World of Tanks || Ferdinand – 12 KILLS…

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Source: QuickyBaby

of . Today NDS is going to show you the recently buffed T8 destroyer, the Ferdinand fighting for his life and

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  1. 12 kills eh? do u really have to lie to get more clicks? unsubscribed!

  2. Don’t get why everyone gets mad at him. Yes of course, what he did was
    greedy and not very teamplay-ish, but lets be honest.I rather have him do
    that than some of the utterly dumb plays by all you 50% and less

  3. think some of you guys are missing the point…if you knew the final kill
    score, the end result would not have been a surprise!! well played QB…

  4. It is beyond me why you would showcase a scum like this camping like a pig
    in the back.. you have no more replays to put on YT QB?

  5. to sacrifice his teammate for getting a monster game?… that’s not nice…

    unless if he coordinate his team to make the enemy go to his line of shot,
    then its good…

  6. Strike two as far as disappointing videos.

  7. Press F to pay respects

  8. fucking violet camper. fuck off

  9. This is the perfect example of WN8 sniping.

  10. :O quicklybaby lied!
    seriously though, the title is badly misleading.
    i thought that this was going to be a victory because he was on 10 kills
    when he was against the IS2 and the T28 prototype.

  11. Sorry QB this guy is nothing special he camps and as you said happy for his
    team to die and the reason he is fighting for his life is well his own
    fault for not supporting the team, a shown he had shots on tanks with low
    hit points that he could have taken out the game sooner but not he wants to
    farm damage so he shoots the high hitpoint tank next to the low one

  12. while in wot blitz the fedis hp is low af

  13. The front amour is fantastic? What did you drink?

  14. Gold spamming WN8 farmer, and a good example of how many more games in WoT
    would be like this if it wasn’t for arty.

  15. Fjords is one of WG worst corridor maps for TDs that camping position is
    the best ‘logical’ place on this entire map for a TD to go, he did the
    right thing NOT his fault, WG and there small corridor maps fault here ~QB
    yes you! a TD even a Ferdinand is not a heavy tank for assault its slow and
    clumsy and if ANYONE gets around you? your dead! I watch your live stream
    most nights Mr yolo! yes QB your Mr Push and die ~~ also the only TD you do
    well in is the T8 Charioteer as it plays like a Comet maybe? when I watch
    QB in a TD its usually back to the garage soon ~ maybe less criticism for a
    tank class that WG makes more and more redundant in the current game meta?
    just saying

  16. I do like the you kept the fact he died in secret until the end… It was a
    pleasent surprise as I hate when unicum players go camp to a position like
    this and they let the whole team die.. -.-

  17. The Romanian Reaver

    A camper lost? Shocking.

  18. *Video starts at **3:13**.*

  19. Great play! Too bad he lost.. and he was very lucky there was no arty…

  20. i dont like this replay.

  21. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    ? a step pedder?

  22. So glad this scumbag didn’t win the game. Camped the base like the stat
    padder he is, in till his team all died and then slung nothing but apcr.
    Serves him right. Why does QB even show this crap, this replay required
    little skill. Really sad that this channel has turned to replays like


  24. Was watching the game thinking; shit 12 kills means he’s going to kill all
    of them and win… But when he died at the end i was like ‘YESSSSS!!!!!!!’

  25. Wow quick baby…..I don undertand why you did that you now its guess 11not

  26. That kv 4 was a complete idiot

  27. typical td player. sit at back of map steal xp from your team. without
    helping them. good job

  28. wonder how much qbs account would be worth

  29. quickybaby play artillery

  30. I hate mongs like this, top tier in a tank destroyer but spam gold…

  31. 12 kills… Sorry but you are not so smart kappa

  32. I was in my t10 and there was a amx 50B and is7 platoon from fame. God damn
    what are they egoïstic.

  33. Unicum camper in bush… so random…

  34. All you who cry camper, stad padder etc., it clearly shows on his replay
    description (14:07) he was doing TD15 for T55A. Like it or not, camping in
    the back and hoping your team will diminish in front of you leaving
    weakened enemies coming at you one by one is the best way to do this
    mission. Can’t really blame him for that! In most cases an accomplished
    TD15 mission means you lost the game. At least if you’re playing a slower
    td like Ferdinand.

