World of Tanks – From China, with Love

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Starring Dave in the -120-1G-Fake Tank! The worlds’ most prolific WOT player. I seriously don’t know how he finds the time.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×100 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Don’t forget you will be top tier only 11 games over 100 with how screwed tier 8 MM is now! HURRAH for wargaming!

  2. “it earns more money, and it earns more credits”
    aren’t they the same thing?

  3. I call my “WZ-120-1FT” “DAVE”

  4. 0:48 into video we see a tier 8 TD using percentages%%%%%%%
    to see enemy’s HP.
    And we wonder huh?

  5. Jingles, you always say “imperial russian” to ships in WoWs, when you talk about russian ships from that period. Would you mind maybe doing that to the german imperial navy too ?

  6. Malign Eldritch Abomination

    Maos Hammer!

  7. Jingles, you totally missed the point of this video…. It’s tier 8 and the tier 8’s are top tier…. rare moment in MM!

  8. I always read that as “With Bert, The Mighty Jingles”

  9. I have a sudden urge to get whip out my card idk why

  10. Even more fake tanks. Sigh… Why did people buy these?

  11. FT obviously stands for Fair Tank.
    Because it is so fair.

  12. That strv tho

  13. Well this TD line can get bent

  14. 5.24 ‘…it earns more money and more credits’ wtf are these different in wot these days, does this premium tank earn gold AND silver????

  15. Dave:I’m going to take you down
    *Tries to manever around the mythic tank*

  16. A few years ago the war thunder b-17 got nerfed- is it still shit?

  17. Yay more T8 premiums that bounce everything.

  18. Any Jingles commentary while drink is 100x times better

  19. i realy enjoyed that, thank you

  20. Ok I dont wanna make myself look realy stupid, but does FT actualy stand for fake tank?

  21. WoT should do design your own fake tank comp.

  22. Rumor has it that the next line of tanks will include the M808B, AAT-1, and M35 Mako…wait for it.

  23. Barney Geröllheimer

    Good thing this TD is not overpowered at all. Just like the other new premium tanks. Srsly does wg have a balancing department?

  24. “But it makes more money and it earns more credits.” Jingles 2017

  25. Dave gets so many of his submitted replays featured on here. I wanna know what inside deal he’s got going on with you Jingles…

  26. That first clip. Only in World of Tanks.

  27. Aaaaand they’re adding Pan-Asian American clone destroyers. With radar. Because apparently NERFING THE FUCKING BELFAST, NERFING THE MISSOURI, AND BUFFING THE JAPANESE DESTROYERS ranks lower on priorities than adding clone ships that no one asked for. You know what people did ask for? Italian ships, French destroyers, AND EVERYTHING I JUST FUCKING MENTIONED. WARGAMING, DO YOU NOT FOLLOW THE SAME LOGIC PROCESSES AS EVERYONE ELSE? IS THIS HARD TO GET THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS? Anyway, everyone have a great day 🙂

  28. you can get unIimited GoId fast right now, just use the c heat i’ve been doing online here

  29. I had a streak of games where I just couldn’t make credits. Tier 9? Of course not. Tier 6? Somehow not either. Tier 8 premium? Went afk and lost 200,000 credits.

  30. Where can i get a back brace like that.

  31. “The WZ-122-54 is tier 9. This thing is only tier 8, and its a premium so it earns more money, and more credits, and it doesnt have the same match match making.” -The Might Jingles… my concern well this: The WZ-122-54? the fuck is that? and you said it earns more MONEY and more CREDITS… who what a redundant statement ya made there jingles.

  32. It has a better gun than the IS-6 more armor and is faster than the IS-6.

  33. Actually jingles he did 6284 but you said 94 gezz I think you need to get better at YouTube you cant screw up like this

  34. In getting a feeling this tank might be a little over powered…

  35. There will always be some truths in the universe:

    Dave Kemp Bush!

    Jingles Owns Salt Mines!


    Uhm, I think that’s it.

  36. Jingles, you’ve had some…. interesting, aspect ratios lately on your videos.

  37. 5:21 WZ-122-54 tho

  38. guys a new tank! WZ-122-54!

  39. Good Shit Dave ??

  40. Hahaha that intro was very funny. ????

  41. This premium tank is by far the best premium TD in the game, the SkorpionG is good but don’t bounce any enemy shots.

  42. I like fake tanks I don’t really care as long as it shoots and moves

  43. hi jingles I console world of tanks but haven’t played in a few months so I’m looking forward to this tank destroyers

  44. god watching his aiming gave me cancer. mediocre player getting lucky in an OP prem

  45. Hey jingles do you have enough connections in the world of tanks hierarchy to get them to hurry the fuck up and fix the ping for us aussies? thanks mate

  46. I’m finding it harder and harder to get excited about world of tanks. Premium tanks and premium ammo, becoming more and more pay to win.

  47. Sigh, please stop saying people are “too cheap to use a fire extinguisher”. You know by now that the ones that burn are most likely running premium consumable instead of a fire extinguisher, because many people are emulating all the YouTube players (QB, Circon, Anfield, Lemmingrush, etc) who run food over an extinguisher…

  48. FT stands for Fake Tank hahahahah that made my day <3

  49. you can get unIimited GoId fast right now, just use the c heat i’ve been doing online here

  50. Heheee, another overpowered T8 turd, yay to WG!

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