World of Tanks || Free to Play: Frontline

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing frontline on my Free to Play account! How hard can it be?


World of is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. QB did not know you could platoon now in WOT. Thanks for the tip sir.

  2. Thanks for the immensely helpful video QB! I sat through the whole thing! definitely worth the 30 minutes.

  3. I rented the T44 FL as well, and was also very pissed off. I have no intention of grinding a useless crew that won’t transfer out in a non-premium tank nor can I put in a decent Russian crew from another tank. I threw away that silver because I won’t play that tank with a 75% crew and now it will rust in my garage. I was actually thinking of buying a new premium this episode, but WOT just screwed themselves out of that purchase with this greasy move.

  4. EBR is disgusting. Been countered so hard by them in my conventional lights.

  5. Fucking EBR and other Idiot wheeled shit! Hiting this crab (if you are able to do so!!!!) results in NO FUCKING DAMAGE! Cause HARD RUBBER AND FUCKING AIR SAVES THIS SHIT! (shit wheels!!!!) THANKS WG IDIOTS FOR THIS CRAP! Wheels should not absorb ANY FUCKING DAMAGE AT ALL! POINT!

  6. Alexander Bendyna III

    At the end you mentioned the difference between F2P and Premium economies, something else I have noticed is that the cost of standard ammunition for most tech tree tanks are more than the cost of ammunition of comparable premium tanks. For instance, the standard rounds on the T32 cost more than those one the T26E5. Same caliber gun, the T26E5 gets better penetration and its ammunition costs less.

  7. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    6:14 , IS-4?

  8. 03:20 You’re right. It’s not a reward tank anymore. Can’t transfer the good ussr crews from other tanks. WG is really desperate on making money.

  9. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    You can put any crew in T-44 FL, just like any other premium

  10. Wargaming Super Noob

    Hey, does anyone know how to use more than 1 perk in Frontline?

  11. dear QuickyBaby, i dare to ask in this gamemode; frontline, have you too noticed that the tab never is precise.. i have experienced throughout several batlles that there were around 5 tanks on my front visible, while the tab option says there’s 10 it isn’t right.. i have stated this to Wargaming aswell. i understand that people can switch flanks and drive off of one but it isn’t fun if one flank holds 4 tanks attacking while there are 12 tanks defending.

    • Alexander Bendyna III

      I’ve encountered several glitches in FL game mode myself. Instances when I aim at a turret skylining itself over a ridge line and my gun reticle aims down into the dirt or twitches up to the sky. Also have had issues where tanks will be spotted and marked on my map, but going there reveals there is no tank there (literally had a M30/M35 get spotted at turret 2 when there were no enemy tanks in the area and several friendlies there)

  12. FL is the best thing(and the only good thing) WG made together with patch 1 in the last 4 years at least.Its so damn good that I cant believe that the same devs that are killing slowly and painfully this once awesome game, actually created FL.
    BTW gz for pushing them to make FL a standard per month event and all the things around it QB and last but not least I must say that a f2p account is totally unplayable at t8 except FL ofc ,cause you don’t count the fact that you are not the typical average player… 😉 .
    This game is f2p for the big majority of players till t6 and then you struggle-get confused and frustrated till t8 which is not fun at all.

  13. The best thing you have ever done QB is the free to play series.

  14. Man….
    I was like a sliver away from getting general today in the last game I just played.
    It pisses me off when you get so close to a rank up in frontline and then fall short. What a feeling of shame.
    Which goes double for me because I’m an average player so I usually get lieutenant or captain in most matches.

  15. “grab a couple of friends” I only got one friend who plays WOT and he quit playing 🙁

  16. I dare you to grind all prestige levels of frontline.

  17. The Frontline mode in SEA server is nearly unplayable, both teams have dozen of EBR or 6×6 flying around the whole map, none of the teammates can counterstrike to EBR, those wheels just rush in and kill all SPGs without getting any damages. Then is Heavys, got flank by 2 EBR = getting torture and dead. Even for T8 MTs are too slow to counter EBR. And only LT-432 have a chance to fight with EBR, none of the tier 8 LTs can fight with EBR, 90km/h with HESH round? Bye German Black dog

  18. hey guys how can i get QB’s Mod ??