  35. I noticed there were 2 AFK tanks on his team as well. The 110 being his
    teams top tier heavy. That was also significant.

  36. I found the twelfth kill!
    that Fernandez at the very end…

  37. Such a disappointing game to watch honestly. He would have won the match
    had he not wasted all the APCR rounds early on. Just watching him waste
    APCR infuriated me. Had he saved the APCR, he would have penned that last
    shot at the proto.

  38. hey QB, is camping near base, farming damage and kill by sacrificing whole
    of one’s ally right thing to do?IMO,No matter how much damage and kill he
    got,it’s nothing but selfish and despicable playing. u shoud’nt pick up
    this kind of reply.dealing with 1 vs 5 situation maybe looks brilliant,
    but he have brought it on, there’s nothing to praise.hope u wont
    make same mistake.

  39. Yay! He died camping tds confirmed nerfed!!!!

  40. He could not win :/

  41. Ego-centered player

  42. the title, you sneaky Englishman…..

  43. QB why do you have to play my heart like this?

  44. Eeeegh… That was a terrible pun.

  45. I was about to give it a dislike because he is just a camper and spam gold
    when not necessary at all, and being lucky bc so many enemy tomatoes and no
    artillery. But, I want to give it a like bc he lost… Actually, I still
    give a dislike bc I hate snipers sit at base all time and do a lot of

  46. sniping reroll losers like that deserve to lose.

  47. The mere fact you have a false title before 24 hours have elapsed told me
    it would be a heartbreak.

  48. stop showing these heart break they are so painful or at least say its a
    heart break

  49. for someone who tries to say german tank names you sure as hell fail at
    Löwe, Im 98% sure its LUU-Vey

  50. Why show this video? This is a prime example of a stat padding and not
    great play. Quicky, people still come to your channel to learn how to
    play. I don’t like poor teamwork getting rewarded being a feature on here.

  51. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    The guy loaded his APR at what, the 2nd or 3rd round fired of the match? An
    impressive result yes, but that was a hell of a lot of spam at targets that
    didn’t need it (Indien, KV-85, etc).

  52. I would be forever in you gradiude, if @QuickyBaby could a make a video for
    the free cam, or one of you could redirect me to it!

  53. I feel like that hill is so overpowered now, and over used. I usually find
    3-4 people hanging around up there now, not counting the arty. Especially
    since they protected the “heavy alley” against south-side arty by adding
    the rock and opening up the other side of the rock, making it more of a
    circular exit. Now the heavy’s come out with sides showing, and before they
    came out more frontally. Which negated anyone sitting up there usually.

  54. Ah you damn liar…still liked the video.

  55. This feri was a noob

  56. top tier tanks like this one shouldn’t camp from start cause your team will
    loose most was an eff gameplay a good one indeed bust still he
    shouldn’t be there imo.

  57. Vincent “Returd” Vorone

    One of the few replays where I was rooting for the enemy team

  58. MrImmortalityPrince

    This game is more disgusting than an arty one shotting a heavy tank. Seen
    these kind of unicum to super unicum camping far back cause fuck it. I know
    WoT or other online games is not a team game half of the time. This guy
    basically did what most Pz II J drivers, camping/hiding at the base waiting
    for his team to die so he can get 15 kills.

  59. I like how you describe the positioning of the player at the beginning of
    the video, can you please do it from now on? :D

  60. Can you do a live stream on YouTube?

  61. From what I have seen and experienced of that spot you are either going to
    see a win that you had nothing to do with; Or a loss that you had
    everything to do with (the damage that you can potentially do aside). I
    have only ever seen and experienced bitter-sweet or boring results from
    that spot. And so I just don’t go there anymore.


  63. He got 11 kills… Not 12 that’s mean qb

  64. Man, SO close, nice try man, and thx for the video Quickybaby.

  65. OP Nazi TD camping base and stealing kills. Woopteefuckindoo. Least he got
    what was comin to him from a massively underpowered American TD.

    Hey, how about some play featuring tanks that aren’t notoriously OP being
    played by, generally, statpadders camping the base?

