World of Tanks || FRONTLINE: 1.0.1

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Frontline is back in World Tanks, this time at T8, coming to World of in update 1.0.1.


World is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey everyone, sorry for the slight audio issues in this video, Discord decided to take control of my microphone input volume! Will be fixed for next time 🙂

  2. Ashley Carruthers

    What tank does the XP go onto to?
    Would it be the tank you enter the battle in or is it split between the tanks you used in battle?

  3. I am calling this the “Prosciutto” from now on.

  4. meehh gold spam agaın

  5. Can you use same tank in more lives

  6. Somebody touched ma *SPAGHET-O*

  7. Aleksandar Rangelov

    Very cool than the other

  8. Fat-shaming Ting Ting? Come on. You’re better than that.

  9. The fact this is going to be a temporary mode is stupid, I mean yes everybody would play this instead of random in their tier 8 and.. So? Is wargaming concerned we will be actually able to ENJOY something at least in our tier 8s?

  10. they copy that from armored warfare whit some minor different

  11. Muhammad Waqas Khan

    The concept is copied from War Thunder

  12. Can we do missions of the campaign in this game mode?
    Say, if I only play lights I can do the LP missions.

  13. Shoulda taken the d

  14. Balanced? Dez would not agree 😛

  15. Alan karog serban van Cann

    My PC isnt updating WOT it to 1.0.1, what can i do about this?

  16. Maybe tier 9 as well, we can see T54 flood of USSR. Hhhhhhhh

  17. If they’re not going to have it as a permanent game mode, maybe WG could have this as a weekend only thing. Anyway gamemode looks like a ton of fun

  18. Does inspire stack? 5 man platoon all with inspire active

  19. why don’t they make this for all tier tanks?

  20. This game mode is fun! I wonder why WG removed it previously?

  21. Have to say. Now when it’s tier VIII I’m looking alot more forward to see this being added to the game as it allows more people to take part in it.

  22. War Thunder mode? 😀
    Wargaming is such copy cat :p

    • How is this copying war thunder? War thunder doesn’t have such a game mode

    • You mean beside implementing arty strike on demand? Seriously have u even played it? Next thing they gonna implement are actual damn people that u can see on tanks like GW Panther or any open AT tank like Grille or Scorpion G., *facepalm*., And they will announce it as amazing new feature 😀
      But wait! There’s more! Now you will be able to attach one tank to another and drag them across the map! AMAZING! They rly need to get original instead of stealing whole concept of “tank rotation in one match” from War Thunder…Actually, this just shows how far away in front is War Thunder… But milk it as much as you can sir

  23. this is good tier 8 in a frontline tier 10 is expensive to play good job WG

  24. I just don’t understand why WG want to temporarily have such a fun gamemode, yet they stick the boring grand battles in as a permanent battle type…

  25. So, time to re-buy O-Ho and retrain 110 crew to their former glory, and maybe my hated Centurion too.

  26. WALK

  27. It looks quite enjoyable! Really like the fact that its tier 8 only since the MM is so fucked ATM

  28. the credit and exp earning potential seems to have been addressed when dropped to tier 8. I rememeber on the Sandbox that you would earn half of that for the same result but spend more since it was tier 10

  29. #TankLifesMatter!!!

  30. Not so keen on this game mode, it reminds me of Armored warfare….

  31. want something like this for world of warships!


  33. Looks really good. And at tier 8 the balance is so much better than at tier 10. Although I hope they remove the WZ-120FT and Defender from the game.

  34. It look like a lot of fun, i hope it comes to console in the next update. Btw do you know when that will be quickybaby?

  35. Man I am addicted to this guy
    He has charisma and swag
    He has a Uniqe charm
    Love quicky baby!
    Please love this comment or like to show you love quicky baby

  36. “when you damage it you see that their hit points start going down”.
    AW RLY?

  37. like it’s not enough there is arty shitting around all the time, now WG decided to give all players arty strike. I can already see this mode will be disgusting for playing.

  38. That was no long intro at al

  39. So, will we be seeing 30 Defenders vs 30 Skorpion G’s?

  40. Looks like I have to buy back some of my Tier 8 Tanks, that I recently sold after progressing to Tier 9 in the respective Line 😉
    This could be fun.

  41. I love how your commander at the end of the video is called Ting Ting Tang lol

  42. QB I had the same Fps problem, and my GPU wasnt doing 100%, I fixed it by choosing the correct booting device, (my SSD), since some of the Win10 updates it kinda screwed it up…

  43. ziggybass ziggybass

    QuickyBaby By all means wipe this when you have read it! I Hope you don’t hold a grudge but I’m beginning to feel more and more like we lose a lot of real learning potential when following your games, The reason is you seem to get a lot more talking into your videos than in earlier days when you missed less of what was going on in game that effected you?. It’s really frustrating to watch you make fundamental mistakes just because your talking so much and trying to move so fast. The wife and I are both retired teacher, but gamers from ping pong days. Our grandson is 12 and I introduced them both to WOT and WOWS. Turning the sound off, your hard work is becoming the “How not to play” videos’ and that’s so sad for all of us. Back a year of so you were the go to guy! A basic evening class in teaching for a term used to be available in most major towns in the UK. Certainly some small amount of ‘How To’ instruction will be a huge benefit to you. I assure you this message is totally without malice and we wish you even more success for you future.

  44. Looks really good

  45. 4k is very demanding even with 2 of the very best graphics cards sir

  46. But, what’s the rank system??

  47. 19:15 best crew name: “Uuu you touch my tralalaa, uuuuh my Ting Ting Tang”

  48. Imagine WoT without a spotting system

    Thats all I wanted to say

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