World of Tanks – Football With Overlord

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  1. i realy like that mode, my tip: u can use tank commander with all skills
    (ob140/t62 – t62football is like prem tank) and modules too.

    btw – fun to listen 🙂 excitement for the match :)

  2. Never thought i’d be better at World of Tanks than Anfield. Clearly I am at
    football :P

  3. This game mode would be actually fun if it wasnt full of hackers

  4. You guys are so entertaining. Should definitely try and do a scheduled
    stream together every week or something.

  5. DramaticWarlordGaming

    is this rocket league

  6. Only assholes and loser kids use consumables!!

  7. Belgium will win Euro 2016.

  8. Butcher_ Bird_44

    This was fun to see wp gg

  9. Pro tips for football: you can hit the ball in midair easier when it
    bounces up, reaches its highest point, and becomes still for about half a
    second, use sniper mode for that. Also bring a large repair kit but don’t
    actually use it, just having it in your consumables boosts your repair time
    by 10%

  10. lol ur aim is soo shitty :d

  11. @anfield confirmed noob at footballl

  12. lel anfield socca proooo :D

  13. I call hax on this one. Striker from Anfield didn’t get injured during the
    match, impossible Kappa

  14. Yeah,you show those noobs not to mess with you on the An-Field :^)

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