  66. That position is useful only for artillery. If a TD (or any other tank)
    camps there, it means he is just waiting for his team to die so he can play
    a bit before losing…

  67. QB how do you use the free camera this way on replays? i tried to do it but
    idk how

  68. Nice work by NDS. Many claims that he did not support his team but in the
    early stages did he not hit six shots? He kept the right flank from
    collapsing, supported the center but it collapsed. So if NDS went to the
    center to begin with he would have been swarmed or the right flank would
    have collapsed and he would have taken rear shots. In both situations he
    would have died quickly. In the comments NDS is being singled out as the
    one who lost the game, what about the rest of the team? They completely
    collapsed across the board. I’ve driven the Ferd for hundreds of games and
    rarely are you effective at the front, the MT’s easily can swarm you or you
    get shot from the rear and sides from the flanks when they go. TD’s work
    best as fire support, not on the front, even if top tier.

  69. That was a nice surprise!

  70. Well, it’s not that terrible to have one TD there. Trouble really only
    starts if more than one idiot hang back.

  71. gold ammo ruins another game !!!!

  72. bush kemping Chai sniping gold spammer

  73. Quickybaby why you do this to us?? We think were gona watch a epic win and
    then its a depressing heartbreaker. Keep it up QB

  74. Good starting position for peddin. Not much good for anything else except a
    last resort at base defence. I normally ask teammates not to go there,
    purple or not.

  75. çağatay kantarcı

    işte türkün gücü YESSSSS UNICOM KEBABS

  76. I play the jagdpanther 2 all the time and have never played that position.
    I admit my style of play is a bit over aggressive for most TDs but suits
    the JP2. I had the ferdy but gave it up right after the JP2 came out. My
    favorite TDs so far are the Hellcat, JP2, and the Jagdtiger but only
    because I don’t have the deathstar yet.

  77. Bad replay QB, expect better from you.

  78. for all the people whining about the 12 kills: QB probably did this to
    apply some sort of a “plot twist” to the video. now please stop stating the

  79. And i had to watch this heartbrake for this and its 11*kills

  80. Another puppy kicking video.

  81. statpad 2 the max

  82. QB – You have probably been asked this before, but how do you move the
    camera round the battlefield like that?

  83. Michael Palladino

    i gotta stop watching these heartbreaks they’re too hard to watch!

  84. I actually peferred the plot twist at the end even tho it was a sad ending,
    thanks to the the false title it made the replay more exciting. You should
    name your videos like this in order to not spoil the final result even if
    it’s a win or loss

  85. My opinion is that at least 20-30% of the statistics of a “good player” are
    maintained by premium ammo SPAMM! This is the perfect example!

  86. he played his tank to its strengths,he could have tried to hold 1 way in
    but as his team fell apart he would have just been swamped and killed any

  87. Random dude of Internetshire

    ferdi does always well against braindeads.
    still wasted 14 minutes on pointless replay

  88. QuickyBaby, could you make other tank videos by listing possible locations
    and strategies? Thanks!

  89. selfish statpadder.

  90. Im crying right now…..

  91. 12 kills? you lier QB

  92. As i thought, he was actually doing TD missions. He says in the replay
    description that this completed TD15 for the T55A…
    We know WG’s personal missions promote unsavory gameplay, but honestly you
    guys are just jumping to conclusions about why he played that way based on
    a preconceived stigma to do with his stat color.

    This was literally just a player changing his game plan to try and complete
    the personal mission, but ended up having a great chance to carry.

    You guys really need to contextualize this stuff better, QB the onus is on
    you for not actually explaining this at the start.

  93. when comes out patch 9.14 ?

  94. He got what he deserved…not the medals,but being killed.

  95. Total cancer play to kemp like this in a Ferdinand, I encountered someone
    with 2600 WN8 and played a obj 907 like that yesterday. Guess what, I have
    the same WN8, 3% higher WR….

  96. If only he hadn’t been firing his APCR at tanks he could easily have penned
    without it, he might have not lost. I’m glad you’re recognizing that he
    played very selfishly though

  97. Sebastijan sudarevic

    And yes he could’ve done something,that last AP shell if you look closely
    bounced of t28prot,if he used high explosive he would’ve won…even tho his
    tactics sucked…

  98. Does 12 = 11? Not in the USA, but maybe where QB is from…


  100. Yes, because his one tank on one front will definitely had made sure all
    the other fronts would have been successful. He definitely would not have
    been focuses by XVM snipers. He made the right choice; bad crew, no turret,
    and he knew no flank would have worked out. Just a single unlucky shot made
    him lose. But baddies will complain

  101. Rolincito Azmitia

    So, this video in a nutshell:
    -Top tier-well-armored TD camps base.
    -Let his team die.
    -Shoots gold like if it was free.
    -A unicum reroll.

