World of Tanks – Flank Cooperation Guide Revisited

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Problem is: This examples you gave are very good, but kids and no brainers will not use them… Seems taht they cant leran anything 😀

  2. While this is great as an introduction to how flanks cooperate on maps I’d very much like to see indepth analysis of this. I’ll protect you from Antria if you can do this >;) <33

  3. Retard people dont watch YouTube, that is the main problem dear Anfield.

  4. Mutual support is common sense. However this is WoT! It’s nice when it happens, but don’t expect to happen. More vids like this please, and mentoring ones too.

  5. Nice job on explaining strategy

  6. lool 1440p nice

  7. u gold noob. Thats why my nick is GoldNoobsKiller 😀 I am waiting on you xaxa

  8. What do you think of the new customizations Anfield? I would prefer that wargaming allow you to add sandbags and tracks to the turret of the E-100 so gold spamming unicums don’t pen the turret like cheese.

  9. I have a question about never going 1-2 line on Cliff. I never *want* to go 1-2 line, but sometimes in particularly slow tanks I feel like I don’t have a lot of choice; I assess that if I try to get up the hill by either route I’ll likely get wrecked before I’ve even gotten a shot off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten spotted early and lost more than half my health climbing out of the bowl on either end of this map. My current tank in which this is a particular problem is the AT15. What do you suggest in those situations, other than not playing slow tanks?

    • You can stay on the ramp and aim towards mid until it’s clear to move, but you need to have control over the donut to move late otherwise you will be caught out by those tanks, in otherwords like this video points out you just need to observe your team mates positions to judge whether or not you can safely re-position, but no matter what it’s better than being 1-2 (EXCEPT when you are mid or bottom tier and no one else is on the 1-2)

  10. 10/10 would watch more videos like this.

  11. It's not what you think

    Do you load gold at the start in case you run into their top tiers then switch when they are dead and you can pen the others with silver or what?

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