World of Tanks – Frontline Live

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Frontline, it’s like World of Tanks, but bigger! And it’s World of Tanks. Yeah, never take a job in advertising, Jingles.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Attacking team wins 90% of the time, its pretty unbalanced. Playing on the defending team is like going to settings and changing the difficulty up to hard. The rentals are also a bad idea, i understand that they want more people to play it, and thats good for that, but not for gameplay, just remove them.

    • True that

    • Well that’s interesting. When I played Frontline yesterday I never won in the attacking team and I never lost in the defending team.
      I know however that DezGamez came to the same conclusion as you but his was based on the testserver.

  2. I played the Rental tanks, because I dont habe the T44 or the T32 jet, so maybe people play them, because they sre new to ther garage and more interesting 🙂

  3. Jussi Raitoniemi

    19:45 Hmm I wonder if campers get any of those medals…

  4. Intescy Avenger

    We need to clone more jingles to speed up the production of the videos!

  5. Hmm….looks overly complicated and kind of annoying, plus it relies on the majority of your team knowing what they should be doing….in World Of Tanks….so good luck with that.
    Don’t think I’ll be bothering with it.

  6. So excited to see more Frontline content from you Jingles!!

  7. Jingle where are the result screen? Did he lose 100k with prem account?

  8. I actually love this gamemode. it requires more thinking, more map knowledge. and if you make a mistake, you can always get back into the fight. It’s a bit long but surely better then random battles.
    Also i see a lot of times the attacking team can win but it’s most of the times VERY close with the timer. (1 minute or less)
    And it is pretty funny to see how many people play that got blindfolds on. Shoot them 3 or more times in the side and still do not figure to take an other position. 🙂

  9. Far cry??? When???

  10. Probably 3 main reasons why they changed Frontline from tier 10 to tier 8.

    1. Tier 8 tanks earn more credits than tier 10, so there’s more of an economic incentive for people to play it.
    2. There’s simply a wider variety of tier 8 tanks than tier 10.
    3. Tier 8 is accessible to more players than tier 10, particularly since there are so many tier 8 premiums (hmm, another bit of incentive for spend real money on premiums…I’m sure WG never thought about that at all).

    • Haha especially 3, I’m sure they did not take that into account 😛 Especially seeing wz-120-1g FTs and skorpion Gs dominate the rank lists game after game 😛

      In all fairness grinding money in t8 prems in FL is way less painful than it is in normal MM, getting pooped on by t9 and t10 tanks 99.95% of games while you’re trying to get the cash for your next tank is not a lot of fun.

  11. “Same *awful* accuracy”, as player snipes T34 at 450m range. Tell me about the awful accuracy again…

  12. Internet Entity

    I absolutely love Frontlines. WoT PC is not my main WG poison of choice so I goldnoobed on a number of T8 premiums.
    Curiously enough I have never won attacking and never lost defending. Defending I have never been pushed back more than the second layer of cap points. Attacking I usually get to the end zone but never manage to push into such a large area successfully.

    Now a profitable game mode that I am actually quite good at and I don’t get tier 9 and 10 stomped every game I play.

    Only problem is that the game mode is only available for a shot time and that window of opportunity is in or just before British GCSE and (more importantly) A-Level exam season…

  13. very nice mechanics, i am considering firing up my old wot account just for this frontline thingy

  14. BL10 still on console and they have the deathstar still

  15. front lines rocks. they should keep it .
    i was having fun for a change .

  16. His end battle result would of been good to see Jingles….

  17. Richard Rihmasto

    My poor laptop is screaming for help when playing this gamemode, but it sure is fun.

  18. I only have 2 tier 8’s as I sold my others. Love when people see me in the t32 FL and try to go for me and die ?

  19. No postbattle result screen? ugh

  20. Intescy Avenger

    His gameplay in terms of damage was impressive in the isu152 but when he started playing none op td regular tanks… Things were not so much

    • His gameplay in the isu was also not very impressive, just the damage number. Staying in the back farming dumbasses that don’t even put their armor toward the enemies is hardly impressive from the ISU perspective, just from the collective stupidity of the enemies. Not to mention the fact they still lost, his own team got too stuck in damage farming mode to bother with objectives…So despite having shit enemies they still lost because of greed.

