World of Tanks – First T110E4 Game!

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Source: Anfield



  1. Great Video, on this heavy tank. anfield will you ever start doing more reviews on some of your fav tanks. ETC

  2. liverpool lost 🙁

  3. But what did that guy get? You can’t just leave us hanging, Anfield!

  4. Anfield, how do you like the E4 compared to the E 100?
    As it stands, the E 100 is, by far, my favorite tank in the game, but I’m not too keen on getting the E4 because it doesn’t look like it’s that much of a boost over the T30, certain trade offs displease me. The lack of gun depression kills it for me the most, at least in theory. That APCR pen though… Mmm.

  5. You seriously consider this a good game in a T10?

  6. nice dude. the e4 was the first 10 i 3 marked

  7. I’m kind of glad i finally lost interest in this game..i still watch content but i only got mad when i tried to play

  8. E4 gun handling kills the tank for me. I’d be fine with a more mobile, less armoured E 100 if it didn’t have 0.23 turret traverse dispersion. That being said the APCR rounds are pretty hilarious and not only do they partially make up for the poor accuracy, but they also tilt the fuck out of 90% of the EU player base — it’s great.

  9. Just buy T-34-3 for that gold ppl are sending. Kappa

  10. I got to 93% on this and then shit the bed. I’m gonna fucking 3 mark it tho

  11. This dude has no idea what’s going on


  13. 7:46 me everyday in wot

  14. Lol that ending, so familiar. Seems that everyone is running away from me just to get killed by someone else xD

  15. you never played the E4?

  16. I was in the e4 xd

    crew is repairs and 6th and that is pretty much it. Was my first game in it too.

  17. “First T110E4 Game”, and yet people hate on it for not being the best E4 game ever. It’s ok Anfield, maybe one day your fans will learn how to read and the comment section will have peace.

  18. Well played to the enemy 183 for contributing easy farm

  19. They use HE on SEA too lmfao

  20. Whats the patch like?
    Which is better 62A or 140?
    Why are you not running GLD?
    Do you agree arty needs a buff?
    Do you enjoy the new light tanks?
    Can you stop firing gold please?

    Love Nutkase

  21. Looks up at 3:25
    Oh hey, I know KruggWolfe

  22. “I played the E4 on another account, I did TD15 for him on the Obj. 260”? Not something I would mention on the internet bro ….

  23. 7:41 Anfieldgasm

  24. Hate the fact when you turn the hull, your aim turns as well. Only downside for me, it’s an okay tank tho.

  25. I have a replay of Antria’s first game ever from my perspective. Wanna replay cast that? Kappa

  26. Anfield how would you rate the E4 compared to the E100 / VK72(since thats the better E100 now) ?

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