World of Tanks – Firefly

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Source: The Mighty

Look, here’s the thing. It’s really hot here, I have to turn the air conditioning off to record a video quietly and I ain’t turning it off for longer than half an hour for anyone! So enjoy todays’ short video!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. It was 110 in Arizona yesterday jingles, and the only day below 100 next week is Tuesday when its ninety-six. the nine key wont work on my computer for some reason

  2. Jingles: I’m dying at 83 degrees Fahrenheit
    California: summer temp go “brrrrrttttt”
    It’s 97-105 average here

  3. Uh, Jingles…get new windows. Seriously, if you’re house is truly well insulated, but it’s still getting hot in summer, your windows are letting in that heat. You need windows that reflect away most of the heat.

  4. i will take 29 any day its 37 today in Texas

  5. 29C? Are you kidding me? That’s merely warm. It’s going to be 41C in Redding (California) today.

  6. Swede can confirm, I live in Uppsala 45min train ride from Stockholm, it’s just about too hot here for comfort D:

  7. Consult the customer service if your account has been suspended, hahahaha. As if they know that the players are fucked up 😀

  8. Come on jingles.. You’re not even trying.

  9. HEY JINGLES!!! What happened to workshop Wednesday? We want it back!!!

  10. Widepark is deemed too small a map for tiers higher than 6. But Mines is somehow just fine for tier 10 battles. Wargaming gonna Wargaming.

  11. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    Laughing in 32 degrees Celcius in Malaysia XD

  12. New meaning to: “hot off the presses” ?

  13. Jingles it was 32″c here before humidity put into it and that is in Ontario.
    Also Jingles where the meows?

  14. 29? cute. 26 is avg here in buenos aires. and ive experienced up to 46 in the north of argentina.
    Btw. it was -1 this morning. and i came to work in my bike… thats -20 at 70/80 kph.

  15. Last SpartanStanding

    Here from Louisiana and 83 sounds nice although 83 is never 83 when you are living somewhere where humidity loves staying at 100%

  16. Come to southwest Texas, where it’s a daily 102°F every day

  17. 35 degrees London

  18. british glue is not designed for temperatures higher than 25° 😀

  19. 90 degrees F in mid USA. About 30-32 C. not sure

  20. Sound from the AC unit? If only Jingle Jangles knew how noise suppression software works… He wouldn’t have to apologize for kids screaming outside, open mic hissing, or general background noise.
    Wait… What are you doing with the shovel? *Smack*

  21. Oh Jingles, that evil laugh… You clearly know our video addiction problems and are joyously threatening us with withdrawals

  22. Its fawking 112 farenheit on the regular here lmao

  23. Laughs at the peasants in Texan around the world who complain about heat

  24. You know what people don’t want to see in the comments when it’s much hotter than what they are normally used to? People in the comments talking about how hot it is in their country and how it is completely normal. Kind of missing the point.

  25. Top Gun and Confederate together is mighty impressive!

  26. 29 C that is nothing try 42 C in Phoenix

  27. I’ve been in a 52°C day… That was pretty warm…

  28. lived in Louisiana, Miami,Florida and Texas….29 Celsius….LM-MF-AO. Try 34 with 10,398,234,293,847% humidity, gotta bring a camel pak with u to check ur mailbox

  29. Jingles, don’t be such a wimp, today here in Phoenix. AZ it will get 45 degrees C in the shade. Not too bad, if you wanted a 3rd degree sunburn, it would only take 10 minutes. dave

  30. Gareth Fairclough

    Jingles is hot and wants a quickie.

    Ooh er, missus.

  31. We reached 108f yesterday and are expected to reach it today, 85f sounds like nice nippy weather here in Arizona jingles lol. Big fan, great content! Miss the “good, bad, and ugly series”

  32. 106 f here today what are you bitchin about ?

  33. Try dealing with 100% humidity, bro.

  34. Jingles in 29 degree: bloody hot
    Me:that’s winter temperature for me

  35. Texas is over rated. Come to Missouri, we have humidity:)

  36. Two cold beers fix everything. One for your hand and one for the personal bits. Cheers!

  37. hmm weather is calling for 92 degrees here in South Carolina USA with high humidity so i can understnad AC

  38. I grew up in Palm Springs, CA (USA) and in 1998 we had a day that reached 132- oh, uh… (starts thinking of what I’d tell my Korean wife it was) 55+ degrees.
    It was regularly in the high 40’s.

    29 would still have me scrambling for A/C. No shame Paul. Then again, perhaps my genetics- 40% English though they combine Scots so I think it is more like 20-20 English Scots, 15% Swedish, 15% Irish, 15% Franco-German (it’s all German, this is America) and like 5% Russian, (technically 3% with 2% “unknown” but come on) I guess I am destined to find it too hot anywhere in the southland of this state. Even my wife is always telling me I am a wuss and disbelieves my desert heritage XD but I still stand by the “No shame, Paul” claim with AUTHORITY AND GRAVITAS FROM LITTLE DEATH VALLEY, PALM SPRINGS

  39. British houses well insulated?
    Well, come to germany once. I have never found a house in GB that is even metinoable next to ours in this kinda regard.

  40. 29°??? I hope you know im laughing in Floridian Jingles.

  41. Here in San Antonio, Texas, we will have 29C as well today! It’s rainy and overcast. Probably will be the coolest day of the summer! lol

  42. Jingles: “It’s 29 degrees”
    Me: *lives in Australia*

  43. MackieStingray2040

    If it makes you feel better, last week here in Toronto it was 34-36 C then two days later it dropped to 13C…….bloody hell….then it went back up to 28C……..yeah……Mother Nature….go home you’re drunk….

  44. it was 44°c yesterday here in AZ

  45. But what’s the humidity out there? Asking for a Texas friend.

  46. 0:54 @The Mighty Jingles , 28C outside?! How the &%$# did you guys ever colonize the World with you $%#$@ing about 28C when it’s near 40c in some of the places you colonized!!!

  47. Jingles, there’s an application called RTX voice that remove all kinds of noises from your recording except the voice. it uitilise GPU power, machine learning and all sorts of witchcraft and it really works well. try it out since it’s free so you can blast AC while recording.

  48. We had 43c here last year in Germany, Jingles.

  49. We Americans need to start a new Marshall Plan to supply Europe with proper air conditioning.

  50. Jingles won’t sweat for his minions in the mines. Is there an uprising in the making?

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