World of Tanks – From Sweden, With Love

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

So I just got back from watching Rogue One (omg it’s awesome!) to find some Strv.74 games waiting for me from none other than The Bearded Bastard himself – Circonflexes. Hmmm… this should be good…

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. So which country is this tank under?


  3. fore shame for the star wars comment and the medal

  4. What are you talking about? Rogue One was terrible! They tried to make you
    feel for characters that you didn’t even know!
    Also, there are several plot holes

  5. looks like a cromwell with a really big head.

  6. Actually Jingles its the Churchill Black Prince not the Matilda Black Prince


  7. if rouge one is anythign like ep 7 FUCK THAT SHIT i hate the new movie so
    much they have the worst cast of dipshits ever the only good ones where han
    chew and the black guy i hated the rest of the cast but then theres gay
    vader i hate him mire than any character i have seen in movies in years i
    would have jar jar over that dumb fuck any day

  8. Ok tell all… right now !!!!!

  9. Careful Jingles… you could be hanged for treason on your Star Wars claim.

  10. hey jingles after hearing about your fadins medal i wanted to share that my
    one and only kolabanov medal (so far) was in ToG 2 :)

  11. Ofc wargaming make a tank from a fucking neutral nation more OP than tanks
    that were actually used.

  12. I earned my only fadins in the su5 as well, arta

  13. It’s ok, Jingles. My only Fadin’s medal is in an Su-5 xD

  14. I was in a game in my pz2 j and it came down to me versus a Matilda that
    had run out of ammo with a lot of time left in the game

  15. I totally agree Jingles, Rogue One brought me back to my childhood SW
    experiences, had to watch all 3 original movies right away after getting
    home… the best Star Wars film, or at least on par with episode V , I have

  16. Jingles, you should check out the game, dreadnought, again

  17. i have a feeling the Sweden tanks are going to be the new wolfpack tanks

  18. Jingles. Is it true that our friends in the UK refer to expelling gas from
    their anus as “to trump?”
    If that’s the case, you guys are amazingly perceptive.

  19. Everybody said TFA was good and that movie is literally shit. So now ppl
    are saying this is good. I imagine the plot holes will be plentiful in this

  20. thank god I went to the cinema instead of staying in to watch Youtube

  21. from a standing stop? that would be a standing start then ? :)

  22. Still hoping for Swede videos for the tier 7-10 td’s 🙂 that UDES 03 was
    fun! Specially with all the cammo perks ,equipment and paint :)

  23. Lol jingles, fadins in an artillary. I have the same thing.. my only fadins
    medal was in the SU-5 SPG on WoT Console xD

  24. Rouge one is politically correct bullshit.

  25. I fell asleep an hour into Rogue One. >.>

  26. did anyone else laugh when Jingles said “I digress”

  27. For the love of everything swedish, its not a “wagen”. We’re not germans.
    Its Vagnen. There’s an N right there after the g.

  28. Is it possibly to drift/handbrake on console? Xbox 360 to be exact

  29. We need a name for Star Wars fans. We have Trekkies, Whovians, and ????

  30. Not as tricky as the medal that requires you to kill four capping enemy
    tanks, or the kill at least 14 enemy tanks one.

  31. One of those in the states, a tank museum in Virginia, as well.

  32. Where’s BT-7 Artillery (which isn’t actually artillery)

  33. jingles your not alone i have my only faydins metal in the tier 5 russian

  34. Star Trek fan!? Kill it with fire! Just kidding glad you all had a great

  35. Saw the STRV.74 at Danville. Very neat tank.

  36. I also got my only Fadin’s medal in the Su-5 lol

  37. The STRV 74 is an excellent tank. 😀 Kitted it out and training my crew.
    Definantly gonna be using it in stronkholds and clanwars.

  38. This could definitely do with another 20 rounds in stock.

  39. Please stop with the Star Wars vs Star Trek rubbish. You can like both,
    only one, or hate both. It’s ok, there is no need for the fake

  40. Jingles I saw Rogue One last night and I agree with you it is fantastic.
    Vadar had a very profound effect on krennick

  41. Lindybeige

  42. not a spoiler: the force is with me and I am one with the force!

  43. Cromwell is and will always be the best VI medium tank

  44. is strv 74 looks like great gun -is it comparable to 17pdr or 75 L70?

  45. The Beard Strikes Once Again
    *Swede Edition*

  46. Not rapid firing it’s actually a wee bit slow to reload

  47. i agree with you that Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie so far :D

  48. they should buff the armour or the speed otherwise the tank is rather meh

  49. They BLEW A 3-1 LEAD

  50. Why does everyone hate arty or “to my great shame I won a medal playing
    Have any of you actually been in a real war, guess what princesses, that’s
    exactly what happens. Arty has spotters, arty targets the enemy and then
    all of a sudden the enemy is dead. Get over it.
    Instead of trash talking arty maybe all you “team” players should protect
    your arty instead of calling them scum bags and help them to help you. a
    well placed arty round on a high tier heavy can mean the difference of you
    being able to get the kill or you just being another player sent to the
    garage early.
    BTW I play arty about 1% of the time but when Ii get killed by them I don’t
    whine and rage, I think well done and line up again.
    Everyone knows the mechanics of the game and how arty works yet they still
    sit still hoping the enemy will pop out into their pre-aimed position and
    still cry like a girl when they get creamed by bert.

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