  21. Kraftsman Sheng

    it kinda suck that you can only choose one skill to use, not all 3 or 6

  22. Where are the Mechs? oh wait…

  23. FFFFF

  24. so… kinda like glops in armored warfare? 😀

  25. >jingles imply that the IS-6 is not awful

  26. Martijn Wissink

    Don’t know where you got the S from, but it’s FRONTLINE mode, not FRONTLINES 🙂

  27. aww poor camera minion 😀 😀 😀

  28. my second game i got 32 kills and lost 52k credits. its hard to explain.

  29. Fantastic work from Wargaming, Frontline is a job well done!

  30. Alexandru Carjan

    Too many retards playing this mode, they either camp and dont cap the zones, or attack when they need to defend

  31. It would be nice to see for many credits and exp he did on that match.

  32. I kinda had a proper tier 8 tank, but I sold it when I got the obj 704. Will get it back when I have the credits. Also close to getting another couple tier 8s to play with, so ya there is that.

  33. but jingles! I dont have any T8 tanks but I can certainly match players who have T8 tanks, this mode is a shooting gallery for experience players who feast upon new players who are not even out of T3 or 4

  34. you didnt show how much credits he got from that. if i play fairly well in my lorraine 400k credits profit is not unusual.

  35. and you didn’t even show us the end screen on how he did…really…?

    Jingles at his finest lol 😉

  36. Mark Mendoza Hernandez
  37. This mode is back? Hype! Grand battles seemed like such a letsown in comparrison

  38. No post-game stats? 🙁

  39. Marianne Jensen

    bladh! Show-off….! defending team, did win, but lost most bases, didn’t get much done. Medium tanks doesn’t seem very quick in this mode, or is it just me?
    3? Wasn’t it only the second?
    Himmelsdorf, and mixing thing of Ruinberg, Fisherman’s bay and Siegfried Line villages
    I do remember, that you once told about this in a video at some time last year. Got reminded of it….
    but tbh, there is one drawback of it. Players earn so big an amount of credits, that they spend them on what? *BING* *BING* *BING* *BIIING* Premium ammo ofc. Screw any use of mechanics, screw any time spent on learning about weakspots, of different vehicles, angling or any aspect, this game was born with in the first place. Screw absolute all of it. Because premium ammo, is the new black! Premium ammo shells, does the job for you. They don’t miss, they don’t bounce, they penetrate every time, no such thing as being a waste. Tier 9 heavy, shooting on a french tier 7 light on lowhealth. -That’s the choice, of the tier 9 heavy. He’s got plenty of credits in the first place, so what’s the deal?
    -Take a wild guess, Einstein….!

  40. Ivan Stepanovic

    Frontline is a welcome refreshment. I played only one game in it, so I don’t know really what to say. Better than fighting tier 10, but on the other hand, those OP tier 8 premiums might be the problem. Though, previously I mentioned that, people kept saying that Defender is crap in this mode for some reason… Ooooookkkaaaaaayyyy…

  41. Not having any tier 8 tanks is not the same as not having any tier 8 premium tanks Jingles 😛 Playing with a rental T26E5 can get you an easy 80k to 120k profit and playing with a regular tier 8 td can lose you money…

  42. Balázs Fazakas

    21:40 for a second I thought Jingled actually noticed his mistake he just made seconds ago

  43. Thanks for this video, Jingles and for taking the time to do a proper explanation and information about this game mode. I may actually go and try World of Tanks again now after several years of hibernation 🙂

  44. Let’s hope they take this over to Warships as well … and don’t screw it up in the process …

  45. All that damage, and you don`t show us the resultscreen? 🙁

  46. G’day Mr jingles and everyone

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