World of Tanks || French Assault!

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. Today IntoOblivion going on the assault in the T8 French destroyer, the AMX CDA 105!


World of Tanks is a online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QUICKYBABY4” to get a with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!


  1. AMX 30 B Tech tree showcase – LIVE NOW!

  2. aimbot or not guys?

  3. That’s some really sketchy looking mod stuff…A couple times his gun fired and hit the enemy before his reticle was on the target. Can I say for certain he was cheating? No. But something smells fishy, and it ain’t low tide by the whorehouse.

  4. Matthew dont need this

    amx 105 is weak 😉

  5. you gotta love it when qb features more and more replays with players who use illegal mods 24/7

  6. i almost chocked on my drink when i seen the SU-152 hit its target twice in a row from about 350m away.

  7. he is using aimbot. heck the lock & fire after 2 minutes

  8. 5 lock & fire shots. crazy aimbot bro. And its on quickybaby’s channel

  9. QB, what about your series you announced about 10months ago? Guide #TankBetter ⬅

  10. e50m perimium tier 8? s-51 tank destroyer? hahahahaha

  11. Looks like stug

  12. wow QB didnt even mention the 200mm of frontal armour on this thing

  13. Of course the French tanks reverse fast..

  14. default apcr at tier 8 isnt bad

  15. Now QB shows replays with cheating mods on ? How disapointing

  16. I like this tank. Its not bad because its fast with a pretty good gun but its not too good like the obj 252. Wargaming did pretty good with this one

  17. more like “french” Stug!

  18. Holly molly of god lol

  19. “Got lucky lucky a couple of times”, with the power of the tier 8 premium tanks, the RNG shall be on your side friend of Wargaming

  20. I am not amazed at all. First of all, that T29 shot is very suspicious. He couldn’t have seen it (physically the tank itself) because the bush hid it, and he did not even hover over with the mouse to highlight the tank in order to be able to aim? How did he know where he aimed was the not the front of the turret which would mean autobounce? He must have had no clue as of where he was aiming.
    And the other things are all the lucky moments he had. When the scorpion didn’t track him. At that moment I was sure it was game over for him, and yet… It should have been game over for him, he was just extremely lucky. Same thing with Object430. It bounced off of him with gold ammo? Come on…
    I want to see an actual carry battle, where the player’s success is not based on every kind of luck (apart from accuracy and dmg spread), but purely on good decisions and execution.

  21. Camp whole match in one bush and bitch at the own team. That is wot in a nutshell

  22. this sort of twisting snapshots are exactly what is ruining the game. There is no way half of those shots should have hit.

  23. ‘Darn good player aswell’ since when is 1400wn8 darn good??

  24. “French assault”….more like French Retreat

  25. i always press shift right after i fire to scan around

  26. His mod pack seems a little fishy…. just saying

  27. You wanna hear a joke?

    Wargaming will not make anymore tier 8 premiumtanks

  28. Dude wrecked the enemy single handed. Kudos to 152 too for good support

  29. I love that modpack, it forces you to look at your surroundings.

  30. 6:26 Autoaim

  31. These comments are cancer

  32. Better tank than all of the chinese TDs together…

  33. Quickybaby, you just featured a player with an aimbot! The Scorpion’s T-29’s and obj 430’s deaths are the giveaway! Watch the 0,25 playback speed…

  34. You should do a replay of the M56 Scorpion. One of the most forgotten tanks still in the game imo

  35. The leaving snipermode after each shot that he does is not a mod. It is done manually, I can tell, because I do the exact same thing.

  36. Skorpion G is overrated. I would rather be in this tank, and I speak it as an owner of the Skorpion.

  37. with crew and stuff my tiger 2 crew says 0.25 accuracy

  38. Lucas Matias Di Toro

    En el minuto 05:56 ¿¡¿ autoaim detected ?!? .. girando hacia el enemigo la mira apunta hacia el cielo pero el tiro impacta al Scorpion tier VII; minuto 08:58 la mira apunta a la tierra por detras del Obj.430 II y nuevamente impacta en el enemigo… Mr.Quickybaby am i wrong please tell me.

  39. Quickybaby – just a question..2:15 time in the replay..that wier autolock..was it you using free camera in a replay, or were you showing us the whole replay from the player perspective?..If so..advanced autolock user – forbidden mod

  40. Initially, I was certain that this guy was using Autoaim+. Then I recalled that on the NA forums, someone had found a replay bug which caused aim points in the third person perspective to be displaced vertically if you viewed a replay in a resolution different from that of the original player’s. I realised that in third person view, this guy in QB’s video consistently aimed lower than where the target was. So I downloaded the replay and watched it in different resolutions, and found that in 16:9 windowed mode, his aim points were fine. This is the shot on the T29 in 16:9 windowed mode:

  41. 3:11 he is clearly a very experienced and darn good player 1400 WN8 @ 72.000 Battles so a BOT basically

  42. We need new maps. We need new maps. We need new maps

  43. Nice replay with cheats, if you look when he shoot down that poor tier 7 skorp you will notice that he didn’t had the target on it, i mean WTF ..

  44. World of Tanks Replays

    next french tank with some frontal amor 🙂

  45. That SU152 positioned nicely in the end to smash the enemy tier 9.

  46. I see no aimbot in this replay. Play a turretless tank out of the bush sometimes, brawl a bit and you will see this is exactly how the reticle of those tanks behaves. No turret makes a lot of difference in aiming feedback.

  47. his reticule does some weird things when he pulls the trigger. not just the pulling the view back, hes doing that himself. you can see it backs out before the shot sometimes, and after the shot sometimes. he killed 2 or 3 guys and his aiming reticule wasnt even pointing at the person he shot. i saw at least 4 or 5 peculiar things in that replay.

  48. This player 100% using some autoaim

  49. Do these people pay WG to be immune to arty? I mean if I sat in the same area for 3/4 of the game, arty would have peppered me to death by now. But it seems like every replay you show of unicum players, arty NEVER shoots at them.

  50. City on that map look like penis xD

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