World of Tanks – First Province Game and Some Balanced Defender

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Source: Anfield


  1. This map is next level shit…

  2. he shouldn’t even have a chat….

    • Hmm, do you have 25k people who watch your vids? Oh no, that’s Anfield, because he is actually a likeable dude. Unlike you, you toxic piece of shit. Just get the fuck out of here if you don’t like what you see.

    • who the fuck are you no video content on your channel piece of shit nigga

    • Oh that’s nice. So you really are a stupid kid who has to throw racist slurs around to feel powerful. That just shows how dumb and ignorant you are you little shit. Take your meds and leave the not mentally disabled people alone. Grow up kid, maybe you won’t be hated by everyone someday.

    • yo don’t like your own comments and talk shit it’s cringy af

    • your mom

  3. The great dictator

    snap shot in a defender, that was dumb

  4. I relly do not get how you pened that Type4 ans VK turrets…. i can shot 100 times with gold and ever get a single pen and you peened 4+2 tiemes?

  5. bikhlarrova marakov

    get older bro …. you look like a kid

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