    Yup, we can clearly say he is a piece of crap statpadder, move on people,
    no skill whatsoever here.

    Come on QB, there ARE better replays (not mine for sure), but I guess your
    channel, your content. GG

  102. Geometry Dash Warrek

    QuickyBaby, I don’t want to be rude or something, but I didn’t like this
    replay. I enjoy replays with action and fast-paced fights much more… This
    was just TD staying in one place and punishing players, who did not know
    how to deal with him. Fair enough, you gave good advice for positioning and
    so on, but this replay lacks action 🙂 Anyways, I really enjoy your videos
    and I learned a lot from you :)

  103. I REALLY think you should change that title XD

  104. therandomnessisreal

    Well played, so lucky that most of the enemies were unable to aim and that
    there was no artillery in the game though, also quite bad for the teammates
    that he was camping in the back farming wn8.

  105. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    quickybaby breaking my peoples hearts again like always

  106. I wander if Q.B. has ever heard the term, (hind sight is 20/20)? I doubt

  107. fucking gold fegget people like him are cancer just like the sky rapers

  108. 12 kills?

  109. jagdpanther 2 or ferdinand?

  110. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    And ofc, Top tier, 246 pen, tier 8 only, and he still go for APCR to shoot
    IS 3, JP 2, kv 85….reroller.

  111. That position is good for lightly armored td-s and artys

  112. Bad player, bad performance… Only reason he´s purple is because he

  113. 12th kill?

  114. Oh god LOL these comments just made my night. All crying “gold spammer”,
    “camper”, “violet stat padder” and my favourite “let his team die”… X”D
    Just hilarious. All of you guys should really just stop for a second and
    THINK. Where could he go? Up north with a slow ass TD and NEVER reach the
    battle? In mid with the rest of the lemmings and probably not being able to
    do anything because you are just blocking each other? Or go west where is
    only 1 tank who may be overruned at any second? Sure you can try any of
    those and end up with like 1k damage, 0 kills and your team still lose.

    Also you think he could “save his team” by going anywhere instead of
    camping? How so? How can you be in 3 different positions at the same time
    to “save your team”? Please someone tell me, I wanna know. And please just
    don’t call this guy a unicum. He is just another tomato with like a
    previous 1k wn8 and just reseted his account.

  115. He’s not good, the enemy team sucked so bad

  116. That was such a such a heartbreak…wow…I have no words… :O

  117. yea praise the base camper, who watches his team die and then plays the
    hero by killing leftover enemies……..I wonder how much scrubs will copy
    that, and think they actually do something good….I’m looking forward to
    seeing even more noobs camping in base and thinking that they do something
    “good”…that said go **** yourself QB 🙂
    btw when do you show another replay of an arty, M44 preferred, shooting
    gold only????

  118. It is the job of td to get in a position to snipe that means td camps

  119. is2 was using the 100mm

  120. Camper allways lose :P

  121. He had no other option than the camp on this map…. 1) He is a TD with
    terrible mobility and easily penned armor (yes it is easy)… 2) His team
    is full of retards, tomatoes and bots, worthless scrubs like these wouldn’t
    defend his flanks for a second and without that kind of support the
    Ferdinand is dead. So stop bitching about him at least he was using his
    brains unlike most of you failing in WoT.

  122. Anyone else notice the oxiclean edit fail?

  123. And that’s why i want ferdinand not jpanter II

  124. What a pro this guy is.Top tier with an excelent gun with allmost 250 pen
    and he spames premium like a fucking scrub and camps instead of supporting
    his heavy tanks which he could easily given his gun armor and hit points
    plus a huge firing arc.
    That’s why people should give less fucks about stats, because of asshole
    plays like these.

  125. No skill, just tomato camp…., deserved to die…

  126. from what i saw, shooting premium amo when not needed, camping and not
    helping the team, that unicum stats came after few rerolls.