  19. Too many ebr really stress me up

  20. “I don’t think that is-4 would go for me:
    tier 9 USSR HT hm

  21. Defending in frontline is so much harder then attacking.

  22. I just play with my light tanks (Lttb, bulldog and bc12t) and i get general in almost every game

  23. The girls screaming klingon in the back are irritating

  24. Spawn killing is a horrible feature WG needs to fix in FL ,

  25. I personally found out that both Caernarvons are incredible in this mode. Their insane dpm, good turrets, 10 degrees of gun depression, nice mobility(especially the AX), and great accuracy and penetration values, just make this things so well rounded for this mode. My first general was with the regular Caernarvon defending at the 3 objective, just showing up on the hill and decimating basically everything trying to enter the city or attack the 2 objective. Got 11k dmg just with it there and basically ran out of ammo xD. Today, i got 2 big rounds with em too, if you can keep shooting and using your armor reliably, they can overwhelm everything with that insane dpm advantage they have at t8.
    Also, both are some of the hardest heavies to flank due to their high turret speed rotation, and people plays a lot of meds and lights at this mode. Imo, regular Caernarvon is a far better option than the T32.
    I also would recommend Jgpanther 2 over the SU101, and, as one of my personal favourites, the polish 53TP.
    That being said, all of your recomendations were good, i just personally disliked the T32 one, i don’t see why would you want to play that over other heavies apart from raw gun mantlet thickness, the gun is just awful compared to any other one at t8.
    Great battle QB! A pleasure to watch.

  26. As i mentioned before, you don’t use “the gold” but you have the skills that “new players” don’t have.
    Never the less, congrats on your result…?

  27. For TD’s ill say Charioteer, that tank nearly always get me to major in 1 go 😀

  28. Gand sala?

  29. Andreas de Villiers

    yeah shame on you pay to win account. HAHAHAHA

  30. While Frontline is a fun game mode, there is so often people just sitting back doing nothing, even when you need to cap because there’s 2 min left and you tell them, they keep sitting back. People like that just makes me so damn confused.. Don’t they want more rewards? XD annoying. Really enjoyable when you have some competent players thought 🙂

  31. I only just realised “Pantera” means Panther in italian so that explains why it looks so similar

  32. It’s an IS 6

  33. Frontline is a brilliant marketing move by WG. Welcome, do you want to be competitive in our lucrative new game mode? Here’s an LT with infinite view range. Here’s an IS-3 with a reloader. Here’s a medium with more pen than many non-premium tanks.

  34. May I ask, how do I get your modpack quick up to date? Where I can find it?

  35. This vences are just nice im grinding my o ho at the Moment and this tanks anniallates this turrets within 30seconds

  36. I would love to play this game mode, only thing I am really interested in but the “curfew” is in effect during the only time of the day I can play. GG WG for ruining it for us graveyard shift guys

  37. honestly, i think renting out tier 8 tanks for credits is stupid, but far less stupid than just giving everyone free tier 8s for a week .. its so annoying when 5-7 players on you team have less than 500 games and should never have been in a tier 8 .

  38. Very nice video love frontline and the length of the video ?

  39. Quicky great game and video. Question does anyone else think the ebrs are killing frontline. The reason I ask is yesterday me and my clan mates where in games where there was 2 or 3 platoons of them continually and it made it at times almost impossible to either attack or defend with just how quick they can get across the battlefield and behind us. Thoughts?

  40. i miss the “hEy gUys iT’s qUicKybAby” instead of “Hey everyone it’s Quickybaby”

  41. Mitchell Kirzinger

    Hey quickly baby I challenge you to get the reward tanks (Emil 1951)and(Tier IX secret tank) like this comment if you want QB to do this ??? good luck QB

  42. I’m a free-to-play player, and I have finals during this spring, so I don’t think Frontline is worth it. I can just see the mystery tier 9 on other channels….

  43. Can you try the AMX CDC in this game mode?

  44. Hello QB, i have this awesome replay in my Skoda T 50 where i get a pools and 7000 DMG, my profilename is FiregamerDK, can you check it out. 🙂 Here is the replay link >

  45. T69 is good for frontline (good reload)

  46. Loving your Free to Play vids mate
    keep up the good work

  47. Charioteer is actually really quite solid in FL as well, it’s basically a Skorpion

  48. Frontline is no fun for me… I have unlocked the tiger II and Panther II as my only tier 8 vehicles. They are way too slow to keep up with anyone

  49. Patrick Gelineau-Roy

    Can we get an updated modpack from you.

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