World of Tanks – From Poland with Love

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

“Jingles!” they said. “”We’re sick of seeing 0 Russian mediums roflstomping the enemy, can’t you show us something mid-tier that most of us might actually have a chance of playing?”
Sure, I can do that.

Also, “128mm” spelled “105mm” in certain parts of the Salt Mines.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

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  1. Well actually jingles… that would have been the crucial contribution, not BiA

  2. Yum Reeses.

  3. BMW, Tiger, Audi. Powerful German vehicles which has strange attraction to people who can’t drive. It’s funny to see how things were the same back then.

  4. Can you fall through the ice?

  5. I had to quickly scroll down to the comments to make sure jingles was just being jingles and they didnt change the ferdis guns. Oh, Jingles. You never change :)))

  6. Thanks for uploading video 🙂

  7. Jeremy Beauchesne

    Everyone is so focused on the ferdi with the 128. I’m just sitting here thinking to myself “living the stug life” I mean I’ve heard it before I just love it. Uhh stuuuggg liiife

  8. What’s the music used in the Ferdinand clip?

  9. Thanks for the video and have fun in the expansion

  10. The lord has left us for the World of Warcraft…….VACATION! Break out the booze boys no more salt mining till he returns.

  11. 8:30 *Crucial Contribution

  12. Fun video. I should look t WOT again sometime

  13. Fressberga der Große

    killing arty with HE is a myth hah

  14. I’d rather see some skill in a russian medium than some doofus trouncing tanks two tiers lower than him in his premium.

  15. Great commentary, as always 🙂

  16. 1 min into the video and I see a tank destroyer doing cod to lówe ???

  17. Valentine using APCR… jeez…

  18. Can I change my server I’m currently on the north American server

  19. 1:02 gunner: I dont see the target. That’s cause you evaporated it

  20. Suprised that a german tank can snipe?? How about my E25?

  21. That was 128mm Jingles got dammit, whole vide ruined

  22. Jingles, this video sadly wasnt entertaining nor amusing. this guy played mediocre. The only thing worth seeing here was his luck. Please pick amore skillbased replay next time 🙂

  23. Turrets are overrated >> HILAROUS !!

  24. That ferdi at the start failed pretty hard.. if the lowe had any brains the ferdi woulda died..

  25. its CRUCIAL CONTRIBUTION not BROTHERS IN ARMS, although, if the stug gets a 3rd kill and they both survive they will get the BIA medal aswell 🙂

  26. i love fighting agaisnt dipshits like that lowe

  27. I bounced a obj 140 round of the ufp of a GW E100 and hit its superstructure me and my mates laughed for the rest of the match it was great, gotta love ricochets mr 12t

  28. ‘Living the stug life’ I couldn’t help but laugh.

  29. The guy in the Lowe probably bought that tank after playing the first time for about an hour.

  30. lol Lowe!

  31. with how you were pronouncing Drakas’ name it sounded like you were saying “Jackass” but with an accent

  32. You mean the People’s Organization Of Titan Liberators?

  33. Jingles the Ferdinand does not have a 105mm. You might benefit from actually playing Wot once a decade if you continue to persist in making videos about it.

  34. Yep, I can bet you that the KV-1 had a crew that wasn’t at 100% and was driven by a tomato.

  35. Jesus christ that löwe… He traversed the wrong direction at one point.

  36. congrats on 600k subs

  37. This man in the pudel needs to learn to play and aim properly…

  38. That KV-1 could’ve had their commander and/or optics knocked out, and had consumables on cool-down.

  39. Jingles, that Ferdi has the big ole 128mm gun judging from those damage rolls.

  40. Thanks Jingles for your time management skills.

  41. 7 seconds of video and you just screw it up Jingles… Ferdy has a 128mm (12,8cm) top gun, the 105mm is the second one…

    after that, nice battle for top tier I guess…

    I loved the panther and the panzer 4 when it fitted the schmalturm turret with the long 75mm… those were EPIC mediums…

    now german tanks are… meh….

  42. that ferdy has the 128.

  43. Azoroth crack is hard stuff. D.


  45. That intro music triggered some flashbacks to childhood.


  46. A Pudel with a pool?

  47. Turrets are overrated, that’s why i love my t95

  48. Nice one, of course, being a tier 6 tank and top tier, that’s a 10% chance to start with. The rest of the time he’ll have no chance to do much at all. 90% of the time. That’s WG game play for you, all based on frustration to get your good $$

  49. 一つのボタン私

    panther stay always panther…
    never was a polish production.. so you have made the mistake, because pather even renamed as Pudel is always german tank with polish flag..
    and that is the difference

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