  127. BestCocBaseBuildings

    gold noob

  128. This is one of the main reasons why WG will not take away the presence of
    artillery. To sum it up, a purple rated base camper who doesn’t trust his
    team, watched his teammates perished one after the other, and ultimately
    led to his own demise.Watch carefully and you’ll realize that he did little
    help to his team while most of them were still alive, and .the enemy team
    truly deserves the win

  129. One of THE best replays ive seen in a long time, such a shame he lost…

  130. He didnt deserve to win at all. Not a heartbreak at all. Im happy the red
    team won.

  131. tomasz kulawinski

    I think his gameplay was disgusting 🙁 bloody camper who have lost this
    game for his team. Guy with highest wn8 in a whole match should go and
    support his team, and with his firepower they could win it, instead he
    tried to be seal clubber sitting at the back… disrespect for this player.
    Maybe it was the same guy u showed in the past seal clubbing in tier 2
    Pz.II j ? ;)

  132. Quickybaby: man these are some meaty hits!
    All the ISU drivers: man, this gun roles for shit!

  133. how is he unicum if he plays like that :D

  134. i dont know if u did it but,can u do livecommentarys too or like lets
    plays,would be cool

  135. karma for an egoistic camper, he didnt deserve the medals

  136. 8:57
    I think so
    Edit: you cheated me…
    Well hi deserved that for leaving his team die.

  137. Veronika Brédová

    no 12 kils

  138. gold idiot

  139. And here, we see, a unicum damage farmer that allows his allies to die in
    order to reap the HP of all weakened low win8 enemies.

    A fitting death at the hands of a tomato…

  140. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Camping in a Ferdi, just don’t do it, if you want to camp in TDs there is a
    different German TD line waiting for you. Once you get to the Ferdi you
    need to start learning the heavy support role that the remaining tanks in
    the line play. The last thing you want is a camping JPE100 when you get

    I do admit that you should be more campy in a tier 10 game with the Ferdi,
    but still not to much.

  141. i feel like he made a tiny mistake at the end when he blindfired at the
    T28proto in the cap. @12:05 he had 1:29 to reset and he could have waited a
    bit longer for the IS2 to come to him, shut IS2 down while still keep
    frontal armor to the T28. then go in take a hit and finish T28 off.
    anyway, great skill and great game

  142. i was promised 12 kills this is outrageous

  143. TROLL TITLE! :D


  145. great waste of time it doesn’t matter how well you do a loss is still a

  146. why did you flag the Quickybaby rage video on YouTube? to ashamed after
    years of having it up?

  147. Elefantastic! replay

  148. So much for 2.5k WN8. Retarded positioning, retarded waste of gold rounds.
    This replay is not even worth showing on this channel.

  149. There you can see single-player World of Tanks game. I do know QB, I really
    feel like this game wasn’t that special, this is the exact teamplay that I
    just hate to see. If the enemy were a bit smarter, they would have rushed
    him, alternatively they could just cap and he would have no chance. That
    dead Skoda would have made a great wall.
    Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing more TD players taking that

  150. If the didn’t spam all that gold ammo he could have won.

  151. +QuickyBabyTV don’t underestimate the power of red players. we beat QSF-S
    with a green team 7-0 so there you go. Admittedly we had 3 very strong
    players as well as the “Field Commander”.

  152. 11 kills, not 12 kills :)

  153. Well it had a twist title doesn’t reveal..

  154. JP2 of Ferdi?

  155. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    I would lobe to see how a unicorn rage when he get kill by a tomato in such
    a good game.

  156. gold noob

  157. He deserved to die.. i dont like campers

  158. Note: Don’t kemp bush and spam APCR

  159. Unicum player in an OP TD as top tier taking on a bunch of muppets and
    we’re supposed to be impressed by this replay? Come on QB, we want to see
    the underdog win. We want to see the gun in the underpowered tank who isn’t
    as good at the game pulling off plays like this. That’s more impressive.

  160. Campers always die >:)

  161. Oh, a statpadding red line camper spamming gold? GG!

  162. He got what he deserved. He practically let 3/4 of his team die for his own
    personal benefit. I’m not taking anything away from his play, he did
    everything correctly, but he in no way deserved to win this game. I’d like
    to see him try to do this against tier 10 tanks, he’d get obliterated.

