World of Tanks || Free Garage Slot? Toldi III…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m looking at Wargaming’s gift for everyone this holiday the T3 German light tank the Toldi III and discussing if it’s a keeper, or a free garage slot! Merry everyone 🙂

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  1. I have 15 slots so I won’t sell it. I am one of those fools that did 50wins
    with chaffe race to get a free garage slot so I’m good

  2. You should keep it, they will probably buff the DPM later. It’s not the
    first time a gift tank gets a buff.

  3. Merry Christmas! :)

  4. honest quicky they should call you 🙂 noticed that you always tell it like
    it is. love it! keep it on. congrats and merry christmas!

  5. Nigel Barink (hahahaha22)

    Marry christmas QB

  6. How do you get it?

  7. xbox got a Pz 2 D. yep its another free garage slot for us lol. merry
    christmas and a happy new year to you and your wife….

  8. QuickyBaby dont forget the secret cod of wargaming

  9. is qb using the razer naga hex? i have one and the left click is nearly
    broken… typical razer quality

  10. The LTP is still better

  11. have a good Christmas

  12. MC guys!
    That is Loldi not Toldi, but in negativee sense!
    It is worse in many things than Ltr from Tier I, including view range only
    270m, DPM, ammo capacity, aiming time, turret traverse speed, etc.

  13. It’s too cute to throw away.

  14. I collect german tanks, but I sold this one without playing a single
    round… Pz2 D was at least enjoyable.

  15. But wait, how can I get it?
    I have as a Tier3 the BT7 Arty…

  16. I’m keeping it….as long as it’s got good pen

  17. Well, it’s not slow, & GD & pen are good, so it could be a handy little
    tank. I’d like to see how much it improves with a good crew, to maybe get
    the loading & aim time down a little.

  18. Good replay at 0:30 :3

  19. Merry xmas qb!!

  20. First tank AW has given away, Type 59, and it’s a tank I won’t be selling
    because it’s REALLY good ;D Suck on dem titties WoT.

  21. merry christmas QB

  22. Yeayy, this is a Hungarian tank, so it is definitely a keeper for me!

  23. WoTBlitz players get nothing this Christmas….

  24. i’m a collector too, so i will keep it 🙂 it’s not that bad actually, i
    used to play pz II D so i’m ok with bad tanks 😛 you need to know how to
    play with them ;)

  25. i also got ace tanker first battle in toldi

  26. what mods do you use?

  27. I dont have it on my account yet. Is it only on NA server or how do i get

  28. At last a hungarian tank was added! 😀 Merry Christmas guys i still can’t
    believe my eyes :’)

  29. toldi is barey even a gift, more like a troll.
    the BT-7art. was amazing (my fav tank atm) and then they give you a piece
    of crappy metal on wheels……
    wait…. TROLLDI!
    its not a toldi its a trolldi :D

  30. stream today?

  31. Who will keep this tank? Every Hungarian player, becouse it’s the first
    Hungarian tank in the game

  32. yeah the toldi us a hungarian tank , so nobody spoke german in it :)

  33. Hermopolios Gamez.TV

    Thank You for the wishes and have a good time too :D

  34. That Little_Devil “above average” player was a good example of an
    account-reroll noob thanks for the garage slot and credits

  35. DEEZ ACTING SKILLZ. Keep up the good work QB and happy holidays! :D

  36. whats about this hidden code ??? still not working :-)

  37. Do you need to login to get it? Ill be can login 2 day so can i still get

  38. Happy Christmas quickybaby. Looking forward for another great year of your
    videos :)

  39. Merry Christmas qb!!!

  40. Quicky, how do you set that aim dot when in sniper mod?

  41. Well enjoy new tank as I can’t… As It sits in my depot and I can’t get it
    out thanks WG

  42. On Xbox they have given us a German tier 3 II D

  43. how long does the mission to get this tank last for?

  44. My grand-grand father died in the earlier version of this hungarian tank so
    I never gonna sell it no matter how bad it is….

  45. +QuickybabyTV The Toldi III is a hungarian tank but WG put this tank on the
    german tech tree for some reason

  46. Toldi Miklos!

  47. Paradoxical Penguin

    Reload time truthfully is unfortunate, but having that penetration, amazing
    gun depression, decent mobility and decent all around armor for a Tier 3
    tank is actually rather nice indeed. The biggest issue I have with the tank
    is the paltry 270m of View Range. However, that and the DPM are really the
    only two real downsides to the vehicle. Otherwise, it’s a fairly alright
    tank. I’m probably not going to be playing much of it as I much prefer to
    stick to higher Tier tanks, although if I ever do decide to drop down to
    Tier 3 to seal club, it will see some action every now and then. =)

  48. How come i didnt get it ?

  49. This was so funny xD

  50. This is a hungaryan tank btw not german

  51. Hey QuicyBaby, Toldi is a Hungarian light tank not a German 😉 Its only a
    gift in the German teck tree because Hungary is fought on the German side
    in WW. II. :)

  52. Great video QB! Hopefully we’re gonna get a Romanian TD next year, we were
    also Germany’s allies


  54. plz play with my account with AMX ELC bis mery cristmas to !!!

