World of Tanks – Freedom Delivery Service

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Source: SideStrafe

Rolling out an all trio today with matches featuring the , , and in World of !

Live streaming with standards!


  1. Sidestrafe, nice video – thanks!

  2. hey strafe have you ever considered playing warthunder tanks?

  3. please sidestrafe, do half an hour WoT review videos like you did back in
    the days. i think many of your subs play wot and maybe then they’ll come
    back and watch more of your videos. peace out

  4. AHHH, you’re making me want to play World of Tanks again and I really don’t
    want that.

  5. Nice to see WoT again, SS! And those new sound effects are awesome.

  6. Glad to see you enjoying WoT again, SideStrafe. It was what first brought
    me to your channel back in the day.

  7. I really enjoy your recent interest to the franchise ;D


  9. I subbed way back for WoTs and now it’s back :D

  10. its been a while, i just hope u start playing again.

  11. everyone loves killing arty :)

  12. Nice video. I really loved the sound. How about you do some power editing,
    like you do with The Division? Stoy like.
    And wheres the stuff from your trip?

  13. Even though I don’t play you do make it every entertaining to watch

  14. WOOHOO!!!FREEDOM!!!’MURICA!!!,,, GG SideStrafe, quality as always.

  15. sidestrake can we send u replays?

  16. Wot should have implemented already a way of trading the pen capability of
    apcr for less dmg than a regular ap shell (maybe with some upsides, like
    better chance of crew dmg with apcr)

    Especially because it makes sense, since the ap shell has the explosive
    filler while the apcr does not (at least when it comes to ww2 era tanks,
    dunno if it’s the case for cold war ones too), while keeping the arcade
    aspects intact.

    Regardless, easy way of balancing things out, together with the discrepancy
    of costs between the shells.

  17. Sidestrafe is on for the few places I can get my dose of entertainment with
    standards thanks SS!

  18. Capt “War Beaver” Canada

    lol you coulda been nicer and taken that shot for the t28 at the end! haha
    you had the HP.

  19. Came for the WOT stayed for the SS.

  20. Strange, freedom never hurt this much before…

  21. Love the world of tanks back In action?

  22. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    SS, why the hell were you shooting APCR the entire Fury game? Not a single
    tank you shot needed it.

  23. Hey Sidestrafe, are you ever going to post more Armored Warfare content?

  24. I always get so excited when I see a World of Tanks by you in my sub feed.
    Keep doing what you doing, cause I love watching it.

  25. so..out of curiosity, and I’m sure you’ve gotten this kinda question
    before..infact I might of asked it before I don’t remember, there
    any likely hood that we’ll see anymore co-op videos with you, jingles
    and/or bismark?

  26. Love your WoT vids. love em so much I had to drop everything and cast this
    on my tv to watch it in its full glory. XD you sir are awesome! keep up the
    good work!

  27. Side strafe I subbed way back when you still uploaded wot and played it
    actively. I am glad to see that wot is back on the channel! I look forward
    to seeing more of this in the future! (Ps I loved the tank reviews and the
    talk that went with it)

  28. You know, I don’t know why WoT is constantly knocked on it’s graphics? I
    mean, they are more than good enough for the job. Especially for a F2P.

    To me WoT looks better than AW as the maps look clearer and tanks don’t
    look like plastic toys (as they do in AW). I mean WoT does have a slightly
    cartoonish quality to it, but after years of playing wargames like Steel
    Panthers and Panzer General I don’t see that as a bad thing.

  29. Have you seen anyone get screwed by the new physics like getting tip on
    their side

  30. you and jingles tought me alot about world of tank and i still watch your
    videos but its great to see you back and hope there some things yall can
    still teach and one more thing watch out for artys

  31. It’s nice that you playing WoT again. It was because your videos I started
    to play, way back in 2012.

  32. well played

  33. Good to see you back in WoT

  34. I don’t play this game but love watching you play it. I don’t know why :)

  35. Typical Weekend Warrior (TWWarrior)

    I regret never getting that Fury tank when it was on offer

  36. Ah, sidestrafe delivering 76 and 120mm rounds of freedom! Never gets old

  37. PS – nice way to edit these vids :)

  38. SideStrafe, you got me into this game back in 2012, and this game has been
    my favorite game since. You will always be my favorite WoT YouTuber, Great
    to see you back, and I love how you talk all tactical xD. Thank You. o7

  39. It’s so fucking good to see you in WoT again 😀 New sounds are a lot
    better, eh? 🙂
    Greetings from Poland, mate.

  40. Great video, as always. Really liking the new format. It seems as though
    you are enjoying WoT again, as well as doing well in it. Hope to see you
    ingame ;)

  41. great video!!! And also could you maybe do a video on the centurian 7/1 or
    the tvp t50?

  42. I’m glad your back to playing this game, as you’re the one that got me into

  43. Love the WoT videos SideStrafe!

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