World of Tanks || Frontline: 30 vs 30!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Frontline just hit the Sandbox featuring all new 30 vs 30 gameplay on a map 9 x larger than the current biggest in World of Tanks. Let’s see what Frontline is all about!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

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  1. i think this game mode is a good way to improve the game. i had luck to try it and in my opinion there could be more bushes and hills

  2. Most Players are not intelligent enough to play this mode. Way to complicated for most .

  3. what you didnt show us the defending side?

  4. Hell yea THe general get the focus of all ladies

  5. I have a suggestion, maybe WG can add AI controlled soldiers that the tanks have to protect and help them push forward to each base. The soldiers’ jobs would then be to do the base capturing and detonation of the turrets. In essence the tanks would be escorting soldiers on ground.

  6. How can you join the frontline??

  7. Hi …I do not know if anyone has asked so, what about the ammo is finished, can reload on that repair points or u should die for respawn ?!?

  8. The SPGs cannot deal damage to the Turrets, there are also limits on classes ( so no 30 v 30 Arty)

  9. Anirban Chakrabarti

    this mode shows that play in AMX 50 B or IS-7 or 4, or dont play heavies at all. FUCK U HEAVY PLAYERS:- written by Serb

  10. “The D Area”

  11. Angel of the Death *****

    very, very nice modus

  12. now it looks more with leage of legends..

  13. Battlefield: WoT edition

  14. OK from other videos I have seen, you can’t damage those turrets with spgs or its minimal. its only restricted to t10’s, with t8 light until the t10s are placed in the game, so they can test just the gameplay and remove as many variables as possible

  15. Woah !!! The developers got a such good idea !! I m impatient to try it on my own !

  16. This is so cool 🙂

  17. Julien Brouilhounat

    awesome mode… after years waiting for Something new, here’s it. I really want to try it, even if it’s gonna be the auto-loader paradise ^^ (I need my FV215 183 in defense !!!)

  18. i think that QB forgot that artys wont be able to fire AP anymore

  19. Looks like it will be a blast to play.

  20. So it’s basically tf2 wot edition

  21. so well done wargaming. some of us have 1 tier 9 tank and will yet again miss out on the new game mode …..why do they keep fucking it up unless you quickbaby or jingles …..looks nice but I will be missing out yet again

  22. you should make a livestream of this.


    I can’t wait until this comes out on console!!!!!

  24. map must be so big

  25. 30vs30=30 enemies+29 noobs vs YOU

  26. 30 vs 30 kv2

  27. Ardhany Esa Ramadhan

    should i call you general baby?

  28. DarknessInferno15

    This looks god tier. I want this on Console so bad.

  29. Watch Jingles Video Qb!!!

  30. Link for sanbox server?

  31. I do like the concept, we need more maps. Hope they open Frontline up to lower tier vehicles.

  32. can I at this moment,play this game mode on CT?

  33. looking good , we also need more new maps, even might maps come on WG lets do this,,,

  34. Maybe just maybe we an see frontline as a second cw option in the future too. Would be a blast.

  35. hồng phong lại

    =))) annybody think about T95 with dead driver and damaged gear?

  36. Asterone Lets Play

    this is awesome,WT in WoT,and better 😀

  37. lock nice this mod 🙂 :*

  38. bottleberry silverhand

    they should make it so the defenders can recap the areas after a certain amount of time

  39. It looks like a great game mode and I hope it’s available to more tiers.

  40. I tested it myself! It strangely requires a lot of graphics and internet even more than Normal Server and Test Server. At first it is pretty confusing as WG doesn’t give you much info on the rules and objectives. Anyway with this replay its all more clear now! I am ready to try it all again!! 🙂

  41. ARTY CANNOT DAMAGE THE CANNONS. Jingles showed it on his video on this in the Obj.261. Arty with any shell cannot damage the cannons.

  42. christopher haussner

    who do I know what i need to do to get promoted ?

  43. 9:00 That would not be a good idea, to let the world of tanks community to draw on the map. I would expect a lot of interesting shapes and di*kbutts

  44. i’m so fucking hiped

  45. This mode suck,playing only X tier and sad economy…pure wg

  46. The problem that War Gaming have is that they release all these new game modes for the community to play and then they go and restrict it to only tier 10 tanks. This never works and they then have to introduce rental tanks for those players who don’t have tier 10 tanks but want to play the new mode. War Gaming would be better off introducing this mode into World of Tanks with two tier match making so for example 10 tier 8 tanks and then 20 tier 7 per team and then set the lowest tier for this mode to tier 6 as a high amount of the community has tier 6 and above tanks in their garages.

  47. @QuickyBaby
    12.30 , QB there is a RU 251 in that game is it tier 9 in that mode ?,

    Btw yeah i agree, HOPE any WG Staff SEE this , TRY to improve THE credits PROFIT in that game mode to attract more player and Not Fail like Rampage Mode please

  48. spawn camping? Ew.

    Nah, keep it 1 life. I don’t want wot to get any more chaotic than it is already. I like the slow, tactical, careful gameplay. I hope this mode will be available as such. Looks damn great!

  49. Hey QuickyBaby if you did not know you can`t use arty to hit or destroy the turrets

  50. Maybe those 5 turrets are the artillery that destroy the you if you’re in the wrong location.

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