  55. Toldi, worst tank in game

  56. I have some 20 free garage slots already so I will keep it. I also kept the
    Pz II D. Just because.

  57. WG had more fun things for console then for pc. They are turning to

  58. As I can put my Ru251’s crew into the toldi, I think I won t sell it

  59. Toldi was a hero from a Hungarian Book made by (or written by) : Arany
    János / János Arany = John Gold § mainly a soldier in a noble (i dont know
    the word for it) family. have a great christmas

  60. Did anything come of those advent calendar codes?

  61. QB dont tell me you still have that Pz Aufs D xD even as a collector that
    tank sucks

  62. hahahahaha first game I played against 3 pz 2 Js that just came rolling
    through the center of the map obliterating everything.

  63. it’s von Magyar tank :-)

  64. Yay was looking forward to this since like a year ago! Finally a t3 tank I
    dont need and a garage slot! #poorsantaispoor

  65. Very OP, gets outspotted by tier 1’s and tier 2 arty…

  66. The is the first gift tank that I sold instantly. It’s pretty rubbish, even
    the T7 car was better.

  67. Toldi isn’t bad. I’m gonna keep it since it’s not too bad.

  68. NA is getting all the stuff first now because EU has gotten everything
    before us for a really long time

  69. Yeah, so…it sucks…

  70. Merry Christmas to everyone.
    Thought this was a Swedish tank built under license by the Hungarians. Why
    the German crew voices and German cross on the side? Come on WoT. Respect
    the Hungarianness of this tank and set it up with Hungarian colour and
    I know you don’t particularly like playing this tank, but what do you think

  71. Thanks for all the wishes QB, I wish you the same and have a great time
    with Peppy!

  72. You know what the Xbox players got this year? The Pz.II.D. Yeah, we got
    shafted pretty badly. Still, it’s prime time for seal clubbing.

  73. Well the people on the 360 got a pz.kpfw. II Ausf.D. Its pretty shit.

  74. But you get 100.000 credits if you sell it. That was a reason to sell it.

  75. QB,the toldi 3 doesn’t have the lower DPM of tier 3 tanks,the tank that is
    honored in that place is the pz 2g,a tank that i absolutely love,because of
    its 95mm of pen(same gun with the lucks but with only 6 rounds),and it’s
    damage potential of 180,but also its overall good stats(armor,speed,view
    range).The only bad thing is the 13 sec reload time,and that’s why it has
    the so bad DPM of 682,but is not a huge difference thought.

  76. As a collector i wont sell a tank for 150g…. Weelll i kinda have
    unlimited amount of gold but whatever

  77. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    do to the plague of pz 2 j and pz 1 c’s i have sold all my tanks below tier
    5 so unfortunately this tank will also be a garage slot , pity since it’s
    rather nice

  78. I am going to keep it nice job on video lol

  79. Happy Christmas to you and Peppy!

  80. what’s wrong with this flashing hat?))

  81. Hi QuickyBaby the code works for the Adventskalender 🙂 it s :
    AXTHGH12BN15MASA it gave 24 schoklade 😀 have fun and merry christmas

  82. I logged in WoT today and don’t have the Toldi. What’s going on?

  83. this week i’m going to play my pz 2 J…that’s will be fun

  84. I personally Like the Toldi III in a few matches with my friends, it
    allowed us to play boldly when we were in Tier 5 matches…. we had the
    ability to make shots that counted…

    In my first match I set a KV-1 on fire… I started laughing as it was my
    first shot in the match.

  85. how do i get the tank? 0o

  86. Merry Christmas

  87. Toldi is a Hungarian tank..

  88. Combat car is better i think

  89. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    It’s a nice random crew trainer if you are running the german light line

  90. what?? penetration is mediocre for a tier 3, Tetrarch has 64

  91. What’s the bet jingles went seal clubbing in his Pz II J XD

  92. xbox players got the Pz 2D as a gift

  93. The smurf could have been someone coming from another server just like QB
    rerolling on NA, be a bit less quick to judge pls

  94. QB, can you please do a new review for T-34-3, because it was buffed in
    this patch? Should I spend my money on this tank since is on sale now?
    Thank you!

  95. in Xbox 360 we have got the PZ. 2 D

  96. Merry Christmas it’s 12:00 in the morning

  97. Of course you got an Ace tanker. Well played.

  98. I sold that Xmas present for an upgraded gun on my at2

  99. Merry Christmas, QB!

  100. Who tf disliked the video it’s been out for only a few minutes

  101. TOLDI IS A HUNGARIAN TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Quicky, what about the advent calendar hidden code?

  103. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Let me know when they give us a tier 5, or at least something decently
    respectable. The Secret Santa is an awesome idea I will admit; a much
    better thing than this.

  104. Quickybaby for the Oscar this year as that acting was OP

  105. the Toldi III isn’t german,its hungarian ;)

  106. nice its free

  107. I just uploaded a 7k spotting game to your replays website… I don’t know
    if it is still going on though

  108. GavProductionsvideos

    this is a new perspective

  109. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

    Are you keeping your Toldi III or will you send it to the tank yard in the
    sky and relish that free garage slot?

  110. Hi QB marry xmas


  112. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    This is either a Seal Club Tank or Your Free Garage slot as it is every

  113. Hot damn I’m early

  114. thank you

  115. And Merry Christmas everyone!

  116. ? that face

  117. And Merry Christmas QB

  118. I hate this reload time…

  119. First!

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