World of Tanks || FOR THE EMPEROR!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we charge the emperor with the Warhammer 40k Mordian skin for the BDR!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% , a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Can u play the G1 R?

  2. Still horrible tank:)I hope that tiny satelite on roof give you Star Wars Death Star atack..

  3. I remember using this and that was my exact reaction ? it’s actually pretty damn good if used right and if u angle it actually gets a few bonces.

  4. Might say everything is a “beast” when you pimp it with pay2win elements.

  5. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Good luck dealing with T29 turrets in the worst MMs now

  6. hate is a strong word

  7. LOL @30 seconds…. now we move on with the rest of the video.

  8. bien gabriel manzares

    The Ordo Maleous has sent me. *sees QB’s video* ITS HERESY!! I SHALL PURGE THE DAEMONS AND HERETICS!! XD

  9. QB has been padding his stats with his Comet since forever and he’s still shamelessly bragging about it

  10. Look at the mini map at 0:38

  11. I dumped about $1200 into 40k a few years back. Such a fun game but damn it’s overpriced.

  12. Awsome game in its hayday now i just cant stand it i feel like a cashcow soon as i switch the game on buy this buy that tanks ive bought are all powercrept after 7 years and 28k games i stopped playing i will never spend that kind of money again.

  13. Richard Wroblewski

    Quicky… its the BUDDERGIB BUDDERGIB

  14. I don’t like gaudy stuff, but the game is already pretty historically inaccurate. If wargaming needs to sell these skins to aid development then I say let them.

  15. Bon chance, QB!

  16. What’s up with the map at 4:35?

    • If you’re referring to the arrows they are part of xvm. Other xvm users can see when you draw arrows on the map by dragging the mouse. The colour depends on your WN8 colour.

    • Oh that’s actually pretty cool. I’m usually against XVM, but that’s a great feature.

  17. I believe the imperium of man doesn’t approve this


  18. It’s better that they sell skins (Although I’d like a bit of a lower price) than pay2win stuff.

  19. What is a better tank the BDR or the T1?

  20. Claim it in the name of the Emperor!

  21. still a terrible ugly skin and a stupid concept..

    BTW, arent there skins available for free download on mod sites? or dont they work anymore

  22. awesome to see more low tier action!!

  23. Wasn’t that ikea tank the one that only shoots heat?

  24. I grinded the cash for my very first tier X with the BDR G1B. Was painfully long but the tank was super reliable, I always regarded it as a hidden gem!

  25. Death to the false EMPEROR! no chaos fans here?

  26. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Yea this is just a rip-off. I’m sorry but they did nothing but give it a really crappy camo. If anything it should only cost $10. they should have added all the cool bits like side sponsons ,and extra guns sticking out everywhere like the tank it’s based off. Only then could I see it being worth maybe$15-$20. But no that’s too much work.

  27. Looks like a Leman Russ tank the Imperial Guard use

  28. This should blessed by the machine gods of the techpriest.

  29. well that was an old replay hahaha

  30. If you own the Mauerbrecher…and click the camo thing does it go all grey? without the berlin on the side?

  31. “Out of place” is just a right words for all that W40k and football camo schemes WG added recently.
    On the other hand, somehow I have nothing against New Year camo schemes. Or potato camo WG gave out for an anniversary.

  32. It is a lovely tank tho.. but I’d never buy that skin. It truly is a hidden gem of a tank.

  33. Your French accent is pretty good ahah

  34. For your next video , could you try playing with keyboard pls QB, it is a french askinf you that (your french accent was good).

  35. Michael von Hirschmann

    I love my BDR G1.

  36. hulkamania tank is historical

  37. Pls check why we can’t buy tanks while using XVM modpack. I’m also having that issue. And I would like to buy my first tier 10: E 100!

  38. 5:13 Well actually Jingl… Wait.
    Well actually Quicky, that is just the Imperial Aquila, the symbol of the Empire as a whole, not the spess marines. But you get a pass.

  39. That commander Coppola on the top is something typical French I reckon…. Even the French TDs on these tiers have those huge machine gun things on top

  40. Franchement c’est pas trop mal !

  41. But…Ikv 103 only has 2 types of HEAT, that’s all

  42. 6-7 pounds = 8-9 euros?

    Hello? It actually like 6-7 euros

  43. Bolt Thrower m/

  44. Viktor Andjelkovic

    It’s not the space marines its the imperium!!!

  45. Dont those map clickers at the end just drive you mad.

  46. tomorrow I’m going to get my third MOE on this tank, mark my words…my first third mark ever

  47. Cadian064 Regiment

    Holy Terra, WHERE are these damn TECHPRIEST?!

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