World of Tanks – Fire For Effect

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Source: The Mighty

I forgot to put a description here. Whoops.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. why_cant_we_be_friends If you read this THANK YOU. You are a very good sport and Teammate. If your ever play world of warships Id gladly div up with you. Jingles thank you for another great video. o7 to you all.

  2. People For The Ethical Treatment of Gingers will be writing a VERY sternly worded letter over that hateful little joke!

  3. akshully Jingles….’gingers’ DO have a soul…many…they get a freckle for every soul they steal….

  4. This game CLEARLY SHOWS what the WORST PART of this game has become.  You HAVE TO CARRY SO MUCH SHIT TEAMS to get a win.  Sure, it SEAMS all glorious when MJ does his voiceover, but it’s get’s sooooo tiring when you have to get 3,4,7+ kills to carry all the morons on your team.

  5. wot your shots are rng doesnt matter how well you can aim so the best strat in that meta, throw as many shells as possible with the best avg dmg

  6. Yawn! Never did get why spotting in tis game. Pop the commanders hatch and bam we all have the same sporting range. WoT is boring

  7. ThatguyfromMichigan

    I have brown head hair but I am capable of growing a red beard, so I guess I only have half a soul.

  8. To our Lord and Master the Mighty Jingles
    maybe that is why you have not messaged me
    Regarding the beginning of this video about sacrificing gingers aye sir jingles am I a ginger but I couldn’t give two shits or two fucks If you like gingers or not just giving you shit because I can

  9. Tier 6 only is pretty common on SEA server now. New MM they are testing is great.

  10. fountleroy tinkertoy

    at least its not another shit ship video….


    1:30 Kind of like the World if Warships Christmas containers?

  12. Them is some fightin words there jingles ? #gingerandproud

  13. Anyone else nearly crap their pants when he clearly got turned around and came up the wrong ravine thinking he was coming behind the t150? As soon as he lights it, he turns the turret. Prior he was pointing away from the enemy expecting him to pop up in front of him. Unfortunate misplay. Up till then he was doing fantastic.

  14. I can confirm as a ginger, we have no souls. We do however earn a freckle for every soul we steal.

  15. U think it’s funny to take the piss out of redheaded people u old cunt

  16. Taiwan is technically China. You were right almost calling it Taiwanese

  17. Jingles have you seen the lasted video from QB about World of Tanks… The title is “Is World of Tanks Dying”? An in depth review of the MANY issues in WOT and how the game is in a death spiral due to Wargaming inability to listen or correct these many issues… You know things have hit a critical point in WOT when QuickyBaby is openly discussing them on YouTube!!!

    P2W Tanks & Ammo
    +/- 2 Matchmaking (especially bad at tier 8)
    Premium Tanks Power Creep
    No new content and poor reworked maps

  18. Jingles, I don’t know of you’ve seen Quickybabys video entitled “Is World of Tanks Dying”, but I would love to know your thoughts on the matter.

  19. Nice play.

  20. Idiot didn’t know that someone capping must be in the cap circle…

  21. This piece of… T-150 should die. Hate that kind of loosers. If type wouldn’t be out of ammo T-150 would beg for mercy like piece of….

  22. Consistency, Jingles.. Consistency! That’s what I demand from you.

    Since usually the intro music is softer than the speech, I didn’t expect this one video to have it all the opposite. What kind of games are you trying to play with my mind, Rear Admiral?

    My mental state is already on edge from timeless shifts in the salt mines, y’know?!


  23. The Type-64 is Taiwanese. Fuck China.

  24. As a ginger, i can confirm that the RNG gods don’t enjoy my sacrifices.

  25. Jingle u scrub chinese cnt evn connect to youtube they only got youku
    We taiwan owned the tank ga dang it

  26. Actually jingles …. lol it never fails …. lol haha nice troll Jasper 😉

  27. He should’ve aimed for the rear of the T-150 to try and get an engine fire.

  28. More xp than the top player on the red team???

  29. The only thing that makes up for them making the Taiwanese tank Chinese is them making the Taiwanese tank way too good.

  30. Damnit jingles, I want to sleep!

  31. Old intro… hmmm…

    He’s up to his old shenanigans again, isn’t he :3

  32. Would be interesting to hear Jingles take on QB new vid ??? HE is breaking down the decline of WOT.

  33. If I was the type 64 driver, I would’ve circled around further north and come into the trees instead of poking in front of him

  34. So guess Jingles isn’t going to be asked to host the Academy Awards 🙂

  35. Always good to see your videos much love from the United States and the the city that’s home of the mighty BB-55

  36. Anthony Lautzenheiser

    Beach= Lose, killed by tank that took the beach.

  37. Hey Jingles, any thoughts on quickybaby’s video about WoT population?

  38. intro volume a little soft

  39. “Gingers have no soul…” What? Gingers have plenty of souls! They gain a freckle for each one the collect!

  40. You need stronger glasses it is not the SU100 it is the T34-85m that´s his fan

  41. Another Jingles screw up to add to the list. Thats a lot of coal for you this year :^)

  42. Can’t ever read “Fire for effect” without hearing the old Enemy Territory artillery strike call.

  43. Ginger here, confirmed. No heart or soul. But full of majik.

  44. Ooopphhhhh… >.< heartbreaker indeed

  45. that would be the best matchmaking…same tiers…or just +1

  46. I was in a good mood this morning, until I watched this replay…. thanks Jingles

  47. Existance is Pain

  48. I saw what you did there jingles. You were about to say taiwanese and you coughed and said chinese instead you sneaky bastard. Well done good sir.

    Edit: this is the result when you have a lt who has better spotting than a higher tier lt.

  49. Hey jingles been a while since i watched as i took a break from wot but ive been playing robo craft i think you would enjoy it quite a bit!

  50. Some misplays at the end but still a heartbreak

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