World of Tanks || First Blood – T34B

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – T34B. Today I’m playing the T34B for the one and only time – thanks to Jesper for the gift.

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of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Don’t forget how overmatch mechanics will be changing plus the tank buffs
    this will be getting soon that will help it a lot!

  2. only idiots buy prem tanks

  3. +QuickyBaby

    great review not to long ago of the t34!
    But next patch these are the buffs to the t34:
    -view range to 380 from 360
    -aim time from 3.4 to 3.2
    -gun dispersion values for moving, hull traverse and turret traverse from
    0.32 to 0.28

    furthermore gun depression buffs to the french autoloaders

  4. Elc amx tank review

  5. Its now avail;able on the EU Servers for JUST £19.21 !!!

  6. Help Me Reach 50,000 Subs With No Videos

    Wargaming said they’re buffing the T34 a bunch in the test server, however
    it only says T34, do you think it would count as the T34 B also?

  7. QB good morning! How many years do you play WOT and you still did not know,
    that the first game in your new tank ALWAYS will be on the top of the list?
    After that first game everything goes back to normal, but yeah – the very
    first game is on top, and that applies to evey tank, not only prems.

  8. 1:35, wow how generous wg once was
    3:00 lol is3 ^^

    What is “powercreep” – new op tankus ?

    I played the T34 alot, when i was a noob, like obviously stronk turret and
    nice pen on standard ammo, but now….
    suxx, that they don’t buff it, it needs it desperately.

  9. #BlackTanksMatter!!

  10. Agreed about T34.. those new “freedom / patriot” tanks put it to trash…
    either speed or gun stats of this tank need to be buffed.. Also everyone
    says it has higher alpha damage.. yeah.. those +10 dmg (avg) make a great
    difference from 390 for sure.. it does not matter if you have 390 or 400…
    not that big difference.. also want to point out the grief of tiger II…
    it is regular tank that you have to buy in germ. heavy line.. yet it is
    worse in most stats compared to those new prems..

  11. I’m pretty sure you get favorable MM in your first battle on ANY tank. Or
    at least that used to be the case ~1 – 2 years ago when i was playing.
    Unless you’re in a platoon.

  12. B stands for “Bullsh*t”

  13. The T34 has been vastly improved by the HD model reworking. It’s a beast
    now when it’s top tier.

  14. About a year ago I bought the T34!! Yes it’s slow a hell, has very bad
    dispersion, and aim time, and hull armor, and turret traverse, and load
    time, and gets T10 MM, BUT if you you play decent enough, even if you lose
    the match you still make money!! This is the onlçy reason why I bought it.
    If you can find a good hull down position only arty and T9 and above can
    hurt you! This tank needs a little love with the Patriot arrival!! Either
    give it less dispersion (main problem IMO), less aim time OR give it only
    T9 MM!!

  15. Yes, every first game with a new tank you buy (premium or non premium)
    always gives you a top tier match. Standard game rule.

  16. oh my fuck in god they did IS-6 Black
    GG WG

  17. No you don’t get preferential mm because of the first game in a premium.
    You get it because you have a premium account as well. I got my Patriot 2
    weeks ago and my first battle was tier 10 and I lost the 3 first games (2
    of them getting the high Caliber} because my team was a bunch of headless
    chicken running around. I have a premium tank but no premium account.

  18. T29 is a good tank but T34? Just a T29 with higher alpha and pen but
    everything else is worse.

  19. QB you get pref mm in the first game you play in any tank.

  20. T34 has 248mm penetration

  21. well since I had it for free 5 years ago I can’t complain…. but I won’t
    be so sure that WG won’t nerf the patriot

  22. Gift or not I’m not in favour of this tank being shown on a video. We must
    remember that this was a real joke of an “offer” from War Gaming (WG) with
    the black version cost more than the standard T34. The T34 is already the
    most popular premium heavy in the game and WG want you to pay more for
    another one painted in black! It’s a joke of the highest order and
    following Quickybaby’s review of the offer earlier I would have hoped that
    he would not have had any more to do with this tank. Basically he would
    have continued to side with the WG community who essentially provide him
    with a living and correctly pointed out WG’s mistake with this suggestion
    of an “offer”

    Well obviously not. My suspicious side would almost say that perhaps
    someone from WG had a quiet word in his ear. This is a huge shame and
    perhaps Quicky is actually a WG employee after all.

    I would seriously like to know if there were any serious sales numbers of
    this tank I hope not. I can gladly say I haven’t seen one in game..

  23. Stop buying those damn tanks. That’ll teach WG a lesson.

  24. Moja Marowak Šolja

    Patriot OP!?= then IS-3 IS-2 KV-2 and T-54 Light weigt are also OP!

  25. QB your timing is exceptional. Just yesterday they announced both a buff to
    T34 and reparations for folks who had bought a T34B.

  26. Next time: Pink TOG II “Jingles Edition” for 99€.

  27. Does the patriot have a 120mm?

  28. You didnt miss the Hummel.

  29. I sold my T34, couldn’t stand the thing..such a slowwww frustrating tank to
    play, especially with all these autoloaders , meds and light tanks now.

  30. My experience is that if you play first time with a tank (does not matter
    premium or normal tank) you are the topmost tank. At the first game always.

  31. Doesn’t t34 also have more crew, so you can train more crew every game?

  32. Well if u dont like T34 B, send hm in my garage. I’d like to have one
    premium tank in my garage 😀 ;)

  33. I played the pants off the T-34 in WoTBlitz. So I really don’t want to play
    this anymore in PC. But I really did enjoy it “back in the day” The one
    real advantage the t-34 has over the Patriot is that tier 9 and 10 tanks
    “must” respect the t-34s gun. While the patriot can do well let’s face it
    the much lower alpha isn’t as much of an immediate threat.

  34. that moment when you open wot and see `Is 6 black edition´ wargaming
    serieusly stop it now

  35. QB please do a review on UE57.

  36. Let’s face it, Patriot makes the following tanks obsolete: Pershing, Patton
    KR, Super Pershing (even with a buff and preferential MM), T32 and T34.

  37. 10:20 Is this an honest question? Is he actually that dense, or is this
    some kind of subtle hint? Not only should this be blatantly obvious to
    someone who’s played as many games as QB, but WG employees have said as
    much about new tank matchmaking on the forums. In the two+ years I’ve been
    playing I have never had anything other than top tier in my first battle in
    a new tank.

  38. WG are money whores. Nuff said.

  39. Much more entertaining than Jingles.

  40. i like the t34 more then the patriot because its great at standing hulldown
    and you save a lot of credits because youre not spamming gold al the time
    and if you put youre gun in front of youre commanders hatch they hit most
    of the time youre gun and if you have a 100% crew that i have its not that
    bad if youre gun gets damaged

  41. Nice QB, you have ruined my thoughts about you. You almost say: “Go buy
    T26E5 and sell this crap…” No I won’t sell it. I have loved T34 way
    before Patriot and doesn’t stop it! I know it’s T26E5 better, but why?
    Because WG policy, before it was: Premium worse then same tier. Now it’s
    the opposite for 80 % last relased tanks. And also I hate the paint of that
    “Patriot” Why the hell must be in this paint in EU when in US is with and
    without too?

  42. this one have + 3 % camoflage ?

  43. could you do a review or gameplay on the löwe?

  44. i say the T26E5 is the MegaPershing

  45. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Sellout. Disliked.

  46. fu kvicky babi

  47. Doing a series on how to use tanks that have suffered from POWER CREEP
    would be good I think?

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