World of Tanks – Foch B Finally

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Source: Anfield


  1. Finally put a crew in the Foch B to play it so figured I would upload one of the battles it’s nothing special but I thought you might like to see gameplay. The whole session was played very aggressively because I loathe camping in TDs and I messed around a lot, I may take it a bit more seriously next time so I could work on some guide content for the tank if people are interested.

  2. I don’t play on the NA server, but do you find the level better on EU? because most of the battles are made of tards. At least as a super unicum I don’t get yoloed too much.

  3. Nice. Foch is a fun TD. GG

  4. Expectes you to just use the gold cuz AP is trash on this gun, but you didnt. Were you just trying it out or…?

  5. I really wish this tank fired apcr standard

  6. I wish I had this kind of farm in my… oh wait.

  7. Now do this in the 155

  8. The people in chat whining that WR isn’t due to personal skill ?

  9. I have been watching Anfield’s videos and it helped improve my overall winrate from 45% to 97%

  10. Whimpering and whining…
    Shooting sloped armour pf the E50 and then whining why it does not penetrate…
    And why not shoot the autoloader when you face it but rather shoot a heavy?

  11. This is the funniest game I have every played. Not fun, but funny. They removed WT e100 because it was just way to powerful. Too much damage in 1 clip and it could unload its full magazine in a matter of a few seconds. It could take out tanks in 1 clip. Clearly, its just too powerful for the game.

    So what does WG do. It creates a tank that has too much damage in 1 clip and it unloads its full magazine in a matter of a few seconds. It could take out tanks in 1 clip. Clearly, its a perfect fit for the game.


  12. Hey Anfeels. Sorry for calling you out while you were playing your Type 61 last night (ign: Rumple_4skin). Also, I should have your 50bae drawing done this week.

  13. I wish i had this rng..

  14. 10/10 EU viewers impression

  15. So this tank seems not really op, just good at punishing enemies mistakes more than anything
    I’m curious to see what playstyle this tank benefits most from

  16. There’s so many people complaining about this tank but (at least in the U.S) fucking nobody and I repeat *NOBODY* is playing this thing. You found a waffle every other game but this only pops up once a blue moon. The gun isn’t the waffles gun at all other than the clip time. No turret either. You track it twice it dies.
    I’d say this thing is the slayer of retards for the most part. It’s not hard at all to avoid unless it’s a niche situation.

  17. TVP armor op comfirmed ^^

  18. It's not what you think

    How do you play the Caern and stock Conq without killing yourself? Thanks.

  19. he needs a 10 dollar insignia keyboard, super quiet. Mechanical keyboards are over expensive and too loud.

  20. Wow, I wish I could get your enemies when I play. If I played NA server I would be uniCUM within 24 hours gg izi

  21. Have you ever played WoW? And if you have, is Black Desert Online similiar? Im kinda looking for new experiences, since wot can get kinda boring at times. Cheersb

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