gettin hd maps next but there still the same 1 fuk and all the oldder player remember the maps theve taken out some were brilliant not like these channel maps now my swedish tier 7 td so pottent against type 4 fell sry 4 new players my 2 tips 4 enjoyment xvm balance teams plus get rid off arty it just wrecks games
    thx 4 lising 2 rant liquidnight ps best game fuk wg 4 wrecking it bit by bit

  48. too much boosting to new players is not good for game,but it would make sense for WG(to get more cows for milking)……there is a reason you need to play1 k battles to get tier 8 tank… get experience, learn how game works…… players get about 10 days of premium and some gold even without invite code….loot boxes are interesting but only if they CANT be BOUGHT only EARNED(if they make possible to buy for real money that is just regular gambling and I am against it)

  49. +Anfield I also think the crew skills needs to be reworked , there have been no significant changes to crew skills for a long time.

    Top most useless skills: Call for vengeance, Intuition , Mentor , Controlled Impact , Relaying, Signal Boosting
    There might be more I missed. These skills are barely used, my guess is less than 1% of player base have a crew trained enough to consider taking those skills. Skills should be reworked and give us more variety and an actual choice.

    Loader – Safe Stowage vs Intuition. Make them a viable choices; lets say make intuition increase the reload by 2% or smth. You will have a real choice of skills now , won’t you ?

    Radio Operator – Situational Awareness vs Relaying. Change Relaying into reduce radio noise so it would increase your Cammo Ratting so it would give you a choice , you want view range or wanna be stealthier.

    Also the “old school” crews are kinda redundant to the new girls / BIA crew.

    I have a 5 skill crew in obj 140, the crew has played around 4 k battles; and the same 5 skill crew in the AMX 30 with less than 1 k battles. ( old players are like punished for the time invested in crews ).

  50. A Mentor Program – where Unicoms sign up to be platooned with players, say Tier V or higher, and the player is willing to be charged gold or silver for tutoring in the game. I know this is done privately, and that should not be disturbed. But, if there were a pool of Unicoms who were willing to sign up as mentors and go full voice chat with other players, say for a 5 or 10 game pack, then it could potentially be a game changer for not only the player, but for WoT and for the Unicom. The player benefits from expert advice. WoT takes a small cut from the pool. And the Unicom gets the balance as well as the satisfaction of growing other WoT players. Just brainstorming and thinking out loud.

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