  163. you write 12 kills but it were only 11?

  164. Half of the comment section: “Quickybaby he got 11 kills not 12.” Me:
    (facepalm) He’s hiding the heartbreak because he doesn’t want to spoil the
    outcome. Use your brains people.

  165. if i saw someone getting probably the round of his life and i was the one
    to kill him i would probably let him kill me

  166. Justice! Camp and die NDS.

  167. take a ferdi into a close range fight and you will get wrecked. big big
    weakpoints and flat armor that will get abused.

  168. Wow, NDS should’ve won. rip

  169. Ferdinand or JP2

  170. Please do more misleading titles, it takes to much away to know right away
    how the game will play out – really really good job on this part. Also
    liked the video of course ;)

  171. *QuickyBaby, You should probobly change the title :P*


    *Becuse it was 11 Kills if not you tried to make it more intense and not
    say that it was a heartbrake.*

    *You cheeky bastard xD*

  172. ThePelaajapoika50

    11 kills not 12 :D

  173. Anyone else want QB to do Good guys -videos?

  174. Totally deserved that defeat!

  175. actually NDS did 11 kills instead of 12 :P

  176. Did anyone notice the title said 12 kills when it’s actually 11?

  177. LIAR! He has 11 kills…..

  178. Purple camper, clasic.

  179. My computer has been broken for 6 -7 months or so and I am currently
    getting it fixed. I plan on playing world of tanks again but is there an
    incentive to play again? Like rewards for coming back to the game after
    many months or simply cumulative rewards?

  180. would’t it hurt if you changed the intro

  181. not to be rude… but really, A Uncicum player letting his team down by
    camping and shooting nothing but gold… WN 8 is mostly earned by doing
    damage, so you can see what kind of player he is… Well played by the
    enemy IS 2!

  182. germans are angry because Merkel is insane and th anger shows in this game.

  183. Mmmm all that extra health. More damage and more xp! 😉
    GG WG best buffs

  184. I have nothing against camping, but from where you can influence on game
    from begining, this way is more like jerkish!

    Also not much skills just APCR and camping!

  185. If he saved some of the premier he didn’t need he woulda won.

  186. 11 kills

  187. He had 11 kills… Not 12………………


  188. Nice vid. It’s 11 kills Quicky, not 12.

  189. gg the shitty red player gets the RNG of his life ruining one of the best
    games for a player… *facepalm*

  190. and FINALLY.. :D

  191. #kv2autoloader2016 right?

  192. Quicky…… he had 11 kills, not 12

  193. I knew the “12 kills…” had too many dots…

  194. Ferdinand – 12 KILLS…? Where is 1 kill?
    He kill 11 tank on games + his own dead

  195. that fucking clickbait, 12 kills my ass

  196. if he hadnt spammed gold like a tard during the game, he d have been to use
    them vs t28 prot. i dont like this kind of player and i m happy he died in
    the end.

  197. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    In my opinion i think that position was not so good for a tank destroyer to
    stay there .

  198. lern too title videeos

  199. 12KILLS???!!!

  200. pls activate title in this video wtf??

  201. i like the way you didn’t spoil the heartbreak :)

  202. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Tomato won a game! :D

  203. i feel so bad for NDS , that is2 did the right thing, not bzing greedy and
    giving the win to his team

  204. Samuel Giovannucci

    Heart break is true, but he asked for it since he camped in the back. I’d
    have been ticked off if he was on my team.

  205. noob player

  206. Gold ammo everywhere and jpanther 2 makes this tank meh

  207. only 59,000 credits away from the BL-10 >:3

  208. Totally not here from the stream

  209. vids not visa

  210. 24th lol

  211. can you do another tank review quickybaby?

  212. watching the stream while u uploaded :D

  213. this player seems interesting

  214. sturemill is cool tenk!

  215. well he said its gonna be a charioteer vid

  216. T-62A or 140?

  217. first

  218. Brian Marnersson Joensen


  219. Thunder Leonhardt

    EDIT: It’s my first time when I’m the FIRST comment… I wanna thank the
    stars for aligning this evening for me to get first comment.
    Good job on hiding the heartbreak, by stating 12 kills, when there were
    actually only 11. Really liked it, keep up the good job, QB!

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